Dango T01 Tactical Review – Multi-functional Vintage Tactical Wallet

This will be a detailed review of the Dango T01 – one of the best tactical wallets available today.

Should you buy the Dango T01 wallet?

Adventurer, tactical gear geek, and a DIY outdoor person. If any of those described you then you are in the right place.

It’s a premium-priced, high-quality wallet that comes with a multifunctional tool and some real vintage, rugged design made to appeal to the everyday man.

If you are in the market for a new wallet and are willing to spend a bit extra on a great piece of leather accessory, then I would strongly suggest taking a long and hard look at this wallet and considering it as the next upgrade to your wardrobe.


Being one of the best minimalist wallets for men available on the market, all Dango wallets can be bought from several stores and online ordering services.

However, the best and by far most secure one is the official Dango web store. Of course, Amazon is an excellent option as well. Both are safe and proven places to order this wallet from, and often offer great deals and customer support.

Price and value for money

The Dango T01 is a high-class, premium wallet, priced typically at around $89. Note that this price is the one offered on the Dango official website, while Amazon usually prices the wallet at about $99. In any case, this is arguably one of the best wallets under $100 available today.

However, when you add up all the costs for taxes and shipping (especially if you opt for the fast shipping options), the cost of the wallet will come up equal no matter where you buy it from. Also, all of the offers can be subject to frequent changes, so it’s best to check them all before buying.

If you can’t make up your mind around it, I would simply suggest getting the wallet from the Dango website, as chances are, you will get the best overall deal there.

Shipping details

Both ordering services we mentioned offer a standard and a fast shipping option.

The Dango website has a 5-7 days shipping that will come at no cost, but you can also choose the immediate 2-day delivery for an additional $8.

Amazon offers a simple deal as well: shipping for free will take about 5 business days, while the fast shipping option will cost you $7 and get you the wallet in 2 business days.

Customer support

Dango offers some great customer support and many channels to reach them as well.

You can contact their support team through one of the social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You also always email them at [email protected], where you can address all questions and complaints you might have about the product.

Warranty policy

Dango offers a lifetime warranty for all their wallets which covers all manufacturer’s defects. These defects include all missing parts, torn leather, or broken parts. Naturally, normal wear, tear, or damage by negligent usage will not be covered by this policy.

It’s important to remember that the warranty covers only original, unaltered, and unmodified products. After submission, the company will contact you to inform you whether the product is eligible for repair or replacement.

Return and refund

Like most such products, the Dango T01 has a 30 days free return policy. The wallet has to be returned in the original condition with proof of purchase, such as a receipt or an ordering e-mail.

If the product is eligible for a return, you will get back the full price of the wallet, minus any cost for shipping it back to the company.

Dango brand

The Dango brand was founded in 2015. They manufacture modern, elegant, minimalist watches and wallets, typically made from cutting-edge materials suited for the modern man.

The brand designs high-quality, aesthetically pleasing accessories with a focus on minimalism, mobility, and longevity. For this purpose, they utilize the finest leather and metal, all crafted with special care and with the modern lifestyle in mind.

Most Dango wallets have a recognizable rugged design with leather add-ons and multiple functions packaged in a simple item.

Where are the Dango wallets made?

All Dango wallets are designed and manufactured in the United States.

Dango T01 Basics

At first, the T01 looks like your typical minimalist, open-frame wallet. It has two plates tied together with a strap and holds your contents in between them.

But only after you take a deeper look into all its features do you realize that the wallet is so much more than that.

How to use the Dango T01?

The wallet has an open design, without any complicated mechanisms or folding features.

You simply stuff your cards and cash in between the plates that form the frame, or on the silicon strap tied around the wallet. The main feature that makes this wallet distinct, however, is the Dango Multi-Tool placed inside the wallet.

This tool is a simple plate with multiple holes on it, designed to offer you more than a dozen all-in-one features. The plate can be easily mounted on or removed from the wallet without any effort and is fairly easy to. You’ll likely get the hang of it very quickly. We will check out all its features in detail later in this review.


The Dango T01 comes in a simple tin metal box, a nice distinct package much more secure than the typical plastic bags other brands pack their wallets in. The product is very secure and tightly packed, so damage upon delivery is almost impossible.

Inside the box you will find the:

  • wallet
  • paracord
  • an instruction manual for the wallet and the multi-tool

The wallet comes completely assembled and ready to use right out of the box.


The Dango T01 would be best described as a tactical wallet with a rustic design, giving off strong vintage leather looks. It’s the middle ground between rugged and sleek, old-fashioned and elegant, metallic and coriaceous.

Design and fit to style

The wallet can be found in 3 different color designs:

  • Rawhide: grey base with brown leather cover;
  • Jet Black: black base with black leather cover;
  • Redline: red base with black leather cover;

All three are completely distinct and complement three different styles. It’s a great feature, and the brand has obviously tried to provide for multiple types of people. If I’m being completely honest, the only good-looking option to me is the Rawhide design. Of course, this all comes from personal preferences, but I feel like the other two designs are somewhat lacking in continuity and appeal.

But even the generic Rawhide design is a very fitting one. It can complement many various styles and is perfect for those often wandering on outdoor adventures, or even urban guys who like to keep their outfit reduced to simple denim jeans and a jacket.


The Dango T01 is a tactical wallet in the truest sense of the word. It has a rugged, minimalist design, with some real tech-ops feeling added to it.

And don’t even get me started on all the features it offers!

Along with its removable multi-tool, this wallet offers all you can imagine from a small tactical piece of gear.

Weight and size

The wallet is a truly minimalist one, with some remarkably small dimensions. It weighs just over 2 oz / 56.7 gr when it’s empty, and around 3.5 oz / 100 gr when filled.

Its dimensions are:

  • width: 4.37 in / 11.1 cm
  • height: 2.62 in / 6.65 cm
  • depth: 0.3 in / 0.76 cm (when full)

RFID Blocking

Naturally, with such a strong aluminum build the wallet offers complete RFID protection.

Of course, this feature only protects the contents placed inside the wallet, between the main plates. Any cards your stuff on the outside strap will not be safe from wireless theft, so make sure to use that piece only for cash or cards with less important information and access on them.

Multi-Tool with over 14 functions

The most remarkable feature about this model is that it’s one of the few Dango wallets that includes the MT02 Multi-Tool in its package.

The tool is a simple plate made from stainless steel, designed with multiple holes and features all around its build. The multi-tool can be used flipped from either side, as each one holds different features. You can even use it separately, completely unattached from the wallet.

What’s great about it is that it holds more than 14 different functions available for the user. These features are mounted all around the plate and include:

  • rope tensioner
  • ring hole
  • sharpened edge for cutting
  • can and bottle opener
  • ruler
  • smartphone stand
  • nail pryer

Silicone band

Most of the wallets are built from two plates using this simple feature – a band strapped around the wallet that has two functions: it holds the frame together and is used to stuff cash on it.

The band is made from strong, durable material and won’t tear easily even after years of usage. This is all assured with the lifetime warranty of the product which specifically covers this part.

How many cards can the Dango T01 hold?

Officially, the Dango T01 wallet can hold up to 12 cards.

The cards are stuffed in the inside and outside pockets of the wallet, with the inside ones being slightly safer than the others. The wallet holds a dozen of cards comfortably, as they don’t add up to its bulkiness, nor its functionality.

How many cash bills can the Dango T01 hold?

When it comes to cash, the wallet comfortably holds up to 5 bills when filled, and up to 10 if it’s not stuffed with lots of cards.

As we previously mentioned, you can put your cash bills in the silicon strap designed specifically for this feature, or in one of the outer pockets if you don’t want your cash hanging on the outside of it.

Is the Dango T01 waterproof?

As it has a completely open design, the Dango T01 is not a waterproof wallet and offers no protection from any contact with water.

The frame is made from strong, non-corroding aluminum so it might not be heavily damaged if the wallet is sunk into a pool or a lake. But the contents inside will not be protected at all from such occurrence.

Is the Dango T01 TSA compliant?

All parts of the Dango T01, except the multi-tool, are TSA compliant. So whenever you take a flight, you will have to remove it and take the wallet up on the plane without this specific part.

This is a very important note, so you should have this in mind if you are a person who often travels by plane.

Build quality

High-quality, cutting-edge, premium materials are the main point of focus of the Dango brand. And all of this is found in this astonishing model of the T-series.


The T01 model is notably made from strong, 6061 aerospace-grade CNC’d aluminum. This material is used for the main build, while all of it is nicely covered with genuine, top-grain leather.

The multi-tool, on the other hand, is made from stainless steel, while the band strapped around the wallet is made from silicone materials.

Known issues and problems

Oftentimes brands want to make something so unique that they go above and beyond in creating a product that is quite difficult to even understand. And that might be the biggest issue users have with the Dango T01. Its biggest asset, which is the wealth of functionalities, has turned out to be its biggest downfall as well, at least to some.

The centerpiece of this issue is the multi-tool. It has so many features, can be used in so many situations, and looks so complicated that you might even find it repulsive. It’s great for people who often like to fix things themselves and have a handy tool in their pocket, but it’s definitely not a feature for everybody.

On par with its complexity, the tool has a lot of sharp edges. This is something that seems kind of overlooked by the brand. The edges are not dangerous, per se, but can be an inconvenience to many.

And the final thing this piece of steel contributes to is the capacity of the wallet, and not in a good way. Having the multi-tool inside significantly lowers the card capacity of the wallet, so you can forget about fitting the promised 12 cards.

Aside from this piece, the other big issue notable on this wallet is the material, the genuine leather found on the cover specifically, which is one of the worst quality leathers used in manufacturing. It will tear and wear off much easier than any other type of leather and is a big downstep in Dango’s attempt to make a premium-quality product.

How does the Dango T01 compare to other wallets?

Let’s try and compare the T01 to other popular minimalist wallets to see how this one ranks among its peers.

the Dango D01 Dapper wallet full with cards and cash

Dango T01 vs Dango D01 Dapper

Throughout the years, Dango has divided its wallets into multiple series, with each one offering something new and unique to all the others. All those series are named with one capital letter, such as A, D, M, P, S, T, R, etc… And the D, most notably the D01, is one of my personal favorites.

So let’s see how these two compare, and what makes or breaks the deal when it comes to one brand with such a big assortment.

The first thing you’ll notice is the price. The D01 comes at around $69, some $20 cheaper than its T01 counterpart. And this lower price is heavily justified by the lack of features the D01 offers. It doesn’t come with the Dango multi-tool, so aside from a bottle opener and a budget-version glass breaker, you won’t get any of the 14+ features the tool offers.

But aside from this part, almost everything else on both wallets is the same. Both have a similar build, use the same materials, and have the same capacity. So for a $20 discount, you simply get the same wallet, without the multi-tool and all its features.

And if this part wasn’t something you were after, then I would suggest you look at our Dango D01 Dapper review and decide whether you might want to save some money and get the cheaper wallet without the functions you might not need.

Reviews and ratings

The Dango T01 has some seriously astounding reviews all around the various stores it’s offered in.

On the official Dango website, it has gathered a perfect 5/5 score from almost 600 reviews. Now, as we all know, brand website reviews are not the most reliable ones, but the feedback is similar even on other sites.

On Amazon, the wallet has an excellent 4.5/5 stars rating, from more than 1000 reviews. Almost all of the negative ones have reported some inconvenience, targeted at the delivery company rather than the Dango brand.

Who should not buy the Dango T01?

Various types of people come to mind that will not find this wallet appropriate to their style.

Firstly, many will not be fond of the wallet’s complicacy and the tools equipped with it. I needed some time to find out how the plate works and to get the hang of it. And a lot of would-be owners don’t plan to go through that trouble to discover something they might end up not using at all. So if the multi-tool, the wallet’s biggest selling point, was not something that delighted you, then I suggest you look at some other products. The multitool also adds quite a lot to the dimensions of the wallet, and I suggest checking out my guide on the best slim wallets if you don’t want a wallet that’s this thick.

Additionally, not every style is compliant with a leather accessory. This wallet rocks some strong vintage leather vibes. While it’s perfect for cargo shorts and jeans, the Dango T01 is not something you will want to wear with a more sleek, elegant, monochromatic outfit.

The wallet can’t really hold a lot of cash, or coins for that matter. If you happen to use a lot of cash, see my guide on the best wallets for cash, and also, if you often deal with coins, take a look at my guide on the best wallets for coins.

The wallet’s price of around $100 may also throw some people off, and if that’s you, I recommend taking a look at my guides on the best wallets under $50 and the best wallets under $30.

Finally, and this might come as a bit too specific, but I believe that this is not a wallet for people who often sit with it in their back pocket. The genuine leather is very prone to both wear-off and sweat damage. And those will be largely infused on it if you keep it in your back pocket while in the car for a few hours during the day. It’s an important thing to have in mind before you choose your next wallet.

Who should buy the Dango T01?

On the other, anyone not described by the aforementioned issues will be very satisfied with the Dango T01 wallet.

It’s a piece made for the true minimalist. A person who is fond of thin, practical gear that will come in handy during most parts of the day, while not being a burden in your pocket at any time.

This is definitely one of the best tactical wallets ever made, and it’s a match made in heaven for fans of tactical gear. The multi-tool is the survivalist’s best friend, and although you might already have something much better with similar features, it’s always nice to have two. Especially one mounted on your wallet.

And finally, it is a very durable wallet. It doesn’t matter if you drop it from high or constantly fall on it during your many adventures. Aside from some scratches on the metal, the wallet won’t be damaged at all and will serve you for years to come.

Where to buy the Dango T01 Tactical from?

In most cases, your best option for buying the Dango T01 Tactical will be the official Dango store. It’s still a good idea to cross-check the price and the overall deal at Amazon as well.

Dango T01 Tactical Specifications

Max n. of cards12
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes, without the multi-tool
Materials usedaluminum, leather, steel, silicon
Height2.62 in / 6.65 cm
Width4.37 in / 11.1 cm
Depth0.3 in / 0.7 cm
Weight3.5 oz / 100 g (full)
FeaturesRFID, strap, multi-tool
Water resistancesome
Return period30 days

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