Secrid Slimwallet Review – A Unique Leather Minimalist Wallet

In this comprehensive review of the Secrid Slimwallet, we will see why it is one of the most sophisticated unique leather minimalist wallets currently available.

Should you buy the Secrid Slimwallet?

The Secrid Slimwallet is the best choice for anyone looking for an elegant slim minimalist wallet. It offers a dozen different design options you can choose from. You can also choose a wallet that has stitching on it.

If you want a superior minimalist wallet, with lots of available storage, and an amazing leather exterior, then you should choose the Secrid Slimwallet.

Secrid Slimwallet with cards


The best option for buying most Secrid wallets will be Amazon, and that’s the case for this model as well.

Price and value for money

The price of the Secrid Slimwallet depends on the design you choose. The price ranges between $89.95 and $134.95. This price is a bit more than what you will usually find for leather minimalist wallets.

Even so, Secrid has more available designs to choose from than any other manufacturer so far. The Secrid Slimwallet offers a lot of functionalities, high-quality leather, an interesting card access mechanism, as well a large storage capacity. All of this makes this wallet good value for money.

Shipping details

When ordering from the website, if you place your order before 4 pm, your wallet will be shipped the same day.

The shipping is free if your order is over $44.90. If the order is under this price, however, you will have to pay an additional $10 for shipping. You will get an email that informs you about the schedule for your delivery. It usually takes 2-3 business days for your package to arrive.

If you choose to order from Amazon, the shipping is free and it usually takes 5-8 business days.

Customer support

The easiest way to contact the Secrid support team is by writing them an email at [email protected].

Another way to get in touch is through their social media. The Secrid support team is available on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

The Secrid support team is available Monday – Friday, 10 am – 6 pm (EST).


The Secrid Slimwallet comes with a 2-year warranty period.

Registering the wallet on the website, however, will add 1 year to your warranty. To register your product you just have to go to the Secrid product registration page and enter the unique number that is engraved in the card protector.

Returns and refunds

The return period for the Secrid Miniwallet is 60 days. Shipping for the return is free, which is very unusual, and very welcome.

Exchanging your wallet for a different type or color is not possible. The only thing you can do is return your wallet, get a refund, and order a new one afterward.

If you want to return a purchase, you should contact customer service and send them the product in unused condition and in the original gift box. You will usually get a refund within 14 days after they received the product.

The Secrid brand

Secrid is a brand that first started in Holland, but has grown to become international. Their main goal is to combine fashion and industrial design to manufacture beautiful products. Everything they make has great attention to detail and a unique design. Secrid is also a brand that cares for its customers and the environment, and they show this by using environmentally friendly materials.


Secrid Slimwallet open

These are some of the basics you should know about the Secrid Slim Wallet.

How to use the Secrid Slimwallet?

Using the Secrid Slimwallet is very easy.

The first step is to place some of your cards in the available card slots. The maximum amount of cards you can place here is 4.

After that, you should put the rest of your cards in the card protector. The card protector has a fast access mechanism that’s very simple to use. All you have to do is push the bottom with your thumb, and all your cards will come out instantly.

The last step is to fold your cash bills and position them neatly in the plastic tab. The cash bills will fold along with the plastic tab when you close your wallet.


The Secrid Slimwallet comes in a simple black box.

When you open the box the first thing you will see is the wallet itself. Right below the wallet, there is an instruction manual that shows you how to use the card protector.

You will also notice a couple of fake cards inside, which you can use to test out the wallet.


Secrid Slimwallet aesthetic

The Secrid Slimwallet has a slim profile and a beautiful leather aesthetic. Secrid offers so many different extravagant designs that it’s impossible not to find one that perfectly fits your style.


Elegance is the first word that comes to mind after seeing the Secrid Slimwallet.

The leather case of the Secrid Slimwallet is a modernized version of the classic billfold.

When you open the case you will notice that the wallet has three different compartments. It has a card slot in the middle and on the right side, as well as a card box on the left. On top of the card box and the middle card slot, there is a plastic tab for cash bills.

The card protector box has a thumb push on the bottom which you can use to quickly access your cards.


The Secrid Slimwallet comes in a large number of different colors:

  • original black
  • crisple black
  • vintage blue
  • vintage grey – black
  • diamond black
  • original navy
  • saffiano navy
  • original cognac – brown
  • saffiano olive
  • perforated black
  • matte nightblue
  • indigo 3-sand
  • rango brown – brown
  • rango black
  • vintage cognac – silver
  • dutch martin nighblue
  • saffiano caramel
  • matte black and yellow
  • vintage brown
  • vintage ochre
  • indigo 5-titanium
  • perforated cognac
  • vintage olive – black
  • veg navy – silver
  • nile black
  • saffiano brown
  • basket brown
  • nile brown
  • original green
  • crisple blue
  • dutch martin olive
  • nile blue
  • stitch linea lime
  • stitch linea black
  • dutch martin bordeaux
  • dash navy
  • veg black – black
  • veg caramello – sand
  • stitch linea orange
  • rango green
  • vintage chocolate
  • stitch linea espresso
  • optical black – titanium
  • matte green – black
  • stitch linea – caramello
  • yard green
  • vintage black
  • yard black
  • matte black
  • veg espresso – brown

Most of the colors would suit casual clothing, but if you have an artsier style then the best colors for you would be yard green or indigo 3-sand.


The manufacturing materials that are used for the Secrid Miniwallet are leather and aluminum.

Leather is used for the case of the Secrid Miniwallet. The type of leather of the wallet depends on the type of design you will choose. Secrid has a whole page where you can read all about the different types of leathers they use in their designs. You can find this information on their website.

The card protector, which is the heart of every Secrid Slimwallet, is made out of aluminum. Aluminum is a strong material, so the case does a very good job of protecting the cards inside it.

Clothing style fit

Most of the available colors would go best with formal clothing. The designs are refined and would perfectly fit a suit any day.

Among the designs, there is a little something for people with an artsier style as well. The yard green or the indigo 3-sand Secrid Miniwallet is the best choice to pair with colorful clothing.


Secrid has managed to incorporate lots of interesting features into its wallet while still maintaining its minimalist function. These are some of the features you should know about.

RFID blocking

Secrid Slimwallet hand taking out cards

Many minimalist wallets have RFID-blocking so that they can protect your card’s information. The Secrid Slimwallet does a pretty good job when it comes to RFID protection.

The card protector which is made of aluminum offers the best RFID protection on this wallet. Since it is enclosed, all the cards that will be inside it are well protected from all sides.

Even the leather card slots are purposefully made to hide your cards, so even here your cards are well protected.

How many cards can the Secrid Slimwallet hold?

The maximum number of cards that the Secrid Slimwallet can hold without getting bulky is 12. You could try to fit in one or two more cards, just be careful not to overstuff your wallet since the leather could tear.

How much cash can the Secrid Slimwallet hold?

The Secrid Slimwallet uses a plastic tab for cash bills. If you place 3-4 cash bills your wallet shouldn’t get bulky.

Water resistance

The Secrid Slimwallet is one of the few minimalist wallets that has great water protection.

All the cards are placed inside the wallet, so it’s very hard for water to reach them. If the wallet does come into contact with water, the only thing that might get wet are the cash bills, since there is a small space on top of the wallet through which water might get in.

Weight, size, dimensions

The Secrid Slimwallet has the following dimensions:

  • height: 3.94 in / 10 cm
  • width: 7.87 in / 19.99 cm
  • depth: 1.18 in / 3 cm

This wallet weighs 4.1 oz / 116.23 g, which is more than most minimalist wallets. The main reason why this leather minimalist wallet weighs more than others of the same type is that it has an aluminum card box.

Customer satisfaction

There are plenty of reviews about the Secrid Slimwalet and most owners have had only great things to say about it.

Positive reviews

Secrid Slimwallet card protector

The one thing that owners love the most about the Secrid Slimwallet is the quick card access mechanism. At the heart of every Secrid minimalist wallet is a card protector that uses this mechanism. With a simple click on the bottom lever, you can access any of your six cards inside the card protector.

Another thing about this wallet is that it has amazing craftsmanship. The Secrid Slimwallet is mainly made out of high-quality leather. It offers a lot of different designs, many of which have small details that make the wallet all the more beautiful.

The plastic money tab is also very easy to use. The money clip on the Secrid Slimwallet is big, so you can smoothly place your cash bills inside it. All your cash and the money tab fold when you close your wallet, this way the cash bills are safe and won’t fall out.

Known issues and problems

A potential problem that could occur is that the plastic money tab could get damaged. Usually, such things occur if you misuse the plastic tab or put too many cash bills inside it.

The card protector could be problematic if it stops working. If the mechanism that pushes the cards upwards doesn’t work, you won’t be able to access the cards inside the card protector easily. If such a problem occurs within 3 years of using your wallet, you can always use your warranty to get a refund.

A particular issue that most owners have had is the leather showing scratches on the surface. This happens with most types of leather after using them for a longer period of time. Check out the Akeeni XSTO wallet if you think that an aluminum wallet would suit you better.

How does the Secrid Slimwallet compare to other minimalist wallets?

The competition in the minimalist wallet market is fierce. There are so many different wallets that it can get tricky to find the one that’s best for you. Here are some comparisons to demonstrate how the Secrid Slimwallet compares to other minimalist wallets on the market.

The Secrid Slimwallet vs Ridge Forged Carbon wallet

These two wallets are very different. The Secrid Slimwallet is a leather minimalist wallet while the Ridge Forged Carbon wallet is made primarily out of steel and carbon.

The Ridge Forged Carbon wallet is smaller but can hold the same amount of cards as the Scrid Slimwallet.

Both of these wallets have RFID protection, but only the Secrid Slimwallet has some water resistance.

The Secrid Slimwallet has a 3 year warranty period while the Ridge Forged Carbon has a lifetime warranty.

Check out my Ridge Forged Carbon wallet review if you think this type of wallet would suit you better.

The Secrid Slimwallet vs Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet

The Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet and the Secrid Slimwallet are very similar. Both of these wallets are made out of leather. The Secrid Slimwallet has a more modern aesthetic while the Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet has an aesthetic similar to a traditional wallet.

The Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet is smaller and can hold fewer cards than the Secrid Slimwallet.

Both of these wallets have RFID protection as well as some water resistance, and both of them have a 3-year warranty period.

You should read my full review of the Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet if you are interested in a more straightforward wallet option.

Who should not buy the Secrid Slimwallet?

The plastic money tab and the card protector are both amazing features that this wallet has, but you might need some time to get used to using them. If you are looking for a wallet that is easier to use, you should choose one that is more similar to a traditional wallet, like the Runbox Minimalist Slim wallet.

As I previously mentioned, leather as a material isn’t as enduring as most other materials used in wallets. It tends to show scratches after you have used your wallet for some time. So if you want a stronger wallet, check out my guides on the best aluminum wallets, the best titanium wallets, and the best carbon fiber wallets.

I wouldn’t recommend the Secrid Slimwallet if you are looking for a budget minimalist wallet, since its price is a bit higher than most leather minimalist wallets. If you are looking for a budget alternative, see my guides on the best wallets under $50 and the best wallets under $30.

You shouldn’t get this wallet if you like to organize every single card in a separate slot. In this wallet, most of your cards are placed together in the card protector, and a couple of them go in two separate card slots. This is very different from a traditional wallet where you usually have a separate card slot for one or two cards.

Who should buy the Secrid Slimwallet?

This wallet has an elegant aesthetic, that goes well with formal clothing. If you are looking for a sophisticated wallet like this, then you should choose one of the many elegant designs that the Secrid Slimwallet offers.

If you are someone that likes trying out innovations, then you will love giving the Secrid patented mechanism a try. The mechanism makes accessing your cards practical and fun, so you will love using it daily.

If you want an aesthetically pleasing wallet that also keeps all your contents safe, then you should go for the Secrid Slimwallet. The Secrid brand takes their leather seriously, so the materials they offer are nothing short of perfect. On top of that, they use a patented card box that keeps your card safe, as well as an overall smart wallet design, which only adds security.

I would also recommend this wallet to people who like carrying their cards in the same space, since most of the cards in this wallet are organized in the card protector.

Where to buy the Secrid Slimwallet from?

Typically, buying the Secrid Slimwallet on Amazon will be your best deal overall for this model.

Secrid Slimwallet Specifications

Max n. of cards12
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedleather, aluminum
Height3.94 in / 10 cm
Width7.87 in /19.99 cm
Depth1.18 in / 3 cm
Weight4.1 oz / 116.23 g
FeaturesRFID, plastic tab for cash, card box
Water resistancesome
Warranty3 years
Return period60 days