Airo Collective Stealth Leather Wallet Review – The Thinnest Leather Minimalist Wallet For Men

This is a review of the Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet. In this detailed article, we will go over everything that’s both good and bad about this product, as well as how satisfied customers are with it.

Should you buy the Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet?

If you are looking for a classy yet minimalist wallet to add to your wardrobe, you should consider the Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet.

Specifically, if you are someone who doesn’t care for a wallet that takes up too much space or doesn’t want to overstuff your wallet, this product would be a great fit for you.

Whether you are looking for a nice wallet for yourself, or would like to give someone a good gift, you should take a look at this product, it could be just what you’re looking for.

black Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet


You can get this Airo wallet from the brand’s website, or through Amazon. Both purchases should cost around $115.

I would recommend buying from the original website if you are looking for more color options and better availability, but keep in mind that you can always find a better deal on Amazon, so it might be the best place to shop if you want to get a better price on this wallet.

Price and value for money

The Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet typically costs around $115. I would say the price is acceptable since the company uses high-quality materials when making their wallets.

On the brand’s website, you can also find an option to purchase this item through installments. If you shop with Shoppay, you can get it and pay it in full in 4 interest-free installments of $28.75.


It doesn’t matter if you choose to buy through Amazon or the original website since both places offer free shipping.

Overall customers are generally satisfied with the shipping. It takes 3-7 business days for the package to arrive. But if you are in a hurry, you can order from the website and get your package sent the next business day.

Customer support

The Airo support team is available on most social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

It’s also possible to reach them through their e-mail: [email protected]. If something is missing or wrong with your order, you can always reach out to them for help or more information.

On their website, you will also find the FAQs section that can help you find most of the information you need.


The company offers a two-year manufacturer’s workmanship guarantee for every wallet under normal, intended use. The guarantee is shorter than most minimalist wallet manufacturers offer, which can certainly be a downside when deciding to buy this wallet. Still, the longer guarantee periods are only typical for metal wallets, which come with another set of downsides, so if we keep in mind that this is a leather wallet, the guarantee period makes sense.

Return and refund policy

At this time, the company doesn’t offer an international return policy.

The policy for the return of domestic orders lasts 30 days.

To be eligible for a return, the item must not be used and in the same condition that you got it in. To complete the return, you need to give your receipt or proof of purchase, and also, you should mail your product in the original packaging, so remember not to throw anything away when you first get the product.

Also, keep in mind that you are the one that pays for the return shipping costs.


Since this is a leather wallet, the basics of how to use it will be very easy to understand. These are some of the details you should take into account to understand the product better.

How to use

person holding an Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet with just two fingers

You can organize your cards in the empty slots on both sides.

The maximum card capacity is 8 cards.

If you want to carry cash, you can place a couple of bills in the elastic in the middle. The amount of cash bills you can carry is limited (see my guide on the best cash wallets if you need bigger cash capacity). This problem can be somewhat mitigated by folding your bills and trying to fit them in. Keep in mind that by doing so, you might lose the most important feature this wallet has to offer, which is it being very thin.


This product comes in a very interesting package. You will get a black leather-looking envelope. On the right bottom side of the envelope, you can read the color of the wallet you have chosen. Inside the envelope, there is a sticker of the company’s logo, and, of course, the wallet itself.

Overall, the whole unpacking experience is very smooth and fun.


Even if it is a minimalist wallet, this product immediately sets itself apart from the other wallets because of its design. Since it is made of leather, it has a very classy and high-quality look.

What does the Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet look like?

There are no features on the exterior of the wallet, it’s just a flat leather surface.

The interior has two card slots one on the left and one on the right. Both the slots are offset on purpose, as this helps maintain the thinness of the wallet when it’s closed. This way, when you place the cards in the wallet, they won’t collide with each other, and that helps reduce the bulkiness that you would get in a traditional wallet.

On the left side, there is a window that doesn’t have a plastic covering. This is a clever design hack, since the plastic will typically fail before the wallet does.

On the inside, there is a material that helps provide structural support.

In the middle, there is an elastic that is meant to hold cash. These types of elastics are pretty hard to pull.

What’s good about this wallet is that it also has a pull tab. It allows you to easily grab and pull the elastic, and gives you quick access to your cash.


The material used to create this wallet is mainly Italian leather.

It’s important to mention that the materials used for this wallet are of very high quality. The leather is quite practical, and it looks and feels amazing in my opinion. Probably the best thing about it is that it ages well.

Also, the leather is fused with fibers that are 15 times stronger than steel, and this eliminates stretching over time. The wallet itself is made out of two laser-cut pieces that are sewn together.

All of that makes the Airo Collective Stealth Leather one of the best leather wallets available today.


The Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet is available in three color choices. You can choose from:

  • Midnight – black
  • Pacific – blue
  • Espresso – brown

If you are more into a classy-looking wallet, the best choice would be either midnight or espresso. But if you like a classy wallet that still has a fun tone and vibe about it, you should go for the Pacific.

Fit to clothing style

person in a suit holding an airo collective stealth leather wallet

This type of wallet is very simple, so it would fit almost anyone’s style.

Still, it does have a bit of a fancy look, so it could be a better fit for someone who prefers elegance and simplicity.

There are not many options for personalization, so this might be a setback for customers who like personalized items. However, it does have a strong resemblance to a traditional wallet, so it could easily win the hearts of many.


The Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet has several interesting features you should know about.

Everyday use

Most customers report that when they get the wallet, they love how it feels and how it smells. The good smell comes from the leather material.

Using it day by day you will notice that this wallet is easy to carry around. It is very compact, and it can fit almost anywhere.

Most reviews give praise to how thin it is even after stuffing it with everything that they need.

You should try not to expose it to water. Even if it does have some water resistance, it can’t protect your cards and cash from water.

Even if the wallet allows easy and fast access to your cards and cash, it might be a little behind on this function compared to other similar wallets.

Weight, size, dimensions

The dimensions of the wallet are:

  • width: 7.7 in / 19.56
  • height: 3.2 in /8.12 cm
  • depth: 0.3 in / 0.76 cm

The weight of the wallet is 1.27 Oz / 36 g. It weighs next to nothing, so it’s easy to carry around, and since it’s very small, you can put it wherever you want.

RFID blocking

I think the RFID protection on this wallet is pretty good. All the cards are safe and enclosed in the wallet.

If you want to use a card you have to open the wallet and take it out. Since this is the way it works, no one can scan your card without you taking it out of the wallet, just like you would do with a traditional wallet.

This takes out a bit of the functionality that some minimalist wallets have, but it does add quite a lot of security as a result.

RFID interior material

The interior consists of RFID material which is fused with the leather and this makes a big difference. This is the same material you would find in automotive or medical manufacturing.

How many cards and cash bills can the Ridge Premium hold?

This wallet can hold a total of 4 cards, two on each side, and four cash bills, all of that while still being one of the slimmest wallets ever made.

Many people have claimed that they have managed to fit up to 8 cards and a few more cash bills neatly folded, with the wallet remaining very thin.

The elastic is adaptable to US dollars, yen, euros, pounds, Australian and Canadian dollars, and Swiss francs. It’s important to note that larger euro and pound cash bills will need to be folded to fit in the wallet nicely.

cash bills in a Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet

Water resistance

Since the wallet is made out of leather, it isn’t completely waterproof. The interior of the wallet is somewhat resistant to water, but not completely.

A cause for concern here is how open the wallet is, so most of the things you keep inside will get wet if your wallet gets exposed to a larger quantity of water. Still, if we are talking about mere rain or a small amount of water, the wallet should be fine after coming into contact with it.

Customer satisfaction

There are not a ton of reviews about this product, and the customer satisfaction levels are ambiguous. It seems like about half of the customers are very happy with the product, while the other half have given it somewhat bad reviews.

Positive reviews

Some buyers mention that the wallet smells good because of the Italian leather. Many leave positive feedback on how the wallet feels in the hand as well. This is understandable, since the Airo company does use very good quality materials.

Another good point the positive reviews bring up is the quality of the product. They say it’s very long-lasting, and it’s not very easy to damage the wallet.

A couple of consumers give a lot of praise to the customer support service. One customer has even said that he did get a bad product but it was immediately taken care of after he had written a complaint.

the Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet compared to a traditional bulky wallet

Known issues and problems

Some reviewers complain that they have gotten a defective wallet. While such a thing can happen, it’s usually not a big deal, since if you contact the company, they will take care of the problem and offer a replacement.

One customer said that the wallet wasn’t dog-proofed since his dog easily tore it up when he got his paws on it. If such a thing is your concern you should consider getting a metal wallet or one made of a harder material.

There aren’t that many reviews that show the bad qualities of this product, but there are a few that suggest that any problems that occur are taken care of by the Airo company.

How does the Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet compare to other wallets?

This still isn’t a very popular wallet but I think it has a lot of potential for becoming one. Since it’s very simple to use and has most of what you need in a wallet, I expect it to get a lot more popular as time goes by.

The Airo Collective Stealth Leather vs Trayvax Ascend

The reason I wanted to compare these two is that they are both leather and minimalist wallets.

They both offer good quality, are made from premium leather materials, and they both have similar water resistance.

The Trayvax is cheaper, which is always an advantage, but keep in mind that it can hold fewer cards and cash.

When assessing the RFID function, I think that the Airo wallet does a better job, since its contents don’t show outside the wallet.

The Airo is bigger than the Trayvax wallet, but it weighs less. Since it has an opening, the Trayvax provides easier card access.

You can read more about the Trayvax Ascend wallet in my full review.

The Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet vs Ridge Premium

These wallets are very different, and the comparison is mainly for those looking for a minimalist wallet with similar functions and a classy look.

The Ridge Premium wallets offer high-quality products made from different materials and in different styles. They still offer a classy look and are just a bit more expensive than the Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet.

The Ridge Wallet is smaller, it can hold a lot more cards, but also weigh way more than the Airo wallet. If you would like to know more, you can read my review about the Ridge Premium wallet.

Who should not buy the Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet?

There are some people who won’t find this wallet to be the best fit for them.

Those who don’t like leather wallets come first to mind. If you prefer a harder material for your wallet, you can find many other minimalist wallet options.

The wallet is typically priced at around $115, which may be too steep of a price for many, in which case, I recommend checking out my guide on the best wallets under $50, or even the best wallets under $30 if you really want to make the most of a low budget.

Guys who have strong fashion preferences might feel limited with a simple wallet such as this one, since the Airo collective doesn’t allow many options for personalization.

Outdoorsy people might also not like it, since other wallets would better fit people who are very physically active. Check out my guide on the best outdoors wallet if you’re one of those people.

The wallet supports carrying around 8 cards, which will be enough for most people, but if that’s not enough for you, I suggest seeing my guide on the best wallets for many cards.

Lastly, if you want very fast card access, this isn’t the wallet for you. The cards are placed the same as they would be in a traditional wallet, so you wouldn’t get an option for very fast card access as you would in some other minimalist wallets.

Who should buy the Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet?

There are a couple of people that come to mind that would find this product to be a perfect fit.

First are people that like casual clothing. Since the design of the wallet is very simple, it would go well with just about any simple outfit.

Since the leather makes the wallet look classy, it would be good for businessmen as well. It brings both the functionality of a minimalist wallet and the elegance of a leather exterior.

I would also recommend this wallet to people transitioning from a traditional wallet to a minimalist one. The Airo Collective Stealth Leather wallet has both the feel of a traditional wallet and brings the function of minimalism to its owner. If you are someone who is looking to change your old wallet for a new minimalist one, but still isn’t sure how the transition would go, then this wallet is a great place to start.

Where to buy the Airo Collective Stealth Leather from?

Check out the Airo Collective Stealth Leather on Amazon if you want the best deal around for this wallet.

Airo Collective Stealth Leather Specifications

Typeleather wallet
Max n. of cards8
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedleather
Height3.2 in / 8.12 cm
Width7.7 in / 19.56 cm
Depth0.3 in / 0.76 cm
Weight1.27 Oz / 36 g
FeaturesRFID blocking, strong leather
Water resistancesome
Warranty2 years
Return period30 days

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