Bellroy Travel Wallet Review – The Most Exclusive Wallet For All Your Travel Essentials

The Bellroy Travel wallet is a minimalist wallet that is spacey enough to carry all of the essential items you need whenever you are taking a trip, and many other features, some of which may truly amaze you.

Should you buy the Bellroy Travel wallet?

The Bellroy Travel is one of the best options for anyone looking for a high-end folding wallet made out of premium quality leather.

It’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing wallets ever made, with a clean surface and highly organized interior. It has lots of features for holding cards, cash, paper contents, and all kinds of items that you carry along whenever you’re traveling abroad.

All of these unique features make this wallet both a great everyday-carry accessory and one of the best traveling wallets available on the market.


Like most of the other Bellroy wallets, the best place to get Bellroy Travel is from the official Bellroy website.

It is also probably the only place where you can get the wallet right now, as most of the other sites that have offered it in the past haven’t restocked this model for a while now.

Price and value for money

The wallet will typically cost you around $129.

It is a fairly high price, but by paying it you get one of the best leather wallets, made out of premium high-end leather, and stacked with tons of useful features.

I would even go as far as to say that this is the truly have-it-all beast of a wallet, especially when it comes to traveling abroad, and is certainly worth its price.

Shipping details

Bellroy currently offers two shipping options for their orders:

  • regular shipping – costs around $6, delivery in 1 to 6 weeks
  • express shipping – costs up to $15, delivery in 4 to 8 business days

The shipping prices will largely vary based on your country of residence, or wherever you want the wallet delivered. The specific shipping fees to your location will be displayed at the checkout menu when you input all the details necessary for your order.

Customer support

The best way to contact Bellroy’s customer support team is to simply e-mail them at [email protected], or you can use the Bellroy contact page to find out more about their communication channels.

Additionally, you might want to follow the brand on their social media accounts as they always display their latest releases and discount options on the following networks:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Warranty, returns, and refunds

The Bellroy Travel comes with the standard 3-year warranty period that’s offered on most wallets from the brand.

Judging by the quality of the wallet, this is more than a sufficient warranty since any defects that can happen to the wallet – will happen in the first 3 years. If you use the wallet this long without having any issues, then it will probably stay with you for life.

However, if you aren’t satisfied with the wallet and you’ve got something different than what you expected, you can easily send it back and get a full refund. The return period for Bellroy Travel last 30 days after you get the wallet, so you have more than enough time to decide whether you are going to stick with it or not.

The Bellroy brand

Bellroy is an Australian-based accessories brand that has been around for 12 years. In this period, they’ve made a name for themselves as a company that is here to constantly deliver new products that will help people navigate their busy lives.

The brand got renowned for its sleek designs and the high-quality materials used in the manufacturing process. With more than a hundred highly fashionable items released so far, Bellroy is slowly becoming the go-to place when shopping for a new wallet, bag, or any kind of traveling necessity.


Bellroy Travel is a wide, folding wallet equipped with tons of compartments in which you can carry all kinds of contents. The wallet can hold cards, cash bills, small papers, and receipts. It has a separate pocket for your passport, a SIM card, and even comes with a small pen that is put there just in case.

How to use the Bellroy Travel wallet?

Such a large number of compartments might overwhelm you at first glance. Let’s break down how, and with what exactly you can fill them all up to utilize the full potential of this wallet.

The wallet has no closing mechanism, and it simply folds onto itself as any other traditional wallet would. Once you open it, you will first see the few card slots in which you can fit one or two cards, and one larger pocket reserved for your passport.

Behind these slots, you will see a flat pocket, as wide as the wallet itself, which is reserved for cash bills. Inside this pocket, there are three more card slots, two mini-slots for SIM cards or other micro items, and an additional hidden compartment for extra cash.

However, most of the aforementioned compartments act as doubles for many other contents instead, so feel free to experiment and use each of them whichever way you want or need at the moment.

In short, when it comes to its utility, the Bellroy Travel is a truly groundbreaking and multifunctional wallet.


The Bellroy Travel is a remarkably aesthetic item, largely thanks to the outstanding leather, the smooth finish on the surface, and the high level of elegance found in each color design of this wallet.

Design and colors

Bellroy Travel comes with a nice and clean look, with no branding, stripes, or any kind of cluttering decorations on its surface.

The wallet comes in 5 different monochromatic designs, available in the following colors:

  • black
  • ocean
  • basalt
  • cocoa
  • caramel


The wallet is made out of premium vegetable-tanned leather, made under strict environmental protocols in line with the B-corp certificate of the Bellroy brand.

One of the greatest upsides of such type of leather is its durability, as it ages beautifully with time. Unlike most faux leathers used in folding wallets which look worn off after a couple of years, this wallet will only become more graceful and maintain its stylish look for years to come.

Clothing style fit

The Bellroy Travel is designed as a universal travel wallet for both men and women, adaptable to all kinds of outfits. The wallet will look great with any clothes you might plan to wear on your holiday or even on a business trip if you care about your professional looks as well.


The Bellroy Travel is filled with lots of useful features that will help you better organize all the necessary things you plan on bringing with you.

RFID blocking

All of the outer leather walls of the wallet are lined with RFID-blocking linen, protecting your cards from any wireless theft that might occur during your trip.

The RFID protection is spread throughout the whole wallet, covering all of the pockets inside.

Card compartments

The card compartments in this wallet are divided into two sections.

There are four quick-access slots on the left-hand side of the wallet, each holding up to two cards, and three more single card slots fitted inside the wide cash pocket.

Additionally, there are two more miniature compartments as well, big enough for a SIM card, memory card, or any other type of micro card you might need to carry on.

Cash compartments

When it comes to keeping cash bills, the Bellroy Travel uses a traditional wide cash compartment, similar to the one found on all the classic vintage wallets.

This compartment is divided into two pockets, an open one and a secret one, hidden under a leather covering. It’s a great feature that will help you store a bit more cash that you can save for an emergency, which is something you always want to have in mind when traveling abroad.

Micro travel pen

An interesting feature not often found in items like this is the micro travel pen that Bellroy has provided with the Travel wallet.

It’s a small ink pen fitted at the folding point in the middle of the wallet. The pen comes in a single, black color, and is about as long as the height of the wallet.

There is also a second, replacement pen provided in the package of the wallet, in case you lose or empty the first one.

Passport section

The truest ‘travel’ feature this wallet has is the large section on the right-hand side dedicated to keeping your passport in it. It’s a deep horizontal pocket, just wide enough to hold most of the passports from around the world.

If you ever need to cross the border and constantly worry about losing your passport, then you will certainly love this feature. With it, you will always have your passport in the same place as your ID and your credit cards, all in one place, and will never forget where you last put it.

How many cards can the Bellroy Travel wallet hold?

Adding up all of the card slots found in this wallet, the Bellroy Travel is capable of holding up to 10 cards in it.

There is additional space for 3 or 4 more if you use the passport section for cards instead, but keep in mind that these cards will be very loose and improperly stored in this specific pocket.

How many cash bills can the Bellroy Travel wallet hold?

The cash sections of the Bellroy Travel wallet are capable of holding around 15 cash bills, stored horizontally inside them.

Size, weight, and dimensions

The precise dimensions of the Bellroy Travel are:

  • width: 5.9 in / 15 cm
  • height: 3.8 in / 9.7 cm

The wallet can easily expand for about half an inch, depending on how much stuff you put inside, thanks to the elastic nature of the leather. No matter how full it is, though, the wallet will always feel pretty light in your hand, weighing around 2.8 oz / 79 g.

Customer satisfaction

Almost all of Bellroy Travel’s users have had nothing but an overwhelmingly positive experience with this wallet. Naturally, as with any product, there have been some mixed reviews in there as well.

Known issues and problems

The few problems I could find regarding this wallet are all largely a result of personal preference and will emerge only in a few specific situations where your style or needs will not be in line with this wallet’s purposes.

The biggest issue with this wallet is probably its size. It’s a fairly large wallet that might be just a bit too big for some people who like to wear tighter clothes, or clothes with smaller pockets. This issue will have a significant impact whenever you go on holidays, when you usually spend most of your days in shorts or dresses with a limited number of pockets.

Another inconvenience with the Bellroy Travel is that it doesn’t fit passports from every country. Some countries, such as Germany and Ireland, issue passports that are slightly bigger than the passport section of this wallet. If you come from some of these countries, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use all the features this wallet has.

And finally, many users have mentioned that the Bellroy Travel is not an ideal front pocket wallet, since it’s too big, but keeping it in your back pocket, on the other hand, will wear the leather off much quicker. It seems as though this wallet is perfect for a coat pocket, a purse, or a backpack, items that you can’t always bring along every time you get out of the house.

Bellroy Travel vs other minimalist wallets

Let’s see what are some of the other most popular options that offer an alternative to this wallet.

Bellroy Travel vs Bellroy Hide and Seek

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet Bi-fold

Bellroy Hide and Seek is one of the best-selling wallets from the brand, and rightly so for many reasons. It’s a bit cheaper than the Travel wallet, costing around $89, and offers much of the same features.

Both models are bi-fold, leather wallets with multiple card slots and a wide cash compartment. The Bellroy Hide and Seek also has a secret hidden compartment as part of the wide cash pocket, so the biggest difference between the two comes in the so-called “travel” features.

Bellroy Hide and Seek does not have a passport section, nor microcompartments for things like SIM cards, and it only has multiple quick access card slots as its main features.

You can read my complete review of the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet if you want to learn more about this item.

Bellroy Travel vs Travando Trifold

Travando Trifold wallet money clip and interior

The Travando Trifold is widely regarded as the most convenient budget-priced traveling wallet. It costs only around $20, meaning it’s more than 6 times cheaper than the Bellroy Travel wallet.

As the name suggests, it’s a trifold wallet filled with lots of pockets, and a money clip in the middle for storing cash bills. It also has a slightly bigger card capacity than the Bellroy Travel, capable of holding up to 14 cards.

However, the Travando Trifold quality doesn’t come even near the one of the Bellroy Travel. This wallet is made from cheaper faux leather, which is much less durable than, well than any other type of leather out there. It’s also only offered in a single, carbon color, making it much more strict in its appearance and adaptability to your clothing style.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in buying a high-capacity traveling wallet without paying a premium price for it, then you should definitely check out my review of the Travando Trifold as it’s one of the best options in the lower price range.

Who should not buy the Bellroy Travel Wallet?

The Bellroy Travel could very well be utilized even as a typical wallet that can get you throughout the day. But with all of its specific features, it’s obvious that this is mainly a traveling wallet that I wouldn’t recommend to people who don’t travel a lot. If you only need a simple wallet without fancy features such as a passport holder, or a SIM card slot, you would be much better off with some of the other more classic Bellroy models such as the Hide and Seek, or the Slim Sleeve wallet.

I also wouldn’t recommend this wallet to people who want something much smaller, something they can fit even in their front pocket. The Bellroy Travel is pretty wide and this can be a problem for some. Most of the time it won’t fit some of your pockets. If you were looking for something much more minimalistic, I don’t believe this item is your best choice.

While the leather used for the Bellroy Travel is great, it won’t do much for those who want a wallet made out of something stronger than leather. There are hundreds of metal or plastic minimalist wallets out there, so if you prefer sturdiness over elasticity, you should go and check them out first.

Finally, the wallet’s price is something that might be outside of the price ranges of some people. If you’re after some more budget-friendly options, check out my guides on the best wallets under $50 and the best wallets under $30.

Who should buy the Bellroy Travel Wallet?

The Bellroy Travel is one of the best wallets for people who spend lots of time traveling. There is no wallet of better quality that also serves as a passport holder, which says just how useful this wallet can be during your vacations or your regular business trips.

I would also recommend this wallet to people who still use lots of cash bills regularly during the week. Although credit cards have basically taken over banknotes, there are still a lot of places and people who abide by the old methods of paying. Those people will greatly appreciate the large storage for bills this wallet offers with its, not one, but two cash bills pockets.

The Bellroy Travel is also a great choice if you are deeply concerned about the safety of your cards and if you want to protect them as much as you can. The wallet not only has a separate card slot for each of your credit cards but is also completely lined up with RFID protection in its whole build, protecting you from wireless information theft.

Lastly, this wallet is made from one of the best-grade leathers used in the wallet industry and will serve its purpose with beauty and grace for many years. So if you are looking for a wallet that is not only functional but aesthetically pleasing and durable as well, the Bellroy Travel is one of the best premium options that you can go for.

Where to buy the Bellroy Travel from?

As with any other Bellroy product, the Bellroy Travel is best bought through the official Bellroy website.

Bellroy Travel Specifications

Max n. of cards10
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedleather
Height3.8 in / 9.7 cm
Width5.9 in / 15 cm
Weight2.8 oz / 79 gr
FeaturesRFID blocking, micro pen, passport section, hidden cash pocket, SIM card pocket
Water resistancenone
Warranty3-year warranty
Return period30 days

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