Wally Micro Review – An Environmentally Friendly Minimalist Wallet With A Reversible Design

In this detailed review you will read everything there is to know about the Wally Micro wallet, one of the rare minimalist wallets with a reversible design.

Should you buy the Wally Micro wallet?

Wally Micro wallet with card out

A reversible design isn’t something you regularly see on the minimalist wallet market, and this is exactly what the Wally Micro offers. Additionally, it has a couple of different universal color variations you could choose from.

As a single pocket wallet, it can fit some cards and cash bills, while still being compact and easy to carry around.

The overall design and available colors are easy to pair with any type of style, so you won’t have any trouble making this a part of your wardrobe.

Most importantly, the materials that this wallet uses in its design are high quality and environment-friendly.


You can buy the Wally Micro wallet from the Distil Union website or from Amazon. Either one of these options is reliable and safe. I would however recommend buying for the Distil Union website since it will always have the wallet in stock, and you will likely get better customer service as well.

Price and value for money

The Wally Micro wallet is priced at around $40, which is pretty low compared to most minimalist wallets.

The best thing is that it offers a lot of functionalities for this price. It’s one of the rare minimalist wallets that have a reversible design, so you actually get two wallets for the price of one. The leather that is used for this wallet is high-quality and environmentally friendly. The wallet can hold all the essentials and still maintain a slim figure. Overall, all these great features make the Willy Micro wallet a good value for money.

Shipping details

If you are buying from the website, your order will usually be ready within 1 business day. There are also a couple of shipping options you can choose from:

  • with free shipping, your order will arrive within 5-7 business days
  • with priority shipping, your order will arrive within 3-5 business days
  • with expedited shipping, your order will arrive within 2 business days

Customer support

The easiest way to contact the support team of Distil Union is through their contact page. All you have to do is write down your name and email, as well as your question, and wait for the support team to reply to it.

Another way to get in touch with Distil Union is through one of their social media pages. They are available on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Vimeo


The Wally Micro wallet comes with a 1-year warranty period which you can use if there is any manufacturing defect on the wallet. However, normal wear and tear aren’t covered by the warranty, nor are defects caused by misuse of the wallet.

Returns and refunds

If you aren’t fully satisfied with your Wally Micro wallet, you can return it within 30 days of purchasing it. Return shipping costs aren’t covered by the seller, so you will have to pay for them yourself.

The way to get a refund is very simple. All you have to do is send an email to the seller with your order number, the reason for the return, and a photo. After you get an RMA code or return label, you should send your wallet to the return address in the next 7 days. In the end, after following these steps, you can get an exchange or a refund.

The Distil Union brand

The Distil Union brand has a mission to simplify people’s daily lives. Simplicity, empathy, and utility are at the core of this brand’s values. As an independent design studio, it makes amazing products that solve everyday problems.


Wally Micro wallet setup

There are a couple of basics you should know about the Wally Micro wallet.

How to use the Wally Micro wallet?

You can learn how to use the Wally Micro wallet in just a couple of easy steps.

The first thing you should do is get all the cards you want to carry and stack them on top of each other. After that, you should place all the cards inside the available compartment in the middle of the wallet. Accessing your cards is made even easier by the patented Wally pull-tab which lets you take out all your cards at once.

If you intend to carry cards, you should fold them neatly and place them on the elastic band on the back.


The Wally Micro wallet has very cool packaging in the form of an envelope. Inside the envelope, there is the wallet itself and a card that explains how to go minimal.


Wally Micro wallet in hands in front of bike

This wallet has a lot to offer when it comes to design. Apart from its sophisticated aesthetic, it’s one of the rare minimalist wallets which is reversible, so you kind of get two wallets in one.


Design-wise the Wally Micro wallet is quite stunning and sleek. It has a design similar to bifold wallets and doesn’t have any pockets.

Both the front and the back of the wallet have a smooth surface, with the only difference being that the front has the Distil logo in the bottom left corner.

There is one elastic band on the side that holds both sides of the wallet together, and one on the top which secures the cards inside it.


The Wally Micro wallet is available in several color combinations:

  • black+grey
  • black+brown
  • gray+brown
  • gray+navy
  • grey+rouge

The first color is the one that is on the exterior of the wallet, and the second color is what the inside looks like. My personal favorite combination is the black+brown color since it’s elegant and powerful.


Full-grain leather is the main material that is used to make the Wally Micro wallet. The leather that Distil Union uses is certified for environmental stewardship, which is great for the environment. On top of that, full-grain leather is one of the most flawless and durable types of leather out there.

Clothing style fit

It’s fair to say that the simple design of this wallet would practically suit every style. I could easily imagine someone in a suit carrying this wallet in their front pocket, as well as someone dressed casually rocking it on their next date.

The color options are pretty universal so the Wally Macro wallet also falls within the unisex minimalist wallet category.

There are also a couple of vibrant color options which would be great for someone that likes a wallet that stands out.


Wally Micro wallet black color in hands

Even a wallet as simple as this one has a couple of distinct features you should know about.


On the top of the wallet, there is an elastic pull-tab that makes accessing your cards a lot easier. With this mechanism, you can take all your cards out in an instant, fan them out, and pick the exact one you are looking for.

RFID blocking

The Wally Micro is one of the several wallets with RFID protection available. This feature is used to protect all the valuable information on the cards in your wallet.

The Distil Union brand believes that this feature gives peace of mind so they have incorporated it into all of their wallets. There is a whole article on RFID-blocking on their site, which you can read all about here.

Water protection

Water protection isn’t this wallet’s strong suit. All the cards are placed in a single space on this wallet, which is between its two sides. The Wally Micro wallet is open from both sides and the top, so this doesn’t offer much water protection.

Small splashes on top of the wallet shouldn’t be a problem, but anything more than a splash and your cards will probably get wet.

Another cause for concern is that the cash bills are strapped on the exterior of the wallet, so they are basically never protected from water.

Weight, size, dimensions

The dimensions of the Wally Micro wallet are:

  • width: 2.1 in / 5.4 cm
  • height: 3.5 in / 8.9 cm
  • depth: 0.3 in / 0.6 cm

This perfectly small wallet can carry everything you need and still weigh next to nothing in your hand.

How many cards can the Wally Micro wallet hold?

This wallet is made to hold just the essentials so the maximum number of cards it can carry is 10. The design of the Wally Micro is pretty flexible so you might be able to fit one or two more cards in it. I wouldn’t recommend this for a couple of reasons. One is that your wallet will get bulkier – because of its design, it gets as big as the number of cards you put in it. Another reason not to do this is that you might strain and damage the elastic band which holds everything together.

How much cash can the Wally Micro wallet hold?

Wally Micro wallet cash strap

The Wally Micro wallet can hold a couple of cash bills. All the cash bills are strapped to the elastic band, on the exterior of the wallet, so the more cash bills you fit in the elastic band the bulkier your wallet will get.

What is good about the Wally Micro wallet?

One of the greatest things about the wallet is that it offers easy card organization and access. All the cards go in the same space, so you won’t have to search through a dozen pockets to find the card you need. There is also a pull tab that makes accessing your cards very easy. They all come out at the same time so you can fan them out and find the one you need in no time.

Another great thing about this wallet is the leather. As I mentioned above, the Wally Micro wallet uses full-grain leather in its design. Not only is this one of the most durable types of leather available, but it also looks amazing and feels very smooth in your hand.

The thing I like most about this wallet is that it has a reversible design. If you get bored of one of the colors on your Wally Micro, you can always switch it and end up with a whole new wallet.

Known issues and problems

A potential issue is the elastic band which can get worn out and stretched over time. This is a cause for concern because one of the bands which are in the middle of the wallet holds the whole thing together, as well as all the cards inside it. If it gets stretched, some of the cards might fall out and you could lose them.

Another problem, which is more like a personal pet peeve of mine, is that you can’t carry too many cash bills in this wallet. All of the cash bills are placed on the exterior of the wallet, so you will add to its depth every time you put another cash bill in it.

One more issue is that the pull tab could stop working. If that happens, you will have to take out your cards one by one which will slow down the whole process.

How does the Wally Micro wallet compare to other minimalist wallets?

These are some comparisons to better show you how the Wally Micro wallet compares to other minimalist wallets on the market.

The Wally Micro wallet vs the Andar Pilot wallet

The only thing that’s similar about these two wallets is that all the cards go in the same space. The Wally Micro wallet is made out of leather while the Andar Pilot is made out of aluminum.

Between the two, the Andar Pilot costs more but can carry fewer cards. It’s also bigger and weighs more than the Wally Micro wallet.

Both of these wallets have RFID protection, and both of these wallets don’t have the best water protection out there.

If you would like an aluminum minimalist wallet with a cool design and a money clip, you should read my full Andar Pilot wallet review.

The Wally Micro wallet vs the Secrid Slimwallet wallet

Secrid Slimwallet with cards

The Wally Micro wallet is mainly made out of leather, while the Secrid Slim wallet uses leather and aluminum in its design.

The Secrid Slimwallet is twice the price of the Wally Micro and can hold two more additional cards. It’s also bigger and weighs more because of its aluminum box.

The Secrid Slimwallet has RFID protection, just like the Wally Micro wallet. Still, it has better water protection, so it might be considered more feature-complete.

If you are interested in a minimalist wallet that has about a dozen available designs, you should read my detailed review of the Secrid Slimwallet.

Who should not buy the Wally Micro wallet?

Someone who likes to organize every card in their own separate pocket wouldn’t really like the Wally Micro wallet. All of the cards in this wallet go in the same available space in the middle, so there isn’t much freedom in organizing your cards the way that you want.

I wouldn’t recommend getting this wallet if you don’t want to use a pull tab mechanism to access your cards every day. Most people are used to accessing their cards traditionally, so if you are among them you might not like this wallet.

If you happen to use a lot of cash daily, this may not be the best wallet for you, and I suggest checking out my guide on the best wallets for cash instead.

Who should buy the Wally Micro wallet?

I would recommend this wallet to someone who likes to change things up regularly. This wallet has a reversible design, so every time you might want a fresh start, you can just turn the Wally Micro around and end up with a new design.

I would definitely recommend this wallet to leather lovers. The main material used to make this wallet is full-grain leather, which is one of the most durable leathers out there.

If you are looking for a small compact wallet that can carry everything you need, then this one would be the perfect choice for you, as it is one of the slimmest wallets available today. It has enough space to carry all the cards you need as well as some cash bills.

Where to buy the Wally Micro from?

The best places to buy the Wally Micro from are the official Distil Union online store and Amazon.

Wally Micro Specifications

Max n. of cards10
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedleather, elastic
Height3.5 in / 8.9 cm
Width2.1 in / 5.3 cm
Depth0.3 in / 0.7 cm
FeaturesRFID protection, pull-tab
Water resistancesmall
Warranty1-year warranty
Return period30 days

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