Airo Collective Stealth Diamond Wallet Review – The Most Luxurious, Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Light Leather Wallet

This is a detailed review of the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet. We will list all of the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.

The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet is an ultra-thin, ultra-light, high-quality, luxury minimalist wallet. This wallet is made with nano-engineered diamond leather that prevents tearing and stretching while ensuring durability and comfort. The Stealth Diamond wallet’s design is timeless and luxurious. The wallet is extremely safe, RFID protected, and made in the USA from cutting-edge materials sourced from around the world.

Should you buy the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet?

I would recommend the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet to anyone who appreciates high-quality leather. This wallet features material technology never before used in any other minimalist wallet. The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet is your best option if you like to own the strongest, thinnest, and most advanced leather wallet.

Further, this wallet is a great option if you prefer a simple and sophisticated design that won’t go out of style any time soon.

The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet can be a great investment for you, or it can be an amazing gift for a special person in your life. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this premium minimalist wallet.

Stealth Diamond


When it comes to buying, a good and reliable option is to purchase the wallet on Amazon. You can also find the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet at the Airo Collective online store.

Price and value

The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond costs $185.00.

This price is relatively high compared to other minimalist wallets. However, the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond is a truly premium product of the highest possible quality, and you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Discounts, coupons, and deals

If the price of $185 is too high for you, keep in mind that the Airo Collective offers 10% off on your first order.

Another excellent option is to support the Airo Collective on Kickstarter. By pledging $109 there, you can get one Stealth Diamond wallet for 41% off. Here I am referring to the Stealth Diamond Kickstarter special. You can visit the wallet’s Kickstarter page to discover similar offers on the Stealth Carbon and the Stealth Diamond wallets. However, take into account that most of these offers are available for only a limited period.


USA buyers can take advantage of the free USA Standard Shipping. This shipping usually takes 4-8 business days.

If you want to receive the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet in 4 business days, you can use the USA Expedited Shipping, which will cost you an extra $10.

The Airo Collective ships internationally to almost all countries with a few exceptions.

There are two international shipping options. The first option is the Standard International Delivery Duties Unpaid for $10.00. The second option for international buyers is the Passport Priority Delivery and Taxes Pre-Paid that automatically calculates the customs taxes and includes them in your shipping cost total.

Return and refund policy

The Airo Collective return policy for domestic orders lasts 30 days. After this time, you won’t be able to get a refund or an exchange.

To be eligible for a refund, you will need proof of purchase or receipt. The wallet has to be new or unused and in the same condition that you received it.

The next step is to mail the wallet, using the original packaging, to the following address: Airo Collective, 9489 Red Spruce Way, Elk Grove CA 95624, United States. Take into account that you will have to pay the shipping costs for returning your wallet. It’s advisable to use a trackable shipping service or purchase shipping insurance.

After returning the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet, you will receive an email that will inform you if your refund is approved or rejected. If your request is approved, you will automatically receive compensation in the following days.

An important thing to note is that the Airo Collective doesn’t offer returns on international orders.

Customer support

The Airo Collective offers reliable customer service. You can get in touch with them via e-mail at [email protected], or by reaching out to them on social media:


The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet comes with a 2-year craftsmanship guarantee that will cover damages under normal and intended use.

The Airo Collective brand

The founders of Airo Collective are Steve Schmidt, who is the CEO, and Jake van Vorhis, who is the COO. He is an inventor, designer, and national champion gold medalist mountain biker. This is interesting since the idea about the Airo Collective had come to him while biking. Like Steve, Jake is an active person who loves to exercise. Their love for a vibrant, outdoor lifestyle connected them and guided them in creating the perfect wallet for modern men.

The first product that the duo developed was the Stealth Wallet. The Airo Collective began as a great idea supported by a crowdfunding campaign in 2019. Today, the Airo Collective is known for producing the thinnest, and toughest, luxury wallets in the world.

Additionally, they strive to be socially conscious by building long-lasting products from sustainable materials. The Airo collective donates 3% of profits from every purchase to nonprofit organizations and causes. This is significant because, with each purchase, you will be supporting a good cause and the brand at the same time.

Where are the Airo Collective wallets made?

All of the Airo Collective wallets are manufactured and designed in California.

side view of the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet


The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet is one of the thinnest minimalist wallets ever created. Its design is timeless and luxurious, while its build is 15x stronger than steel.

The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet is ideal for people who appreciate style and reliability.


Each Airo Collective wallet is packaged in a black and beautiful paper pamphlet. Once you open the package, inside, you will find your Airo Collective Stealth Diamond covered in a protective wrapping.

The first thing you will notice, once you open it up, is a card. On the card, you can read some basic information regarding the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet and the brand.

Satisfied customers report that the unboxing experience is exceptional and deserves praise.

How to use

The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet has a classic bi-fold design. The outside of the wallet is completely closed with nano plated top-grain leather with durable diamond-infused edges.

Once you open the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet, you will notice a lining made from Italian leather that ensures RFID protection.

The wallet is extra thin, so part inside of it has a purpose.

On one side, you will see a larger ID window. You can slide the cards that you use daily in there. Thanks to the ID window feature, you can use the card on the top without pulling everything out.

On the other side, you will notice a small and thin ID window that will show only the top part of your card. There, you can organize your less-used cards.

In the middle of the wallet is the ballistic cash bungee. What’s great about this cash bungee is that you can place your bills here without folding them.

The inside, as well as the outside of the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet, is easy to use, minimal, and highly practical.

Build quality

The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet is built to last a long time. The brand guarantees that the Stealth Diamond wallet will never tear, will keep its shape, and will always stay thin. Let’s dig a bit deeper into why is this true.


The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet is made from cutting-edge materials. These materials make the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond a superior leather minimalist wallet when compared to pretty much any other option on the market.

The wallet is constructed from nano plated top-grain leather. This heavy-duty leather has a diamond etch pattern. Thanks to the special armor plating and the diamond pattern, the wallet is flexible, durable, and ultra-light.

The inside lining of the wallet is sustainable Italian leather that provides RFID protection.

Thanks to the high-quality materials from which it is made, the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet is ultra-thin, incredibly durable, strong, and flexible.

Lifespan and durability

The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet is a long-lasting investment due to the leather used in Stealth Diamond wallets.

Normal leather will stretch over time up to 75-100%. However, the Airo Collective sources top-quality Cabretta leather directly from a 200-year old tannery in the UK. This first-rate leather used for military and industrial applications has only a 3% stretch factor. Some say that the leather from which the Stealth Diamond wallet si made is the toughest in the universe. The leather is stitched and fused with a thread that is way stronger than steel. Still, the wallet is extremely flexible and will adjust to your movements.

The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet won’t lose its form, and the edges of the wallet won’t fall apart. The wallet is crafted in the USA and is built to withstand daily use for many years.

Known issues and problems

Like any other minimalist wallet, the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond has a few flaws.

A significant number of customers complain that the wallet is too small. According to them, it’s impossible to carry all of your cards inside this wallet. Of course, if you have only 8, then you won’t have this problem. But, if you need to carry more than 8 cards at all times, then you should get a slightly bigger wallet.

Some international customers complain that their bigger bills don’t fit properly. However, American dollars should fit fine.

The price is another con for a lot of buyers. They say that the wallet is high quality, thin, and light as advertised, but still too expensive for them.

top view of the airo collective stealth wallet


The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet looks cool and feels awesome. The design of the wallet is functional and luxurious. You can wear the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet while performing outdoor sports activities, or you can pair it with an elegant tux.

Aesthetics, color and feel

The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet comes in only one color – black.

The wallet looks and feels fancy. The diamond nano armor edge coating uses actual micro-diamonds, so the design is purposeful. The special nano-armor protects the wallet and gives it a unique, modern, and sophisticated look.

Fit to clothing style

As I mentioned earlier, the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet is a great accessory regardless of your style.

It’s great for men who want to carry light baggage while biking, running, or hiking. However, the wallet will look good on any businessman as well. You can easily integrate it into your wardrobe and carry it with you every day, no matter the occasion.

Features and functionality

This wallet has several key features that make the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond one of the best minimalist wallets on the current market. Some of the revolutionary features of this wallet include:

  • Nano Plated Top Grain Leather with Durable Diamond-Infused Edges
  • Sustainable Italian Leather with RFID Protective Lining
  • 15X Stronger Than Steel Thread
  • Unmatched Flexibility
  • Classic Bi-Fold Design
  • RFID Blocking

Portability, size, weight

The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond is ultra-thin and ultra-light. You can store this wallet in your back or front pocket and forget it’s there.

The dimensions of the wallet are:

  • Length: 7.14 in / 18.1 mm
  • Width: 2.72 in / 69 mm
  • Depth: 0.106 in / 2.7mm empty | 0.453 in / 11.5mm full

The most impressive thing is the weight of the wallet. It’s probably one of the lightest wallets ever made, as it weighs only 0.51 oz / 14.5 g.

Stealth Diamond 6

Does the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet have RFID blocking?

Yes, the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet features RFID-blocking. The sustainable Italian leather liner will block out every unwanted RFID scan, thus protecting your identity and sensitive data.

Is the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond waterproof?

The Stealth Diamond wallet is not waterproof. Since it’s made entirely for leather, you should avoid exposing this wallet to water. If the wallet does get wet, dry it off with a towel or cloth and leave it to air dry before using it again.

Diamond Nano Armor

One of the most prominent features of the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet is the exclusive diamond nano-armor plating. This makes this wallet durable and comfortable at the same time.

The diamond pattern looks spectacular and provides a soft feel. Additionally, this diamond nano-armor acts as protection from tearing or stretching.

Ballistic cash bungee

The wallet is equipped with a ballistic cash bungee. This is quite an improvement, especially in comparison with the money clip ordinarily used in minimalist wallets. The cash bungee was developed by the Airo Collective as a way of keeping everything in place and keeping your cash secure.

In the middle of the ballistic cash bungee, you will notice a pull tab that contains the Airo Collective logo. This pull tab makes it easy to pull out your money when needed.

How many cards can the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond hold?

The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond can hold up to 8 cards. There are two card slots inside the wallet, and each of them can hold up to 4 cards.

Any credit card will fit perfectly inside the card slots. However, larger cards like the US-sized business cards will be too wide. If this is a big issue for you, you can always go for an international-size business card, they will fit correctly in your Stealth Diamond wallet.

How much cash can the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond hold?

The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond can hold 6 bills. The bills need to be placed and secured under the ballistic bungee. Keep in mind that you can’t store coins inside this wallet.

Stealth Diamond vs Stealth Leather

Here we have two Ari Collective wallets:

  • The Stealth Leather Wallet is a thin, minimalist wallet. It’s made from sustainable leather. The wallet is RFID protected, holds up to 8 cards, and costs $115.
  • The Stealth Diamond Wallet is created with nano-engineered diamond leather. This wallet is ultra-thin, light, durable and soft. It holds up to 8 cards and 6 bills. The wallet is RFID protected and costs $185.

I would recommend the Stealth Diamond Wallet only if you prefer a luxurious look.  It’s a fact that the Stealth Diamond is made from quality leather that makes this wallet extra strong and flexible.

However, it’s safe to say that both wallets are premium minimalist wallets, and the differences in functionality between them will be small. It’s best to consider your needs and do some additional research. See my full review of the Stealth Leather Wallet to find out more.

Reviews and customer satisfaction

There are a lot of reviews from satisfied customers on the Airo Collective website.

Most of them say that the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet is really durable and made from top-grade materials. The customers appreciate how the wallet is both flexible and strong at the same time.

Numerous reviews praise the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet for being remarkably compact and aesthetically pleasing.

Some customers complain that the wallet is too small for them. However, the majority say that the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet has enough space for plenty of cards and cash.

Who should not buy the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet?

When it comes to the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet, there are a lot of pros, but also a few cons that you need to consider.

You shouldn’t buy the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet if you like to carry more than 8 cards or a lot of cash in your wallet. Additionally, the wallet may not fit all international bills by default, and you may have to fold them several times or in some different ways for them to fit nicely, which will likely reduce the wallet’s capacity.

The Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet is pricey. It is made from top-notch materials, so it costs more than most minimalist wallets. If are just looking to replace your traditional wallet, maybe you should start with a less expensive minimalist wallet. My recommendation is to look into my review of the Stealth Razor wallet.

Who should buy the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet?

You should buy the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet if you need a minimalist wallet to carry only the necessities. If you hate carrying around old bills and unnecessary cards, then you should definitely purchase this wallet. The Stealth Diamond wallet is compact, small, and ultra-thin.

This wallet is great for anyone who appreciates sustainably sourced leather and strong, durable materials. If safety is your concern, then the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet will be perfect for you, as the wallet has an RFID liner that will protect your credit card information.

Finally, you should buy the Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet if you appreciate a luxurious, simple, and classic design. This wallet will be a great accessory to any look.

Airo Collective Stealth Diamond Specifications

Max n. of cards8
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usednano-engineered diamond leather, sustainable Italian leather
Height7.14 in / 181 mm
Width2.72 in / 69 mm
Depth0.106 in / 2.7mm empty | 0.453 in / 11.5mm full
Weight0.51 oz / 14.5 g
Featuresultra-thin, ultra-light, diamond-infused edges, 15X stronger than steel thread, unmatched flexibility, classic bi-fold design, RFID blocking
Water resistanceno
Warranty2 years
Return period30 days

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