Crazy Horse Leather Wallet Review – A Wallet Fit For A Rugged Lifestyle

in this review, we will see how, by embracing the traditional handcrafting techniques of the old days, the Crazy Horse Craft brand has delivered one of the best leather wallets in the game.

Should you buy the Crazy Horse Leather wallet?

If you love to dress in rugged outfits, admire leather attire, and need a new wallet then this is just the right thing for you.

Crazy Horse Leather is a high-quality wallet made out of premium leather. Thanks to this, it is one of the most durable and aesthetically unique wallets in its price range.

The wallet provides high capacity for both cards and cash, can be customized to your liking, and will be a great accessory for many people.


The best way to get this wallet is to simply order it from the Crazy Horse Craft website.

Their web store is full of minimalist items, ranging from wallets, phone cases, to keychains, belts, and many other accessories. It’s a fully stocked store and a great place for an online shopping spree.

Additionally, you might be able to find the same model on Amazon as well, although they don’t always have it in stock. Still, make sure to check its availability to not miss the best offer for you.

Price and value for money

The Crazy Horse Leather is priced at around $49 / €44.

It’s a fairly average price, often the lowest one you can get for a great and durable wallet. And this wallet is certainly durable and made of very high-quality materials, justifying its price quite nicely.

Shipping details

Crazy Horse offers two shipping options for the products you order from their store. You can get standard shipping for the cost of $6 and estimated delivery in 1 to 5 weeks, depending on your location.

All products ship from eastern Europe, so the closer your country is to this location, the faster you’ll get your wallet.

If you don’t want to wait for so long, you can get a faster delivery by paying the express shipping fees and getting the wallet in up to a week. These fees will vary based on your region, and the usual amounts are:

  • EU – $14
  • USA, Canada – $19
  • Rest of the world – $21

Customer support

Any questions you have about the brand or its products can be addressed by sending them an e-mail at [email protected], or by filling out the form on Crazy Horse’s contact webpage.

Returns, and refunds

Crazy Horse’s return policy states that you can, for any kind of reason, return the wallet and get a refund of the money you paid. You must contact the brand within 14 days of receiving the product, and ship it back in up to 30 days, in the same condition that you’ve received it in.

After they’ve received and inspected the wallet, you will get a full refund in up to 10 days.

The Crazy Horse Craft brand

Crazy Horse Craft is a Lithuanian accessories brand, that started in 2015 and has been run by two founding brothers ever since. The brand manufactures various items, designed in a vintage style and made out of premium leather.

Their story started by wanting to continue their grandfather’s legacy of handcrafting everyday-carry items with the help of a sewing machine, just like they did in the old days. This trend is seen in all of their products as well, with each design being inspired by the age-old techniques from the past.


The Crazy Horse Leather wallet is a two-fold cardholder that has four minimal card slots on the inner side of the wallet.

How to use the Crazy Horse Leather wallet?

Designed with the utmost minimalist style in mind, the wallet doesn’t have any unnecessary or complicated features and is made to be used in a simple, straightforward manner.

Lacking a button, or any other closing mechanism, the wallet folds onto itself dividing the piece of fabric into two parts. Each part has two same-sized pockets on it which you can fill with contents you want to have in your wallet.

The slots can hold credit cards, business cards, cash bills, and everything that you would normally keep in your wallet.

Naturally, the main purpose of the Crazy Horse Leather wallet is to be a minimalist cardholder, but you can also carry anything else that you need to, as long as it’s similar in size to your credit cards.


The Crazy Horse leather wallet has a very simple design, with vintage rugged aesthetics delivered in a brownish old-school appearance.

Design and colors

The wallet has a bi-fold flipping design, with a strong rustic image on the outside, and soft woolen covering on the inside.

Its surface will form a patina layer over time, giving the wallet a glossy look which will only get better with time. This leather surface is offered in two colors:

  • classic brown
  • wood brown


Crazy Horse only uses premium vegetable-tanned leather for all of its products, including this wallet. The leather is produced in the finest tanneries in Italy.

The leather is made from Scandinavian cowhides that consist of a high oil level which contributes to its quality and durability.

The inside of the wallet, on the other hand, is covered with German wool felt, which keeps your cards undamaged and packed in soft pockets.

Clothing style fit

While you could wear the Crazy Horse Leather wallet with practically any type of outfit since it’s a very minimalist all-around item, there are certain types of clothes that will match it just perfectly.

Ranch-style outfits, leather jackets, and all types of vintage clothing are only a few of the perfect outfits that go great with this wallet. I would even add combat clothes, such as cargo or tactical pants, hunting jackets, and camo clothes to this list as well.


The Crazy Horse leather wallet is designed as a modern mix of minimalist and vintage fashion, providing just enough capacity for your essentials, without cluttering the frame with too many features.

Card slots

When you unfold and open the wallet, you will find 4 card slots inside – 2 on each side.

The card slots are all in the same size and fit the same amount of contents. You can use each of these slots for cash bills, or paper cards too.

The sturdily build pockets will keep all of the contents inside them from falling out, and the divider placed between each pocket will provide a great sense of organization inside the wallet.

Personalization options

Upon ordering the wallet, you will be presented with a choice to get a plain surface, which will only consist of the brand’s logo at the bottom right corner, or to get a personalized design made just for you.

By adding $10 to the wallet’s price, you can get an engraving of your name, initials, or any other wording you want on the surface of the item. The wording will have to be up to 10 characters and will be placed in the middle of the front side of the wallet.

You can choose any combination you want for this engraving by typing them in the “Special instructions for seller” message box when completing the order. Some of the most popular personalization options include:

  • Initials
  • Name initial + full surname
  • Full name + surname initial

If you are the rare lucky type of person with a very short full name, you can get all of it engraved on the wallet.

How many cards can the Crazy Horse Leather wallet hold?

The wallet can fit up to 16 cards by filling all the four pockets.

Each pocket can hold around 4 or 5 cards, but I wouldn’t suggest putting more than 16 inside, as the wallet will get too tight and hard to use.

How many cash bills can the Crazy Horse Leather wallet hold?

Depending on the type of currency that you use, you can probably fit 15 – 20 cash bills inside this wallet.

This number is, of course, reachable by using all four pockets. Since you will most probably need two or three slots for cards only, you can probably fit 5 – 10 cash bills in the remaining pocket or two.

Each bill will have to be folded at least twice to fit the narrow pockets and not keep the wallet from closing.

Size, weight, and dimensions

The full size of the wallet, when unfolded, measures:

  • width: 2.75 in / 8.5 cm
  • height: 4.15 in / 12.5 cm
  • depth: 0.4 – 0.8 in / 1 – 2 cm (depending on contents inside)

However, due to the wallet’s folding design, it won’t take more than 2.5 x 2.75 in / 6.35 x 8.5 cm of space in your pocket, which is almost half of its stated size.

How does the Crazy Horse Leather compare to other minimalist wallets?

The Crazy Horse Leather is a very unique wallet, thanks to the rarely used premium leather that makes for a great look. However, it’s far from the only folding cardholder and competes with many minimalist wallets with a similar shape and purpose.

Crazy Horse Leather vs Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet card placement

There are many similarities between these two wallets. They both have roughly the same shape, with card slots found on both sides of the wallet once you unfold it, are made from leather, and offer a similar feel in your hand.

However, the two wallets differ in a few things such as their style, capacity, size, and, of course, the price.

While the Crazy Horse Leather wallet comes in a rugged, vintage build, the Bellroy Slim Sleeve offers a much more sophisticated, modern, and sleek aesthetics in soothing, elegant colors.

The downside with the Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet is that it holds around half as many cards inside its slots, but costs more – around $79. It’s also slightly bigger in size than the Crazy Horse Leather and will take up more space in your pocket.

If you liked the aesthetics of this wallet more than the vintage style of its competitor, then you should check out my full review of the Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet where I go into detail about all its features and benefits.

Crazy Horse Leather vs Dango D01 Dapper Bifold

D01 Dapper Bifold wallet green on top of clothes

The Dango D01 Dapper Bifold is a slightly more expensive metal wallet that offers many of the same features as the Crazy Horse Leather.

It costs around $79 and comes in a bifold design with a very similar feel and capacity as its all-leather counterpart.

However, Dango is a brand that took a slightly different approach in its manufacturing process. Unlike most traditional wallets, the Dango D01 Dapper Bifold consists of two parts – a frame, made from aluminum, and a covering, made from leather.

This wallet arguably belongs in the tactical wallets category, with features such as a bottle opener, glass breaker, and a multi-tool that has around dozen of other different features on it. This provides a much different feel and utility than the classic cardholder that the Crazy Horse Leather wallet is.

If you are interested in a metal tactical wallet instead, go check out my review of the Dango D01 Dapper Bifold to see if this wallet might suit you better.

Who should not buy the Crazy Horse Leather Wallet?

If security and protection from theft are your main concerns when shopping for a new wallet, then I wouldn’t suggest going for an item like the Crazy Horse Leather wallet. While it’s made out of high-quality leather, the material itself has no RFID protection and will leave your cards exposed to wireless theft attempts. See my guide on the best RFID-blocking wallets if you’re worried about RFID theft.

This is also not the ideal wallet for anyone looking for a wide separate pocket for cash.

I wouldn’t recommend the Crazy Horse Leather wallet to people with casual clothing styles as well. Wearing casual tops, Hawaiian shirts, and other colorful items wouldn’t really match the brown leather aesthetics of this wallet.

And finally, you should probably look for something else if you want a wallet that has more tactical features, and provides better utility outside of its main purpose – holding cards and cash.

Who should buy the Crazy Horse Leather Wallet?

I would recommend this wallet to guys who have a wardrobe full of leather boots, jackets, and other rugged-styled clothes. Anybody that prefers leather clothes over any other outfit is the perfect owner of the Crazy Horse Leather wallet.

It’s also a great wallet for those who want a simple minimalist item that isn’t full of unnecessary features and only provides enough space to organize your essentials. This wallet doesn’t have any flashy selling points or exclusive features, it’s a simple cardholder that does its job quietly and elegantly.

The Crazy Horse Leather is one of the best options you can find if you want a high-capacity wallet that can still fit into any pocket. The wallet can carry about a dozen cards and 5 cash bills at the same time, and you will still be able to carry it in your front pocket where it will be much safer.

At the end of the day, I would recommend the Crazy Horse Leather to anybody who is after a relatively affordable high-quality wallet made out of premium materials. It’s a high-end wallet that can guarantee years of usage, and one that you can get without having to pay an insane amount of money for it.

Where to buy the Crazy Horse Leather from?

Typically, an original Crazy Horse leather wallet will only be available on the Crazy Horse online store.

Crazy Horse Leather Specifications

Max n. of cards16
RFID blocking?no
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedvegetable-tanned leather, wool felt
Height4.15 in / 12.5 cm
Width2.75 in / 8.5 cm
Depth0.4 – 0.8 in / 1 – 2 cm
Featurescard slots, personalization option
Water resistancenone
Return period30 days

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