Grip6 Wallet Review – The Fast Access Minimalist Wallet

This article will provide you with a thorough review of the GRIP6. We’ll go into great detail about why the Grip6 wallet is one of the most interesting, inexpensive, and practical minimalist wallets.

Should you buy the Grip6 wallet?

GRIP6 cash

I would recommend the Grip6 minimalist wallet to almost anyone. This wallet is slim, versatile, and highly functional for daily use. The Grip6 is made from top-notch materials, and it comes with a lifelong warranty and a generous return period that will save you a lot of trouble if you change your mind or encounter unwanted defects.

In terms of design, the Grip6 is a dream come true for people who want to mix and match patterns and colors to create the ideal minimalist wallet for them. The only con I would mention is to avoid keeping this wallet in your back pockets. Other than that, I would definitely suggest buying this wallet.


You can buy the Grip6 wallet from the official Grip6 store and from Amazon.

Price and value

The Grip6 wallet costs $49. This price is fairly affordable compared to other minimalist wallets available on the market.

Discounts, coupons, and deals

The brand offers you to purchase an electronic Grip6 6 gift card as a thoughtful gift for your friends or family.

Another option to receive discounts and deals is by joining the GRIP6 referral and rewards program. This program works with points, where you earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Also, you earn 100 points by signing up or referring a friend. If it’s your birthday, you’ll earn 50 points, and by following Grip6’s social media, you get 10 points each, etc. You can follow Grip6 on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.


The majority of Grip6 orders are dispatched the same day, or the next working day if you’ve placed your order in the evening.

For domestic orders, regular shipping is provided by the United States Postal Service. Standard orders are delivered in 4-7 business days for just $4 using this shipping method.

If you’re in a hurry, Priority Domestic Shipping is an option. The cost of this delivery varies based on where you live, but it’s usually between $8 and $11. Grip6 typically ships via USPS Priority Mail, which takes 2-4 days to arrive.

The brand uses DHL for Canadian orders, which costs $4. The local post office is responsible for the final delivery which usually takes 1-3 weeks.

DHL will charge you $5 for international shipping. Shipping time varies per country, however, it usually takes 2-4 weeks. Note that customs, additional taxes, and fees may apply, and the buyer is responsible for them.

Customer support

There are many ways to contact Grip6 customer services.

You can send them a message directly on the official Grip6 website.

You can also call Grip6 customer service at (801) 654-309. Their working hours are from 7 AM to 4 PM, Monday-Friday (MST).

Lastly, you can send them an e-mail at [email protected]. Additionally, you can use the Live Chat, every workday from 7:00 to 8:00 PM.


The brand offers a guaranteed for life or unlimited lifetime warranty, named – The Grip6 A3 Guaran-Damn-Tee. This warranty ensures that all Grip6 products are crafted to work better and last longer. So, if you encounter any problems with your newly purchased wallet, contact Grip6 at [email protected] anytime to give feedback, ask questions, or take care of any issue.

The Grip6 A3 Guaran-Damn-Tee guarantee covers manufacturing defects and other damages. However, there are a few defects, caused by neglect and improper care, that are not warranted. This includes: products chewed or damaged by animals, burned products, and lost or stolen items.

Return and refund policy

You can apply for a refund or return anytime, but there are a few timeframes that you need to consider.

First, you can get a full refund and covered return shipping if you send back your Grip6 within 60 days of purchasing the product. Don’t forget that this offer only applies to domestic orders, whereas international orders are responsible for paying the return shipping.

In the period between 60 to 180 days of purchase, you’ll only need to pay the shipping to get the product back, and then you can either ask for a full refund or exchange for a product of equal value.

After 180 days from a purchase have passed, you also don’t need to pay any fees. You’ll only have to pay for the shipping, and afterward, you can exchange the product for another of equal value.

To apply for a refund or a return is super easy. First, you’ll need to send an email at [email protected], including a picture of the damaged product, and let them know how the damage occurred. Then, the brand will process the return, and they’ll ship out your new product along with a new return label to send your damaged product back. This way, you won’t have to wait long for a replacement which is awesome for you as a customer. The last step will be to pack and send back your damaged product.

The Grip6 Brand

The Grip6 story started five years ago. The founder, BJ Minson, intended to build a company that makes simple, functional, and long-lasting products made in the United States.

The first Grip6 product was a belt, and since then, the brand has branched out into producing other accessories, such as minimalist wallets and socks.

The goal of the company is to manufacture high-quality, durable products while also encouraging domestic production. You can read more detail about Grip6 on their official website – How Grip6 Began and Why We Exist.


GRIP6 unboxing

Customers can expect quality and functionality from the Grip6 wallet. This wallet is designed to make your life easier by making it possible to access your cards in a few seconds. The Grip6 is a high-quality wallet that’s been tested and proven to last a lifetime. Also, it’s super slim and compact, with about the same thickness as a typical smartphone.


The packaging of the Grip6 wallet is excellent in terms of protecting the product and explaining the brand’s mission. Your wallet will arrive in a cardboard box on which you can read about the wallet features and the company.

How to use

The Grip6 wallet is very versatile in the sense that you can customize the wallet however you like.

The wallet consists of a leather sleeve that you can decide to use, or you can easily take out. The sleeve, on both sides, has exterior slots or openings for cards and cash. In the middle of the leather sleeve, on both sides, you’ll see an opening that acts as a thumb push that will allow you to easily slide your cards or folded cash bills.

The Grip6 wallet body has a push button on the side that you’ll use to eject the cards from the aluminum case. Additionally, you can choose to order the wallet with a finger loop or without one. The loop adds security, and it makes holding the wallet easier, however, keep in mind that it will add some extra volume and bulkiness.

The wallet is very intuitive, and everyone can get used to this everyday minimalist wallet.


In terms of quality, the Grip6 minimalist wallet is made from durable materials, backed with a Grip6 A3 Guaran-Damn-Tee. This lifetime warranty safeguards against any manufacturing defects, malfunction, or wear and tear.


The Grip6’s base is made out of brushed 5052-H32 aluminum. The button and lifting mechanism are injection molded from a mix of long-lasting engineering plastic.

The Grip6’s sleeve is crafted with top-grain leather, sewn together with high-tensile nylon fiber yarn.

Lifespan and durability

The Grip6 wallet is made in the USA. This wallet is manufactured by utilizing CNC mills and robots. The cutting-edge technology ensures the quality and durability of the wallet.

Known issues and problems

There are a few flaws and downsides to the Grip6 wallet.

The first issue is one involving the finger loop. As I mentioned, the finger hole is plastic. This means that it may break if you drop your wallet. Also, if you’re planning on holding the Grip6 in the back pocket of your pants, the loop may crack if you sit on something. You can solve this problem by simply ordering the wallet without the loop, or by being more careful with this part of the wallet. Keep in mind that the Grip6’s lifetime warranty exists to ease your mind when it comes to such damages.

Another issue has to do with the wallet’s size. A few consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the wallet because it does not accommodate all credit card sizes or driver’s licenses. Furthermore, if you only insert a few cards, the popping-up function will not work smoothly. The card pocket has a fixed depth made for 6 or more cards. So, when you have fewer cards in your wallet (for example, four), the cards will continually shift to a different track, and you won’t get that perfect popup effect.

One significant problem that you should be aware of concerns the leather part. For aesthetic and security reasons, the sleeve is designed to tightly grip the wallet. However, you may find it hard to fit cash bills inside or get them out. So, if you need a wallet that can carry a significant amount of money, I recommend you opt for another option.

Other than the above-mentioned posable cons, the Grip6 wallet is a great product beloved by countless users.


GRIP6 metal

Design-wise, the Grip6 wallet is unique and versatile. The stylish look of the wallet makes for a practical, easy-to-use, and perfect everyday accessory. 


This wallet is made of two parts, the metal Grip6 wallet, and the leather wallet cover. You can create countless combinations with the color options available for both parts.

The metal Grip6 wallet comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from:

  • blue steel
  • ninja
  • gunmetal
  • cobalt
  • walnut/woodgrain
  • black flag
  • gunmetal flag
  • blue steel flag
  • ember
  • foxtail
  • olive woodgrain

You can order the wallet without leather, or you can pick either a brown or black leather wallet cover. You can further customize the Grip6 wallet by adding or not adding the finger loop.

Features and functionality

GRIP6 loop

The Grip6 is an excellent upgrade to the traditional wallet. It includes a number of useful features that set it apart from other wallets on the market. This includes functions such as:

  • easy card access
  • slim profile
  • locking mechanism
  • high-grade material
  • RFID blocking
  • patent pending

Weight, size, dimensions

The metal weighs only 0.85 oz / 24 g, but with the leather sleeve, the wallet weighs 2 oz / 56.69 g.

The Grip6 dimensions are:

  • height: 4.0 in / 10.16 cm
  • width: 3 in / 7.62 cm
  • depth: 0.4 in / 1.016 cm (without leather) | 0.5 in / 1.27 cm (with leather)

Water resistance

The Grip6 wallet in itself is not water-resistant. So, if you get your wallet wet, it’s best to empty it. This way, you can make sure that your cards and money will be safe and undamaged.

On the other hand, the materials from which the wallet is made are somewhat water-resistant. The aluminum 5052-h32 possesses outstanding corrosion resistance, especially to saltwater. The leather won’t be damaged by moisture as well. However, you should wipe the wetness away with a dry cloth and allow the wallet to dry naturally.

The “LOOP”

An interesting way you can further customize the Grip6 wallet is by choosing to add or not add a finger loop.

The advantage of the Grip6 wallet with a loop is that you can easily attach keys, chains, and even accessories to your wallet. Also, you can use the loop to hang the Grip6 wallet on a belt for hands-free carrying.

The downside is that the loop will make the wallet bulkier and you will not be able to carry it in the back pockets of your pants due to the risk of breaking.

Keep in mind that the loop isn’t removable, however, you can always file for an exchange. So if you get a wallet with a loop and decide you don’t like it, you could exchange it for one without a loop for free.

How many cards can the Grip6 wallet hold?

The Grip6 wallet holds 5 to 6 cards without the leather sleeve. However, according to customers, the aluminum part can carry up to 8 cards without any problems. With the leather sleeve, the wallet can carry up to 13/14 credit cards or business cards.

How much cash can the Grip6 wallet hold?

You can store around 4 folded bills inside the leather part of the Grip6 minimalist wallet. The openings for cash are deep, so any currency, such as Dollars, Yen, and Euros, will comfortably fit inside.

Grip6 wallet vs other wallets

Let’s see how the Grip6 minimalist wallet ranks among the competition in the current market.

Grip6 wallet vs Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet

Fidelo Minimalist Cards wallet parts and box

Both wallets have similarities in terms of design, with a detachable leather sleeve with which you can further customize the wallets.

The Grip6 wallet and the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet have a button that activates the trigger mechanism. Additionally, they cost the same amount, or $49.

Capacity-wise, the Grip6 is better than the Fidelo wallet which can hold up to 7 cards. The Fidelo is lighter though, weighing 1.7 oz / 48.19 g, and smaller in volume overall.

In my opinion, you have two solid options with few differences. Note that both wallets have RFID blocking and come with a lifetime warranty. Check out my detailed review of the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet if you are curious about this alternative.

Grip6 wallet vs Skyborne Trigger wallet

Skyborne Trigger Wallet trigger pop up

These two wallets are also similar in that they both have smart trigger mechanisms. The Skyborne Trigger wallet can hold only 7 cards and 2 cash bills, but it’s significantly smaller than the Grip6.

The Skyborne Trigger is crafted with high-quality leather, available in two colors, whereas the leather sleeve on the Grip6 can be ordered in a variety of colors and patterns.

In terms of cost, the Skyborne Trigger is slightly pricer – $74.90. This wallet has a 3-year warranty. If you want to read more about it, check my detailed review for the Skyborne Trigger.

Reviews and customer satisfaction

The Grip6 wallet, with its features and customizable appearance, has been praised by a large number of buyers. On the official Grip website and Amazon, tens of thousands of consumers have given this wallet five stars and positive reviews.

Who should not buy the Grip6 wallet?

If you require a bigger minimalist wallet to carry a lot of cash and coins, the Grip6 isn’t for you. Inside the leather pocket, you can store up to four folded bills, but no more than that. Your belongings will always be easily accessible, but the tradeoff for that will be the possibly insufficient storage capacity. I recommend checking out my guides on the best wallets for cash and the best wallets for coins if you need those types of features.

The pop-up trigger mechanism may be another reason why you shouldn’t buy this wallet. Many consumers like this feature, but some prefer to have a simpler minimalist wallet. So, if you think this special feature is too much for you, explore other options.

Who should buy the Grip6 wallet?

GRIP6 Loop

The Grip6 is a customizable, innovative, and practical minimalist wallet. There are many reasons why you should buy this wallet.

First, you should purchase the Grip6 if you are looking for a wallet that will hold all of your credit and business cards. The aluminum trigger pocket and the leather sleeve will allow you fast access to all of your cards and cash.

If you are worried about quality and security, the Grip6 will be a perfect choice for you. This wallet is RFID protected, and it comes with a Grip6 A3 Guaran-Damn-Tee unlimited lifetime warranty.

Further, the wallet is super customizable in terms of color. Feel free to choose from the many different color and pattern options when ordering. This way, you can truly make this wallet your own.

You can’t go wrong with the Grip6 minimalist wallet. You can carry it with or without the leather sleeve, and either way, you’ll have a practical and stylish accessory.

Where to buy the Grip6 from?

The Grip6 can be found at both the official Grip6 store and Amazon.

Grip6 wallet Specifications

Max n. of cards14
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials used5052-H32 aluminum, engineering plastic, top-grain leather, nylon fiber yarn
Height4.0 in / 10.16 cm
Width3 in / 7.62 cm
Depth0.4 in / 1.016 cm (without leather) | 0.5 in / 1.27 cm (with leather)
Weight2 oz / 56.69 g
Featureseasy card access, slim profile, locking mechanism, RFID blocking, patent pending
Water resistancesome
Warrantyunlimited lifetime warranty
Return period60 days (free)

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