Airo Collective Stealth Carbon Review -The Most Luxurious Wallet With A Paper-Thin Design

This is a complete review of the Airo Collective Stealth Carbon wallet. You will find out all the details about this wallet, its good and bad sides, the value it offers, and hopefully, it will help you decide whether this wallet fits your style and need.

Should you buy the Airo Stealth Carbon Wallet?

This wallet is a great option for various types of people: stylish, well-suited guys, adventurers, drivers, even regular, office working people who are just desperate to get rid of their old, bulky wallets.

The Stealth Carbon combines everything anyone will ever need from this kind of product. If you are willing to go the extra step and pay the premium price for a wallet you will use your whole life, look no further. You finally stumbled upon one of the best products the market currently has to offer.


The Airo Stealth Carbon can be bought from the Airo Collective official web store found on their website. Considering it’s a fairly new product, coming out on the market just recently in 2020, it is often out of stock in many other popular online stores.

Additionally, the Airo brand offers all their customers the option to pay for the product in installments. Using paying methods such as Afterpay, you can buy the wallet in 4 interest-free payments, which is a nice feature that very few companies provide.

Price and value for money

The Stealth Carbon will usually cost you around $185, making it one of the most expensive wallets currently on the market. You can see how the afore-mentioned interest-free installments can be of use.

The Airo brand didn’t make any confinements on the wallet’s quality and, on par with its price, manufactured one of the highest-quality wallets I’ve stumbled upon so far. It is an ultra-thin wallet that is extremely durable and elegant at the same time, definitely worth considering if you are after the most luxurious wallet you can get.


If you order the wallet from the Airo Collective official website, you will get free standard domestic shipping to the USA, and have it delivered to your doorstep in 4-8 business days.

However, if you are in a hurry, you can also get the expedited shipping option and get the wallet is up to 4 business days for an additional cost of $10.

Customer support

In case you have any questions about their products, shipping details, or any inconveniences with the company, Airo Collective can be easily reached through their email address [email protected], or on any of the social media accounts, where they are pretty active and respond to users frequently.


Airo offers a two-year warranty period on all of the Stealth series wallets, which covers almost all defective work on the wallet, given it has been used under normal, intended circumstances.

Returns and refunds

Airo has a 30-day free return policy for their products if you aren’t satisfied with them. The wallet must be returned unused, in the same condition it was delivered and with the same packaging.

A receipt or proof of purchase will also be required, after which they will contact you, informing you whether the item is eligible for a refund. In some cases, they might also grant you a partial refund, applicable if the wallet is not in the same package or condition, or if it’s missing some parts.

The Airo Collective brand

Airo Collective is a brand for men’s accessories, focused on designing and manufacturing high-quality products which are very durable and functional in what they offer. Their mission, they say, is to transform all of our daily used products and adapt them to the modern world using cutting-edge materials and sleek designs.

The founders, Steve Schmidt and Jake Van Vorhis, kickstarted the brand in 2016, placing their first wallet on the market in 2019. Since then, Airo has produced 4 versions of their signature Stealth wallet, assuring us that this is only the beginning of their mission.

Where are the Airo wallets made?

All of the Airo Stealth wallets are designed and manufactured in the US.

Airo Stealth Carbon Basics

The Stealth Carbon is a small, light, yet very spacious wallet, made from extremely durable and flexible materials. It has a very soft feel due to the sleek surface of the carbon fiber.

How to use the Airo Stealth Carbon?

Like any other minimalist wallet, the Stealth Carbon has very basic features and is easy to use. It is built from one single piece of fabric which folds like a notebook, giving the wallet two closed sides that you can fill with your items.

It doesn’t have any additional mechanisms that keep it closed, and this gives it the same feeling like you were using the same old wallets that have been around since forever. Only, of course, with its featherlight weight and paper-thin size, this wallet is nothing like the bulky traditional wallets of the archaic ages.

User experience

Slick, modern, ultra-light, and functional. These are the four words I believe best describe how this wallet feels.

Airo Stealth Carbon is a match made in heaven for any of your pockets – front, back, inside pockets, wherever you prefer to keep it. Most of the time you will even forget it’s there, even if you sit on it!

And if your first thought is “How will this ever fit all I need in it?” (which is what most users think at first), then you will be very pleasantly surprised. And that positive feeling will stay with you for however long you plan to keep this wallet in your life.

Aesthetics and design

The aesthetics of this wallet are unmatched, not only in its price range but probably overall on the market.

The sleek, light, and elegant design, diamond-infused edges, and sustainable Italian leather that completes it on the inside, make this wallet a luxurious accessory you simply can’t afford to miss out on.


Seeing as it’s made from carbon fiber, the Airo Stealth Carbon wallet comes in only one, metallic black color.

This is mainly because carbon is naturally a black material. But Airo has successfully used this to their advantage, designing the wallet in a very sleek and elegant style. It will exceed your expectations of how good can black look.

Clothing style fit

Considering its elegance in design, this wallet will fit any type of person.

Whether you are a sporty, adventurous guy or more of a professional, sharply suited person, the Airo Stealth Carbon will instantly fit into your wardrobe in a second.

This is one of the main goals for the brand, to produce accessories in a matter that they will universally fit any kind of man, no matter your lifestyle.


On par with its design, Airo has left out any unnecessary features on the outer side. On the inside, however, there are a couple of key features that will fulfill any need you can warrant from your wallet.

Weight, size, dimensions

The Airo Stealth Carbon is probably the thinnest wallet ever made. Its dimensions are:

  • weight: 7.7 in / 19.5 cm
  • height: 3 in / 7.6 cm
  • depth: 0.075 in / 1.9 mm (emtpy) | 0.43 in / 11mm (full)

Its weight is also one of the lightest ever, weighing only 0.42 oz / 12 gr when full.

RFID protection

The strong carbon fiber offers great RFID protection to the cards inside the wallet from any information-stealing attempts. Since the cards will be completely surrounded by the fabric when the wallet is folded, Airo assures that you can freely roam around without any fear of a remote robbery.

Diamond Nano Armor Edge Coating

Yep. You read that right. The Airo Stealth Carbon uses actual micro diamonds infused in its carbon coating.

The strongest material on Earth not only gives the wallet extra luxury and elegance, but also keeps it completely safe from damage and fraying on the edges. This will help keep its looks and sleekness for ages.

Elastic cash strap

Most minimalist wallets have strayed further away from the clips and used elastic straps in their designs as a better option. This is also the case in the Airo wallets, which utilize an elastic ballistic cash bungee inside of the wallet.

It is an improvement on the previous cash strap used in the Stealth Razor. This version has a much more durable build and is much safer from tearing or loosening. It will keep your bills safe for as long as you use this wallet.

How many cards can the Airo Stealth Carbon fit?

Officially, the wallet can fit up to 8 cards, 4 in each of the two slots inside. While some users have managed to actually fit all of them inside, many have reported that picking out the cards and stuffing them back when the wallet is full can be much harder than aspired.

My best recommendation is that you buy this wallet with the intention to fit up to 6 cards inside. However, if you don’t plan on using them much and don’t mind the extra second you’re gonna spend, then go for it and feel free to use the full capacity this thin wallet can offer.

If you need a bigger cash capacity, check out my guide on the best cash wallets.

How many cash bills can the Airo Stealth Carbon fit?

The elastic strap inside the wallet can comfortably fit up to 6 cash bills in it. As it is the only breakable part of the wallet, it might not be best to fill it up all the time as extending it too much can tear it apart.

However, it is very rare today that you will ever have to carry more than a couple of bills, so the strap is perfectly fine for its use.

Is the Airo Stealth Carbon TSA-compliant?

The carbon fiber wallet has no metal parts in it and will not set up the metal detector at the airport, so the Airo Stealth Carbon is definitely a TSA-compliant wallet and it’s completely safe to carry it with you.

Keep in mind that it’s still up to the security officers which items have to be additionally checked, so you may have to take it off momentarily, but you should definitely be able to take it up on the airplane.

Is the Airo Stealth Carbon waterproof?

Since it has an open design and isn’t completely air-sealed, the contents of the Airo Stealth Carbon will be damaged if it comes in contact with water.

Still, the build itself is very durable and prone to damage and corrosion. A simple wipe and drying will do the trick if it eventually falls in a sink, a pool, a bathtub, etc.

Build quality

Luxury, durability, and quality are the main selling points of the Airo Stealth Carbon wallet. It uses two of the strongest and toughest materials, carbon fiber and diamond, which ensures you will get the best possible build quality currently available.


The materials used in the Airo Stealth Carbon wallet are:

  • TPU-Infused 3K Woven Carbon Fiber, for the main piece (making this one of the few great carbon fiber wallets)
  • Diamond infused fabric, for the edges of the wallet
  • Italian leather, for the inside of the wallet
  • Ballistic rubber, for the cash strap

Durability and lifespan

Despite the low warranty period of just two years, this wallet doesn’t give any signs of a short lifespan. The material quality of both the outer and the inner build, as well as the material used for the cash strap, make it a significant improvement on Airo’s older models.

It is also much more durable than any other minimalist wallet out there and certainly won’t break or tear easily, as it’s advertised to be 15x times stronger than steel.

However, this wallet has come out on the market just recently, in 2020, and is still a new and untested product without many users so far. Things have been going well so far for this product, but it still has a lot to prove, and only time will tell how durable it truly is.

Airo Stealth Carbon vs Ridge Carbon Fiber

side view of the Ridge Carbon Fiber wallet

These are the two most premium quality wallets we have stumbled upon so far. High-quality material and luxurious looks define both brands, but the two have some significant differences that might make or break the deal for you.

Both wallets fit in the price range of luxury wallets, although the Ridge comes slightly cheaper, at about $125. Both have similar capacities as well.

The two brands use the same carbon fiber material for the main parts as well but have different approaches when it comes to the other parts and side features. Airo utilized stronger, more durable material for their elastic strap and does come with a nice nano-diamond shield. Ridge, however, put slightly weaker elastic rubber for their cash strap which can easily tear or wear off.

On the plus side for the Ridge wallet, has some nice extra features, such as its customizing build and multiple design options. You can also opt for either a cash strap or clip, something Airo hasn’t included in their wallets. It’s slightly smaller in height, but way bulkier and heavier.

Airo, on the other hand, comes in a much slimmer and lighter form. It doesn’t have as many features but compensates with its more elegant look and thin design. It’s hard to point out the better ones, as they both have many similarities and many differences. It will largely come to your own personal preferences, so make sure to check both of them out and pick the best one for you.

Airo Stealth Carbon vs Airo Stealth Razor

The disparity between these two wallets is obvious.

The Stealth Razor is the budget version of the Airo Collective wallets, usually priced at about $58. It does have the same looks, features, and capacity, but the build quality is way poorer than its more expensive counterparts.

Airo uses a weaker, less durable polyethylene carbon fiber for the Stealth Razor. It doesn’t have any edge coating like the Stealth Carbon, and its cash strap is made from simple rubber, which can easily tear. Aside from its quality, the Razor wallet does look slightly less attractive to the eye, making the Stealth Carbon look like the fancy, deluxe counterpart.

However, all of these setbacks are easily noticeable in the price. The Stealth Razor is more than 65% cheaper than the Carbon wallet. So, if you really liked the Airo design, but can’t seem to afford a premium product, make sure to check out their less expensive versions and see for yourself how they fit you.

Who shouldn’t buy the Airo Stealth Carbon?

A few types of people come to mind who I wouldn’t expect to see the value in the Stealth Carbon wallet.

The first and most obvious ones are those who aren’t really looking for a premium expensive wallet. Lots of you just want to switch their old, worn-out wallet for a new one and aren’t really looking to pay more than $50-$60 for it. There are a lot of great options for that price as well, so make sure to check out my guides on the best wallets under $100 or even the guide on the best wallets under $50 if you’re looking for something more affordable.

Whereas budget may not be a problem, some people just don’t fancy themselves as luxury item owners. If the shiny metallic carbon, diamond edges, and sleek looks don’t do it for you, there are some other great, “down-to-earth” wallets that will surely catch your eye.

Last, but not least, it’s hard to look over the single color option of the Airo Stealth Carbon, no matter how justified the design may be. Some people just don’t like black, or it simply doesn’t fit their wardrobe at all, and for them, it’s perfectly fine to skip this metallic black wallet simply because of its looks. At the end of the day, you are paying more than $180 for a wallet, so you might as well choose the perfect one for you. For those of you who are picky about this issue, I suggest you take a look at the Ridge Premium models instead and play around with the customizing options to build your own perfect wallet.

Who should buy the Airo Stealth Carbon?

I would strongly recommend this wallet to anyone who is after the most upscale, modern wallet available, regardless of price. Airo Collective started off with the Stealth models kind of slow, but after less than a year they have seriously outdone themselves.

A few things might be key and make you choose this wallet instead of any other. If you are like me and love the simple flipping mechanic of the old, traditional wallets then Airo is the brand for you.

If you recently upgraded your wardrobe, bought new, stylish clothes, and want to compliment them efficiently, Stealth Carbon is the perfect way to go. Its sleek, black design with a sharp-looking surface will suit well on anyone who wants more than just functionality on their accessories.

On the other hand, durability, damage protection, and small weight are great even for the most adventurous types of people. Whether you are often hiking, biking, climbing, or doing any kind of high-tempo activity with your wallet on you, Airo has got you covered.

And, of course, the most important part – Airo Stealth is probably the thinnest and lightest wallets ever made. You simply can’t go wrong with a full wallet that weighs like a feather.

Airo Stealth Carbon Specifications

Max n. of cards8
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials used carbon fiber, leather, diamond, rubber
Width7.7 in / 19.5 cm
Height3 in / 7.6 cm
Depth0.075 in / 0.19 cm
Weight0.42 oz / 12 g
FeaturesRFID, elastic strap, diamond-infused edges
Water resistancesome
Warranty2 years
Return period30 days

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