Extremus Carbon Review – A Modern Budget Tactical Minimalist Wallet

This is a detailed review of the Extremus Carbon wallet. We will explore why this wallet is one of the best modern, budget minimalist wallets you can currently find.

Should you buy the Extremus Carbon wallet?

Extremus Carbon wallet in two colors

Fidning a minimalist wallet that packs all the functionalities that the Extremus Carbon wallet has to offer, and doesn’t cost that much, is rare. It’s hard to come across another minimalist wallet that will give you this much storage space, RFID protection, and an elegant aesthetic, for that price.

I would strongly recommend this item if you want to own a wallet that goes well with any type of clothing. With such an easily adaptable design, you can combine your Extremus Carbon wallet with a suit or even a simple shirt.


You can get the Extremus Carbon wallet on Amazon. The wallet may be occasionally available on other sites as well, but I don’t think they will provide a better deal than Amazon overall.

Price and value for money

The Extremus Carbon costs around $24.99, which is a lot less than what most minimalist wallets cost today.

Amazingly, this wallet offers durability, quality materials, RFID protection, and lots of storage space for a pretty low price. Overall it’s good value for money and a great budget minimalist wallet.

Shipping details

When ordering through Amazon, your shipping is free and your order will arrive within 5-8 days.


If you need to fix a part on your product you can do so by using the 1-year warranty that comes with the Extremus Carbon. This warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship. Normal wear and tear aren’t covered by this warranty.

Returns and refunds

You can return the Extremus Carbon for any reason, within a 30 day period of purchasing it. If you want your wallet to be eligible for a return, make sure to keep the product in the same condition you’ve received it in and in its original packaging.

When returning your product, the return shipping costs are not covered by Kastking, so you will have to pay for them yourself.


Extremus Carbon wallet money clip

These are some of the basics you should know about this modern minimalist wallet.

How to use the Extremus Carbon wallet?

The Extremus Carbon is one of the easiest wallets to use.

All you have to do is gather your cards and place them in the middle. You can carry up to 15 cards in there.

There is also a cash clip for your cash bills, in which you can carry several cash bills. What you should do is fold your cash bills neatly and slide them into the money clip.


The wallet arrives in a white box with a small pattern on the side.

When you open the box, the only thing you will notice is the wallet itself and a small card with contact information, strapped on the money clip.


Extremus Carbon wallet design

Most people are first drawn to the shiny aesthetic of the Extremus Carbon wallet. It’s one of the minimalist wallets that look modern and sophisticated, but also sturdy and tough at the same time.


This minimalist wallet sets an example of what a modern minimalist wallet should look like.

It has a smart design, made up of six different parts. Each side of the wallet has three parts that are held together by screws.

Both sides of the wallet are made in the same way. There is a carbon fiber body in the middle which is held together by two plates. These three parts are merged together with screws. In the end, there is an expandable elastic band placed on the inner plates that holds the whole wallet together.

On the front of the wallet, there is also a stainless steel money clip that is used to hold cash bills.


The Extremus Carbon wallet doesn’t have a lot of available color options to choose from. It only comes in black and gunsmoke.

The interior body of the wallet comes in a standard color, which is a combination of black and grey dots.

There is also a money clip that is a part of this wallet and it is the same color as the backplate.

A lot of people love the Extremus Carbon wallet precisely because the available colors it comes in are neutral and elegant. Both black and gunsmoke are easy to pair with almost any other color.


Aluminum is the main material used to make the Extremus Carbon wallet. This material is both flexible, lightweight, and offers good protection for your wallet’s contents.

Both the screws and the money clip which are a part of this design are made out of stainless steel.

Clothing style fit

Undoubtedly, the Extremus Carbon wallet can be paired with any type of clothing.

The only two colors it comes in are neutral and can easily become a part of any color palette you choose.

Design-wise, it also offers a lot of freedom when choosing which clothes to wear. The shiny aesthetic and modern look makes it a perfect classy wallet that goes well with formal clothes. On the other hand, its simplicity makes it a great everyday wallet that you can wear with informal attire as well.


Extremus Carbon wallet cards inside wallet

The Extremus Carbon wallet has tons of interesting features you should know about.

RFID blocking

RFID blocking is used in many wallets to protect the important information on your cards. The Extremus Carbon is one of the RFID-blocking wallets that has RFID blocking technology incorporated in its design.

This wallet does a good job when it comes to its RFID function. All of the cards are inside the wallet and covered from both sides, so there is no way of a scanner getting near them.

Weight, size, dimensions

The dimensions of the Extremus Carbon wallet are:

  • height: 3.82 in / 9.70 cm
  • width: 2.24 in / 5.69 cm
  • depth: 0.55 in / 1.27 cm

This minimalist wallet weighs around 2.98 oz / 84.48 g, which is a bit heavier than what most minimalist wallets weigh, but it’s still not the kind of weight that you would notice in your pocket.

Water Resistance

The Extremus Carbon has decent water protection.

All of the cards are inside the wallet and covered on both sides. Because of this, a small water splash should be no problem, especially if it doesn’t hit its sides. However, if some water does go to the side, then some of the cards might get wet since there is an open space there.

How many cards can the Extremus Carbon wallet hold?

This minimalist wallet has a lot of storage space available, and is arguably one of the wallets with the biggest card capacity. It can hold as many as 15 cards without getting strained. Keep in mind that all the cards go in between the two sides of the wallet, so the more you carry the bigger your wallet will get.

How much cash can the Extremus Carbon wallet hold?

The Extremus Carbon wallet isn’t good for carrying a lot of cash bills with you. You can comfortably fit 2 cash bills inside the money clip without straining it.

Customer satisfaction

Extremus Carbon wallet cash bill being placed

There are a lot of owners that have shared their experience with the Extremus Carbon wallet. So far, the majority of the reviews are positive. There are some people who have had minor issues with this wallet.

Positive reviews

One of the greatest things about the Extremus Carbon wallet is that it’s comfortable to carry in your front pocket. This is mainly because of its slim profile and round edges. The wallet doesn’t weigh much and you almost feel like you aren’t carrying it in your pocket at all.

Another thing that customers have liked is the great construction of this wallet. It is made out of aluminum, which is a durable and long-lasting material. Customers are very satisfied with how the wallet ages and how resilient it is, even after using it for a longer period of time.

This is also one of the minimalist wallets that’s on the top of the easy-to-use list. The cash bills are clipped on the money clip, which is on the top part of the wallet. It’s easy to access them and they are secure on the clip. Also, all the cards go in the same space, so using them couldn’t be easier.

Known issues and problems

A lot of customers have found it tricky to use embossed cards with this wallet. Embossed cards have numbers sticking out of the card and take up more space than regular cards. In this wallet, all your cards need to be placed on top of each other, inside the available space. If you use embossed cards, you won’t be able to carry as many cards as advertised.

Some issues have also occurred when customers have carried the maximum number of cards. If you carry 15 cards, the space gets tight and the cards don’t slide out easily. It can also get hard to find the one card you need. In order to get to the card you need, you have to take out all your cards and search for it, which can get time-consuming.

Something that a couple of customers haven’t liked is the cash capacity. You can’t really carry a lot of cash bills with the Extremus Carbon wallet. It’s recommended to carry 2 cash bills on the money clip, so that you don’t strain it or break it. If you try to fit cash bills in the available space with your cards, you will strain the band that holds the wallet together, and your wallet will get bulky.

How does the Extremus Carbon wallet compare to other minimalist wallets?

Searching for the right minimalist wallet to fit your needs can get tricky because of all the available options on the market. Here are some comparisons to show you how the Extremus Carbon competes with other minimalist wallets and to make your choice easier.

The Extremus Carbon wallet vs the Mouzie wallet

Mouzie wallet design

These two wallets have a similar design, as they are both single-pocket minimalist wallets.

The Extremus Carbon wallet has only one money clip where you can store cash, while the Mouzie wallet has a cash clip and a cash band. This makes the Mouzie a better choice when it comes to cash capacity. Both wallets can carry the same amount of cards.

Price-wise, the Mozue wallet is a bit more expensive.

When it comes to dimensions, the Extremus Carbon wallet is bigger and weighs a lot more than the Mouzie wallet.

Both of these wallets have interesting features such as RFID-blocking and some water resistance. Only one of them has a warranty though, and that is the Extremus Carbon wallet that comes with a 1-year warranty.

If you are interested in a similar minimalist wallet like the Extremus Carbon that can hold more cash bills, you should read my full Mouzie wallet review.

The Extremus Carbon wallet vs Secrid Slimwallet

Secrid Slimwallet with cards

At the heart of both of these designs there is a single pocket that holds most of the cards. On the Extremus Carbon wallet, this is the only pocket, while the Secrid Slimwallet has some additional, traditional card slots.

Between these two wallets, the Secrid Slimwallet is a lot more expensive, but can carry fewer cards. It’s also bigger and weighs less than the Extremus Carbon wallet.

They both offer great features such as RFID protection and some water resistance.

The Extremus Carbon has a cash clip in its design, while the Secrid Slimwallet has a plastic tab for cash bills.

The warranty for the Extremus Carbon wallet lasts 1 year, while the one for the Secrid Slimwallet is 3 years.

See my full Secrid Slimwallet review if you’re after a wallet that has a more unique design and is made from both leather and aluminum.

Who should not buy the Extremus Carbon wallet?

People that carry a lot of cards and those who use embossed cards won’t find this wallet functional. Embossed cards are hard to carry in wallets that have a design like this, where all the cards go in the same spot. Even if the maximum number of cards you can carry in this wallet is 15, you will usually have to carry fewer cards, since a lot of owners have complained that when they have filled the wallet with 15 cards, it has gotten tight and hard to use.

I wouldn’t recommend this wallet to people who carry a lot of cash bills. This wallet has a money clip that can’t carry a lot of cash. You can probably fit in just a few cash bills without straining the mechanism.

I also wouldn’t recommend this wallet if you don’t particularly like shiny wallets that stand out. Although the wallet comes in neutral colors, it is made out of aluminum that has a specific shine to it.

Since this is a budget wallet, some of its aspects may reflect that, and if you’d like some better-quality options, see my guides on the best wallets under $100 and the best wallets under $50.

Who should buy the Extremus Carbon wallet?

The person that would most enjoy this wallet is one that doesn’t carry way too many things. If you carry a couple of cards and a cash bill or two, then this wallet is perfect for you. It’s easy to use and perfectly delivers the minimalist functions a wallet of this type should have .

If your style consists of casual clothes, and the occasional suit, this wallet will be perfect for your wardrobe. A shining accessory like this that comes in two neutral colors is easy to pair with any type of clothing.

The Extremus Carbon wallet is one of the best aluminum wallets currently available in the budget category. I would recommend getting it if you want a long-lasting durable wallet, for a very affordable price. It also offers a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy. If this is your first time getting a minimalist wallet, and you don’t want to spend way too much on one just to test it out, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Where to buy the Extremus Carbon from?

The best place to get the Extremus Carbon from is Amazon.

Extremus Carbon Specifications

Max n. of cards15
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedaluminum
Height3.82 in / 9.70 cm
Width2.24 in / 5.69 cm
Depth0.55 in / 1.27 cm
Weight2.98 oz / 84.48 g
FeaturesRFID, cash clip
Water resistancesome
Warranty1 year
Return period30 days

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