Bellroy Coin Wallet Review

bellroy coin wallet

In this review of the Bellroy Coin Wallet, we will look at every aspect of the wallet. All its features, pricing, perks, and drawbacks, and if it is also a wise buy for your personality.

The Bellroy Coin Wallet is a slim, lightweight, classy minimalist wallet for men that fits in up to 8 cards and some cash bills. The tactical features in this wallet include RFID blocking and the magnetic closure in the coin slot. It is the definition of class and contemporary built into one and this you can tell from the plush look of the leather and neat sewing around it. The touch and feel of this wallet is phenomenal and this I guarantee is value for your money.

Is the Bellroy Coin Wallet right for you?

If a slim wallet that can hold big notes, small notes, cards, and coins (and you do not easily lose your coins) is what you need and you like to stay organized and have everything in your wallet compartmentalized – coins, cash, cards, all assigned to different sections- then I highly recommend the Bellroy Coin wallet as it has all of these features with RFID protection and remains a classy wallet suitable for any occasion.


Currently, the coin wallet is priced at $99USD both on the official Bellroy website and Amazon.


capacity of the bellroy coin wallet

Shipping cost and delivery are usually calculated at checkout and largely depend on location, but shipping within the United States is free via Regular UPS Surepost and it usually takes 3 – 7 business days to arrive.

P. O Box deliveries are automatically sent via Regular shipping method. Express shipping is also an option that you can choose from and costs $6USD via Express UPS air with tracking enabled and 1- 3 business days for delivery.

Overseas delivery takes between 1 – 6 weeks via Regular shipping methods but tracking is not enabled here.

Returns and warranty

Bellroy offers a 3-year warranty on all their products, from the day they are purchased. However, this warranty only holds when the wallet is used under normal conditions and the purpose for which it was designed. The warranty only covers faults that relate to materials used for the design and poor workmanship.

Warranty is not applied and Bellroy will not be held responsible for any damages caused by regular wear and tear of materials or if you decide you do not prefer the purchased item anymore.

How do I make a claim?

First, it is important to know that your warranty claim will be considered valid if you bought the wallet through their official website or their authorized merchant such as Amazon. Only then can you contact their support team via email.

In your email, you will include your details and damage description. Pictures are considered helpful.

Packaging and unboxing

I’ve noticed that being an environmentally friendly conscious company with high ethics, Bellroy consistently uses non-toxic paper products for their packaging. The thick eco cardboard paper used in the Bellroy Coin Wallet packing is neatly sewn round and they also have a beautifully printed instruction card enclosed in it. Sliding the wallet out from the pack, you would notice that it is wrapped in a tissue that fits the wallet to prevent any form of scratch on the material while in transit.


The wrapping material is made of environmentally certified paper, and the wallet itself is made of premium eco-tanned leather and the insides, of recycled pet bottles. Although an Australian company, their wallets are carefully crafted and manufactured in India.


You would notice that putting your cash or card into the wallet is not complicated. This is because the interior lining of the wallet is 100% recycled, made of pet plastic bottles. I can say for certain that Bellroy as a company takes pride in delivering top quality, environmentally safe, and sustainable materials in all their products, and the coin fold wallet is no exception.


The wallet is a bi-fold leather wallet that is made of impressive materials that make it so satisfying to purchase this luxury piece.

Interior Card Slots

card compartments of the bellroy coin wallet

It has three quick access card slots on one side of it where you can keep your most frequently used cards and each of these slots can contain at most two cards each.

Hidden Card Storage

There’s is a secret card slot behind the three card slots with a pull strap which is common with Bellroy wallets so you can easily take out the card when you need it, with no stress involved. In my opinion, this is very thoughtful. I can fit in at most two cards in this section but I prefer to stick with one.

Coin Pocket with magnetic closure

The coin pocket or pouch has a thin magnetic flap that I am impressed with because it is strong enough to keep the coins from falling out of your wallet but not too tough to open, as it opens up readily. Aside from the magnetic flap, the wallet itself is designed to firmly hold on to the coins tightly so you may have to squeeze either side of the wallet a bit so they slide out into your hands.

Cash area

In the cash section or flat notes area, you will see two hidden card slots on opposite sides that can contain a card, maybe a business card or whichever kind of card. One of these two slots has a flap on it and holds some coins in it. In the main bill area, six or more slips of cash can be put in and sit very comfortably and this is very suitable for most currencies including Yen.

RFID Protection

The company ensures that materials for RFID protection are used to line the edges of the wallet during production to protect our debit and credit cards against electronic swipes and it works because it can not read my door key card through the wallet and this is one way to tell if your wallet has RFID blocking.


The colors currently available for the Bellroy bi-fold coin wallet as at the time of this post are, Basalt, Marine blue, Java, Black, and Caramel colors and the caramel color is my personal favorite.

Measurement and Weight

This multifunctional luxury wallet has a total weight of 91 grams when empty and dimensions of 95 x 100 x 10mm, 4 x 3.75 x .48 inches.

Bellroy wallet care

When caring for your wallet, I recommend using products that are suitable for aniline or semi-aniline leather. And should water spill in it, quickly use a clean dry cloth to wipe off. It is best to dry away from direct sunlight. In the case of other forms of non-damaging liquids, apply a colorless leather cream or conditioner to restore depth and softness after drying your wallet.

Known issues or problems

Even a masterpiece will have certain flaws and the Bellroy fold coin wallet is not an exception.

One issue that may be involved here is the fact there are not a lot of colors here in case you want to match with your phone casing and there are a few people who prefer that the wallet come in some other color not currently available.

Another issue will be the fact that certain people find the coins getting stuck on the magnetic lip of the coin pouch dissatisfying. in this situation, there is not much that can be done about it.

The fact that to fit two cards into the card exterior card slot requires some force and it is also quite difficult to get out too is another issue that will be faced. But over time, I have noticed that the leather has relaxed and adjusted to the size of the cards. This is a bit of worry because I fear that the material may begin to wear in the long run. I advise that for this to last longer, a maximum of 5 cards should be put in the wallet.

Who should not buy the Bellroy Coin Wallet?

While this is perfect for every professional and one who loves luxury, this may not interest you if you do not need coins in your country. People in the US may not need this, given that they do not necessarily have to carry coins about.

If you carry around a lot of credit cards then this isn’t for you because it can not contain more than 8 cards comfortably. Cash carriage is also limited too because this is designed to be a slim wallet and putting in a lot of bills (cash and coin likewise) and cards will only cause it to bulge. And that is not stylish at all.

Who should buy the Bellroy Coin Wallet?

bellroy coin wallet coin compartment

This is a perfect classy travel wallet for anyone who is looking to make a fashion statement because it fits with your jeans/ casual wear and even a professional/business look when you do not intend to carry a lot of cards with you. This is not necessarily an everyday wallet if you carry more than five cards. Remember we want it to stay slim unless, of course, you do not mind. A minimum of 4 cards, bills, and coins, and the wallet will remain compact.

This wallet is ideal for persons who have problems figuring out where the extra coins should be safely put. It does not hold a lot of coins but serves the purpose for those loose coins that come in handy when you try to please the market seller. A perfect buy for people in countries who make use of coins.

If you have lived in Japan or visited, you would know that the Yen bill is a lengthy one but it fits into the Bellroy Coin wallet perfectly. So you would agree that this is the perfect wallet for visiting or living in the region the good news is it fits in virtually every currency and you do not have to worry about folding your cash bills.

If you are interested, you can check out the Bellroy Coin wallet at the official Bellroy website and Amazon.

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