Hammer Anvil Wallet Review – Symmetrical One-Fold Wallet Stacked With Tons Of Pockets

In this review, we will cover everything you need to know about the Hammer Anvil wallet and help you get a better idea of its value.

Should you buy the Hammer Anvil wallet?

The Hammer Anvil is one of the best fits for anyone who is looking for a slim, affordable, elegant wallet with enough space for both cards and cash.

This wallet is a great option for minimalist lovers and all the people who need a simple card case they can fit in any pocket.

I would strongly recommend this wallet to all the people who care deeply about the safety of their cards and want to protect them from all kinds of troubles. With its strong RFID blocking, the Hammer Anvil provides a high degree of protection to its contents.


At the moment of writing, the Hammer Anvil minimalist wallet can be bought only on Amazon. You can get the wallet from there at any time, in any color, and from any place in the world.

Price and value for money

The wallet is priced at around $15, making it one of the cheapest minimalist wallets out there.

As one of the most affordable options when it comes to minimalist wallets for men, the Hammer Anvil has great value, as it can last for many years without losing its quality or shine.

With most cheap slim wallets you will always have the issues of torn leather and unsewn edges after using them for a while. But with this wallet, you can rest assured that the pockets will stay intact for years to come.

Shipping details

Unfortunately, only orders exceeding the $25 threshold are eligible for free shipping on Amazon.

In cases such as this one, you will have to pay Amazon’s shipping fees to get the wallet delivered to your doorstep. These fees usually range from $5 to around $15, depending on how fast you want the wallet to be shipped.

Alternatively, you can add something else that you also need in the shopping cart and get free delivery on all of your items.

Customer support

Any questions about the wallet, the shipping rates, or other concerns you might have can be sent to the customer support team through Amazon’s contact page.

Make sure to check their FAQ section first, as you can probably find most of the answers you’re looking for right there.

Returns and refunds

If you have received a defective or damaged wallet by any chance, or you simply didn’t like it as much you thought you would, you can send it back for free in the next 30 days. This period is activated from the moment you receive your order at your home.

You can read all the details about how to return your product and get its refund on Amazon’s help and customer service webpage.


The Hammer Anvil is a slim one-fold wallet designed symmetrically, with identical features placed on both sides of the fabric.

How to use the Hammer Anvil wallet?

The wallet is equipped with seven pockets in total, three on each side and one wide flat section in the middle. As such, you can use it in numerous ways and fill each pocket whichever way you want.

Most often, you will put your most frequently used cards in the slots at the front and rear side, while your cash bills will go in the middle section.

Out of the three side slots, two are horizontal and with cut-off tops, providing easy access to the card inside of them. The remaining slot is vertical, seemingly larger, and used for cards you take out less often.

When it comes to wearing the wallet around, the Hammer Anvil is perfect for both front and back pockets, as it’s very thin, small, and unrecognizable no matter where you put it.


With its paper-thin monochromatic design and multiple strict pockets stacked on top of each other, the Hammer Anvil is one truly professional card case with a sleek look and feel.

Design and colors

Although equipped with lots of pockets, the Hammer Anvil still maintains a remarkably slim figure, even when filled up to the maximum.

On its surface, you can instantly notice the vast care that was put into creating a pure minimalist wallet, with a clear design and without too much clutter. The only thing you will find on the front side, beside the pockets, of course, is the circular logo of the brand embroidered at the bottom.

Aiming to create an exclusive accessory for formal outfits, the brand has manufactured the Hammer Anvil in three colors:

  • black
  • blue
  • gray


The whole wallet is made out of genuine leather, with cotton threading at the edges.

Although it’s lacking the qualities of higher-grade materials, genuine leather is often used in the production of wallets, especially when it comes to minimalist card cases. This type of leather is often used because it offers a high degree of elasticity, enabling the wallet to expand when filled up, and then get back in its slim form once you empty it.

Clothing style fit

Hammer Anvil is a great fit for anyone who wears formal outfits and likes to dress elegantly. The leather aesthetics make this wallet an admirable accessory for any business clothes.

The two neutral black and grey designs, as well as the more experimental dark blue shade, make this wallet easy to combine with clothes of various colors.


Let’s take a closer look at all the features this wallet has in store.

RFID Protection

The Hammer Anvil wallet has strong RFID protection implemented in its build, protecting your credit cards from wireless theft.

With the brand’s trademarked anti-breach technology, the wallet will block all radio waves directed at it. The great thing here is that it only blocks contact with credit cards. You can still scan any ID badges or metro cards through the wallet since those cards use different frequencies.

Wide middle pocket

The one thing that always pushes people away from minimalist wallets and leaves them stuck on the classic bifold wallets is the wide pocket that’s often missing.

With the Hammer Anvil, however, you can still use a slim minimalist wallet and have a wide flat section right in the middle. The pocket goes the full length of the wallet and is roughly the same size as the product itself.

You can use this wide and deep pocket to store cash bills or any other contents that are slightly bigger than your cards. It holds all types of currencies, even large ones such as the 100 Euro banknote, given it’s folded at least once.

Quick access card slots

Having a wide middle pocket has another huge advantage as well – all the other slimmer pockets are left to be used for your cards only.

The Hammer Anvil wallet has three quick access card slots on each side, two horizontal and one vertical, where you can store your credit, ID, or business cards.

These slots also feature a slightly cut-off top edge, which further eases taking the card out of the pocket.

How many cards can the Hammer Anvil wallet hold?

Using all of the pockets provided, you can safely fit up to 10 cards in the Hammer Anvil wallet.

If you want to leave the middle pocket for cash bills and other stuff, then you will probably have to satisfy yourself with 8 cards stuffed in the six quick-access slots on the sides.

How many cash bills can the Hammer Anvil wallet hold?

Using the middle section, this wallet can easily fit up to 8 cash bills from all currencies in it.

Since it’s a fairly minimalist and short-sized wallet (you should be able to fit it into any pocket after all), all the bills will have to be stored folded at least once.

Size and dimensions

The precise dimensions of the wallet are:

  • width: 3.25 in / 8.25 cm
  • height: 4 in / 10.1 cm
  • depth: 0.13 in / 0.3 cm

Customer satisfaction

Most of the users that have bought the Hammer Anvil have stumbled upon it after looking for an affordable slim wallet with promising features. With an average rating of 4.6/5 stars gathered from around 2700 reviews on Amazon, most of which are fairly positive, this is definitely a winning product.

Known issues and problems

The Hammer Anvil is a pretty good wallet overall, or good value for money at the very least. Still, as with all other low-budget products, it does have some minor issues that any potential buyers should be aware of.

Since this wallet has lots of pockets, some even wide enough to hold a couple of cards, it’s expected for you to be able to fill them all up and not leave any space unused. However, when you fill the wallet with more than 6 cards and a few cash bills, it gets too cluttered and it becomes hard to get some of the cards out. This will often leave you struggling to get that one card you last used a couple of months ago out, as it is now stuck deeply in one of the pockets.

The poor stitching is another issue that is a direct consequence of the low price of this wallet. You’ll quickly notice how most of the threads around the edges are somewhat weak and don’t hold the pockets together efficiently. The edges of the wallet can also tear apart if you spread them with too much force when trying to take a card out.

On a similar note, the pockets themselves can become too loose after only a couple of months, especially if you keep overstuffing them with more contents than they can hold. The leather will often expand but not tighten back, leaving the pocket too wide to hold a single card in and resulting in the said card falling out.

How does the Hammer Anvil compare to other minimalist wallets?

If you aren’t completely sold on what the Hammer Anvil has to offer, check out these two alternatives and see whether one of them might be your next wallet.

Hammer Anvil vs Travelambo Front Pocket

The Travelambo Front Pocket is one of the most similar wallets to the Hammer Anvil.

Both wallets have roughly the same design. Both have the same arrangement of pockets on the front side and even share the wide middle pocket feature as well.

However, the slightly cheaper Travelambo Front Pocket wallet is a bit different when it comes to the rear side. There, this wallet features only two pockets, one of which has a see-through window where you can display your ID card. It’s offered in much more color options as well, totaling up to 30 different designs.

The Travelambo Front Pocket costs around $8 to $11, and you can see all of its features in my detailed Travelambo Front Pocket review.

Hammer Anvil vs Buffway Slim

blue buffway slim wallet

The Buffway Slim is much more similar to the Hammer Anvil wallet when it comes to its features and overall looks.

It’s priced at around $20, slightly more than the Hammer Anvil, and provides the same design and capacity as the latter wallet.

The most notable difference between the two comes yet again in the design of the rear side, where one of the horizontal pockets of the Buffway Slim also features an ID window, a feature lacking in the Hammer Anvil.

However, the Buffway Slim is a wallet designed for a more casual style, as it’s offered in much more colors than the Hammer Anvil, but almost all of them are better suited for laid-back outfits.

I would recommend checking out my full review of the Buffway Slim to get a better idea of what this wallet does differently than all the others in this price range.

Who should not buy the Hammer Anvil Wallet?

The Hammer Anvil would be a bad fit for anyone who has owned a high-quality leather wallet before in their life. The low-end genuine leather that the brand has used in this design would be a significant downgrade that I wouldn’t recommend going with. I recommend checking out my guides on the best wallets under $50 and the best wallets under $100 for some higher-quality options.

I also wouldn’t recommend buying this wallet if you have a lot of cards. The Hammer Anvil will only efficiently hold up to 7 or 8 cards, and if you need space for more than that, plus some cash as well, then this wallet will not be a good fit for you.

Having such strict designs with so few color options can be a significant disadvantage for some people as well. The Hammer Anvil wouldn’t do any good to people who like to experiment with their clothes and dress more casually, especially those who own a wardrobe filled with lots of colorful outfits.

Finally, I wouldn’t recommend buying this wallet if you’ve never owned a minimalist wallet before. Jumping from a large, spacious, bi-fold wallet to a slim and strict cardholder such as this one might be a tough transition. I would recommend going for something more classical instead, as there are a lot of affordable leather wallets that look a lot like the traditional ones, only designed in a minimalist fashion.

Who should buy the Hammer Anvil Wallet?

When I think of the perfect owner of this minimalist wallet, the first type that pops to mind are young, urban people with a dynamic lifestyle who only need a simple slim wallet to get them through the day. If you are constantly on the run, often traveling, and only using a couple of cards, this wallet is just perfect for you.

I would also recommend the Hammer Anvil to anyone tired of searching for their credit card in their huge and messy wallet. With this wallet, each card is stored in a separate pocket and you will always have quick and easy access to every one of them.

Anyone who wears formal outfits and business attire throughout the day will find a great companion in this wallet. Sleek design, smooth aesthetics, clean surface, monochromatic colors – the Hammer Anvil has it all when it comes to looking orderly and professional.

Where to buy the Hammer Anvil wallet from?

The best place to buy the Hammer Anvil from will almost universally be Amazon.

Hammer Anvil Specifications

Max n. of cards10
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedgenuine leather
Height4 in / 10.1 cm
Width3.25 in / 8.25 cm
Depth0.13 in / 0.3 cm
FeaturesRFID protection, quick access card slots
Water resistancenone
Return period30 days

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