Mouzie Review – A Sleek Fashionable Minimalist Wallet With A Key Holder

As a sleek and fashionable minimalist wallet that offers a lot of functionalities, the Mozie wallet stands out from its competitors in several important areas. This detailed review covers everything about it.

Should you buy the Mouzie wallet?

Mouzie wallet design

I would recommend the Mouzie wallet to anyone in search of a modern, fashionable, and affordable wallet.

Aesthetically, the Mouzie wallet looks sleek and neat. It also offers a lot of customization options, so you can basically design the wallet according to your personal taste.

The quality materials and all the functionalities it offers make it good value for money. You should consider this minimalist wallet if you are looking for a long-lasting wallet with a lot of storage space.


Typically, Amazon will be the best place to buy the Mouzie wallet from.

Price and value for money

The Mouzie wallet usually costs around $39.99.

I would like to emphasize that this price is pretty low for what this wallet offers. The Mouzie is a durable wallet, with a lot of functionalities, customization options, and a great design. The materials it uses are strong but don’t weigh that much. You can even add a key holder accessory, which looks and functions in a similar way to this wallet. Overall it’s an amazing wallet, and you shouldn’t miss out on it, especially if you consider yourself to be a value shopper.

Shipping details

After you purchase your wallet, it will be despatched in the next 24 hours. The shipping will be free only if your purchase is above $70, otherwise, you will have to pay an additional fee for shipping.

Customer support

The Mouzie contact page is the best way to reach out to the customer support team. All you have to do is fill in the form with your contact information and message.

They are also available on a couple of social media networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.


The Mouzie wallet doesn’t come with a warranty. However, if your money clip breaks or you come across a similar problem, you can send an email to their customer support team, and chances are, you will get a replacement.

Returns and refunds

If you have any problems regarding the Mouzie wallet, you can return it within 30 days of purchase. After doing so, you can receive your refund or exchange your wallet for another one. The wallet must be sent back in the original condition you’ve received it in.

TheMouzie brand

Mouzie is a brand that aims to improve the everyday lives of customers. Their main focus is on creating elegant and sophisticated products, that enable minimalist living with their design.


Mouzie wallet card placement

The Mouzie is a sleek, futuristic, customizable wallet made from the Mouzie brand. These are some of the basics to help you better understand this product.

How to use the Mouzie wallet?

This model is very simple to use. All you have to do is stack up all your cards on top of each other and place them between the two plates.

If you want to carry some cash you should first decide on whether you would like to use the cash clip or the cash band, or maybe even both. After that, you should fold your cash bills and neatly place them inside the clip or band.


What first comes to your doorstep is a neat black box with the Mouzie logo on top of it.

As you open the box you will notice that every different piece is placed in its designated place. Inside the box there are:

  • card holder with money clip
  • elastic band with cash strap
  • extra elastic band
  • 5 Extra Screws
  • premium screwdriver
  • key organizer
  • extension kit

The black packaging is very beautiful, so this wallet would make for a perfect gift for a special occasion.


The Mouzie wallet is a sleek, slim, and fashionable wallet with an innovative design.

Design and colors

As a slim, stylish, and modern minimalist wallet, the Mouzie wallet sets the bar high when it comes to design. The wallet is made out of two backplates, which are held together by screws. The wallet faces are interchangeable, so you can always design a unique wallet for yourself.

Depending on whether you choose the money clip or the money strap, you will end up with a slightly different wallet. The money strap is regarded as a classier option. If you can’t choose which one you want, you have an option to use both of them at the same time, or not use any type of money holder at all.


Mouzie wallet colors

The Mouzie wallet comes in a couple of different colors:

  • carbon fiber
  • black
  • gunmetal
  • deep sea blue
  • valentine’s red
  • burnt titanium
  • hunter’s green
  • night sky blue
  • silver light

The wallet faces also have some color options you can choose from:

  • carbon fiber
  • gun metal
  • deep sea blue
  • valentine’s red

This minimalist wallet is made out of a couple of parts, so you can mix and match their colors as you like. Depending on which colors you choose, you could end up with a whole different wallet, customized to your liking.


There are different materials used for the different parts that make up this wallet.

The inner plates are made out of special aviation aluminum. This material ensures that there will be no damage caused to your cards and offers RFID protection at the same time.

The wallet’s elastic band is made out of a durable material that can hold 1 to 15 cards. It is replaceable with the cash strap, which has silicone dots on the inside, that help prevent losing your cash.

You can also use the money clip, which is made out of flexible spring steel. The velvet coating on the clip helps avoid cash damage and helps the cash bills stay in place.

Clothing style fit

As the Mouzie wallet has color options that are both unisex and straightforward, it would be a perfect fit for just about anyone. It’s just a magnificent piece of accessories that will take your fashionable outfits to a whole different level. The customization options make it easy to adapt to your style. For anyone that wants to make a statement, the sleek aesthetic and vibrant colors are sure to do the trick.


Mouzie wallet full setup

The Mouzie wallet has a bunch of interesting features you should know about.

RFID blocking

The inner plates of the Mouzie wallet have RFID protection. This function exists to protect all the valuable information on your cards.

When it comes to RFID-blocking, this minimalist wallet does a pretty good job. All the cards are stacked upon each other and afterward are placed between the two inner plates. Due to this, all the information on every single card isn’t easily accessible.

Water resistance

While the materials used to make this wallet are somewhat water-resistant, the cards aren’t all that well protected.

The chassis of this wallet has an open frame, so water will instantly get to the cards if it pours over the wallet. The parts made from elastic don’t have any water protection.

All the cash bills are strapped on the exterior of the wallet, so they are constantly at risk of getting wet. This is not ideal if your goal is to own a minimalist wallet with great water protection. If this is the case I would suggest checking out models which are fully enclosed.

Weight,size, dimensions

The dimensions of the Mouzie wallet are:

  • height: 2.2 in / 5.58 cm
  • width: 3.5 in / 8.89 cm

Compared to most minimalist wallets made out of aluminum, this one isn’t heavy at all, even after filling it with everything you need.

Key holder

Something that sets the Mouzie wallet apart from other minimalist wallets is the key holder. It’s an ultralight, carbon fiber key organizer, which can carry up to 18 keys. So if you are someone who carries a lot of keys, this is definitely an accessory worth adding to your wardrobe.

How many cards can the Mouzie wallet hold?

The Mouzie minimalist wallet can hold up to 15 cards at once. This is more than what most minimalist wallets currently offer, and one of the biggest card capacity wallets available today. Even more importantly, it can hold this amount of cards while still maintaining its slim profile.

How much cash can the Mouzie wallet hold?

The number of cash bills you can place on the Mouzie depends on whether you want to use the money clip or the money band. You also have an option to use both. So the number of cash bills you can carry on this wallet, without straining the clip and band, is around 6. You can try and fit in some more, but be careful not to strain the clip or band too much since that could damage them.

Customer satisfaction

Mouzie wallet red color next to cherries

A lot of people that own a Mouzie wallet have had some interesting things to say about it. Some have had a great experience while using this minimalist wallet, while others have come across a problem or two. These are the things that have left the greatest impressions.

Positive reviews

The cardholder is thin and very easy to use, all you do is stack your cards on top of each other and place them inside it. It fits in the front pocket easily and at the same time, it’s very comfortable.

If you come across any type of problem regarding the wallet, you don’t have to worry even if there isn’t a warranty. Mouzie is very responsive and will help you solve your issue in no time. By contacting them through their contact page, you can get any type of information regarding replacements, returns, or anything else related to the Mousie wallet. A lot of customers emphasize getting a replacement for a part for free, after explaining the issue to the customer support team.

The quality of this wallet is very good, and the wallet passes the test of time with flying colors. Best of all, it doesn’t cost that much compared to other minimalist wallets that offer the same features.

Known issues and problems

Something that a couple of customers have had an issue with is the key holder. Sometimes it had stopped working and they couldn’t get any of the keys out, or the keys would have loosened and couldn’t stay in the keyholder.

You should be extra careful when disassembling and reassembling your Mouzie wallet. For example, if you want to replace the money clip with a cash band, you should be careful not to damage your wallet in the process. Most issues had come from overtightening the screws at the end. For a detailed guide on how to assemble the Mouzie wallet, you should check out the how to use page on the Mouzie website.

Another thing that some customers haven’t been satisfied with is the cash holders. Mainly, it’s hard to carry a lot of cash bills, because they aren’t secure and the money might slip out. So this wallet might only be good for you if you have a lot of cards and a small number of cash bills with you.

How does the Mouzie wallet compare to other minimalist wallets?

It can get overwhelming trying to choose the perfect minimalist wallet for you, among all the available options on the market. Here are some comparisons to make the whole process a little easier.

The Mouzie wallet vs Ridge Forged Carbon wallet

These two wallets have some similarities. They are both made out of two plates that form a single pocket where all the cards go. They also use a money clip or cash band to hold all your case bills.

When it comes to dimensions, the Mouzie Carbon Fiber is slightly bigger than the Ridge Forged Carbon wallet. The card capacity is bigger on the Mouzie wallet, while the cash capacity is similar in both wallets.

Both of these wallets have interesting features like RFID blocking and some water resistance. One small difference is that you can add a key holder to the Mouzie wallet with a similar design to it, and you can add a cavity tray to the Ridge Forged Carbon wallet that can hold a key and some change.

The Mouzie wallet doesn’t have a warranty, while the Ridge Forged Carbon comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you want a premium wallet with a lifetime warranty, you should check out the Ridge Forged Carbon wallet.

The Mouzie wallet vs the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder wallet

The Mouzie wallet is a minimalist wallet made out of two plates that form a single pocket, while the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder is a single aluminum pocket.

On the Mouzie, all the cash bills are held either by a cash band or cash clip, while the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder only uses a cash band.

The dimensions of the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder are bigger than the Mouzie wallet.

Both of these wallets can hold the same amount of cards and have RFID protection. The Mouzie wallet can hold more cash bills than the Ekster wallet.

If you are searching for a slightly different wallet than the Mouzie wallet, a good alternative would be the Ekster Aluminum Cardholder wallet.

Who should not buy the Mouzie wallet?

If you want every single one of your cards to have its own slot, then this wallet wouldn’t be the best option for you. All the cards in the Mouzie wallet go in the same space since it is a single pocket formed from two plates. On that note, it’s hard to find a design like this that offers a lot of card slots, so I would suggest looking at an alternative minimalist wallet that is made both out of leather and another stronger material. That way you can have more card slots while still not straying far from this design. A good option like this would be the Secrid Miniwallet.

This isn’t a great option for people that don’t like wallets that have a hard case. Most people are used to carrying leather wallets, which feel soft in the pocket. So I wouldn’t recommend this wallet to you if you are among these people, especially if you are someone that carries their wallet in their back pocket.

You should reconsider this minimalist wallet if you use a lot of embossed cards. As I previously said all the cards are stacked upon each other and placed in the same space. Embossed cards will take up a lot of space, and you won’t be able to place as many cards as you might have expected.

Finally, this is quite an affordable wallet, and it may not be the best choice for a special occasion. See my guides on the best wallets under $100, or even the best wallets under $300, if you’re looking for something more luxurious.

Who should buy the Mouzie wallet?

Anyone who loves to assemble things will absolutely love this minimalist wallet. You have an option to add money holders, change elastics, and even change the plates on your wallet. So if you are someone who would have fun creating their own wallet I would definitely recommend this one.

The Mouzie wallet offers a lot of customization options. You can purchase different plates and cash holders, which you can mix and match on your own to form a whole different wallet. So I would definitely recommend it if you would like to change your wallet regularly in a fun way.

This is also a wallet that will be loved by someone who wants to have quick card access. Since all the cards are in the same space it would be easy to get to the exact one you need, as long as you don’t have a ton of cards in there.

Where to buy the Mouzie from?

In most cases and for most people, the best place to buy the Mouzie from will be Amazon.

Mouzie Specifications

Max n. of cards15
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedaluminum, elastic, steel
Height2.2 in / 5.58 cm
Width3.5 in / 8.89 cm
FeaturesRFID blocking, money clip, elastic band, key holder
Water resistancesome
Return period30 days

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