Donword Wallet Review – A Bifold Leather Minimalist Wallet With A Zipper

In this detailed review of the Donword wallet, you will find out everything about this leather bifold wallet that also has a zipper.

Should you buy the Donword wallet?

Donword wallet brown with iphone

The Donword wallet would be a perfect choice if you are looking for a minimalist wallet that offers a lot of functionalities and is still within a fairly low budget.

This minimalist wallet is made out of cow leather which gives it a beautiful aesthetic along with a soft touch. There are a couple of colors available for this model which are elegant and simple.

The wallet has a zipper that covers three sides of the wallet and this is the main mechanism that is used to enclose the wallet itself. Its design offers great RFID and water protection.

As a bifold minimalist wallet, it offers a lot of available storage space, as well as a separate compartment for cash bills, coins, and SIM cards.

If everything I’ve described so far describes the perfect wallet for you, then you should definitely get the Donword wallet.


The best place to buy the Donword wallet from is Amazon. In fact, on most occasions, this might be the only place where you will find the wallet in stock.

Price and value for money

This wallet usually costs around $25.99, which is pretty low for a modern minimalist wallet.

It’s pretty amazing what you get for this price. The wallet uses high-quality leather in its design that looks simply amazing. It has a zipper that goes around three sides of the wallet making it fully enclosed. With so many available card slots you can carry all the cards you need. On top of that, it has a separate coin and SIM card compartment, as well as a separate pocket for cash bills.

Overall, the wallet is very good value for money.

Shipping details

When ordering from Amazon, you will get free shipping if your order is over $25, and by ordering the Donword wallet you already get free shipping. The delivery is pretty fast and it usually takes 5-8 days for your order to arrive.

Customer support

The only way to reach out to the seller of the Donword wallet is through their seller page on Amazon. All you have to do is go to the seller page, ask your question and wait for the seller to reply.


The Donword wallet doesn’t come with a warranty like a lot of minimalist wallets do.

Returns and refunds

If there is an issue with the Donword wallet you can return it within 30 days of receipt. Be sure to keep the wallet in the same condition you’ve received it in and in its original packaging. After you return it, you can either get a replacement or a refund.


Donword wallet open

There are a lot of available slots and pockets in the Donword wallet where you can neatly organize all your items. These are some of the basics you should know that will help you better understand this wallet.

How to use the Donword wallet?

Even though there are a bunch of pockets on the Donword wallet, it’s pretty easy to use it.

The first thing you should do is place all the cards you want to carry in their own separate card slots. It’s also recommended to place your ID card in the clear window slot in the middle of the wallet.

After organizing your cards you can place some cash bills in the pocket designated for cash bills. If you have some spare change, there is a place for it as well in the small zipper compartment on the left side of the wallet.

A final optional step is to place a SIM card inside the small available slots meant for this.


The wallet comes in simple cardboard packaging with a little bit of foam inside it. Inside the packaging, there is only the Donword wallet.


The Donword wallet is a bifold minimalist wallet filled with a bunch of card slots. It has an elegant aesthetic with great attention to detail.


Donword wallet open from side

When you first see the design of the Donword wallet you will notice that it’s very compact, yet still quite spacious.

The front of the wallet is a smooth surface that has the Donword logo at the bottom right corner. There is also a zipper for opening the wallet, that goes around all three sides of it.

After opening the wallet you will see that it’s quite busy since it has a lot of available pockets.

The left side of the wallet has three available card slots in which you can store one card.

There is a compartment in the middle, which is two-sided. One side is clear and is the perfect place to carry your ID card. The other side has three more available slots for cards.

On the right side of the wallet, you will notice a bunch of different slots and pockets. There are two slots for cards and two more for SIM cards, and there is also a zipper pocket for change.

Additionally, the back of the wallet also has a pocket where you can store a card or two.


There are a lot of colors you could choose from for the Donword wallet:

  • black
  • black and white
  • brown
  • coffee
  • coffee and white
  • embossing black
  • handmade brown
  • seattle black

Most of these colors are simple and easy to pair with other colors, except for the handmade brown which is more vibrant.


The overall wallet is made out of high-quality cow leather. This is a very strong and long-lasting type of leather.

A three-sided zipper is also a part of this wallet’s design and it is made out of metal. There is a matching leather pull tag inside the wallet too.

Clothing style fit

The Donword wallet has a simple look that goes well with casual clothing. It would look best with a good pair of jeans and a basic shirt.


Donword wallet back pocket

On top of having a lot of available storage space, the Donword wallet is packed with a lot of interesting features.


Not a lot of minimalist wallets today come with a zipper. Most designs fold by themselves or don’t close up entirely at all. This is exactly why the zipper on the Downward wallet is one of its best features. It is made out of metal and goes around three sides of the wallet.

Having a zipper makes this wallet more secure than most minimalist wallets. Since the whole wallet is enclosed this way, there is no chance of a card or a cash bill falling out.

Water protection

As I previously mentioned, the Donword wallet is enclosed, so its water protection is pretty decent.

Usually, leather in itself isn’t the best water repellant. However, cow leather, which is the material used in this wallet, is somewhat waterproof. It can easily handle some water without getting damaged. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should dry it off as soon as possible since if it stays wet for long it could become stiff and lose its soft texture.

All of the cards and other contents are well placed inside the wallet, which is enclosed, so they are well protected against potential water splashes.

RFID blocking

The Donword wallet has RFID protection just like most minimalist wallets currently available. This function is incorporated into the design in order to protect all the important information on your cards. The RFID-blocking on this wallet works well with credit cards, debit cards, ID cards, and driver’s licenses.

Weight, size, dimensions

The dimensions of the Donword wallet are:

  • width: 4.52 in / 11.48 cm
  • height: 3.53 in / 8.97 cm
  • depth: 0.98 in / 2.49 cm

How many cards can the Donword wallet hold?

The recommended amount of cards to carry in your Donword wallet is 13. However, you can manage to fit in a card or two more inside the available pockets. Just be careful not to overstuff it, since the wallet is made out of leather and could get damaged.

How much cash can the Donword wallet hold?

There is a separate pocket on the Donword wallet which is made specifically to carry cash bills. You can manage to fit in a couple of cash bills in this compartment. However, you should keep in mind that the more cash bills you place, the bulkier your wallet will get.

Coins and SIM cards

Unlike a lot of minimalist wallets on the market, the Donword wallet has a unique feature when it comes to carrying coins and SIM cards. There are separate slots for SIM cards where you can neatly organize them, this way you will always know where they are. There is also a separate small pocket with a zipper where you can carry a couple of coins.

What is good about the Donword wallet?

The best thing about the Donword wallet is definitely the zipper.

This type of wallet design offers great protection for everything inside your wallet. A fully enclosed wallet like this one handles water well because all your cards and money will be covered from all sides.

This also applies to RFID protection, since none of the information on your cards will be visible. A lot of minimalist wallets these days, especially ones with inverted designs, have some of the cards placed on the exterior of the wallet, and if a part of the card sticks out, it won’t be protected as well as if it were inside the wallet.

Another good thing about this wallet is the available storage space. Not only can you fit a bunch of cards and cash bills in, as well as some coins and SIM cards, but there is also a separate slot or pocket for each individual item. This way you can always have all your things perfectly organized.

I also personally like the cow leather which is used to make this wallet. It offers an elegant aesthetic, lasts a long time and it’s very durable.

Known issues and problems

One of the best things about this wallet is also one that could potentially cause the biggest issue. If the zipper stops working you won’t have easy access to the items in your wallet. It could also not open properly, so you might have to try to open it a couple of times before you can get the card you need.

Another potential problem could be the leather itself, as leather is a material that needs to be well taken care of. For example, if it gets wet, you will need to dry your wallet so that the water doesn’t make the surface rough and doesn’t damage the wallet itself. Leather as a material is less durable than most other materials used to make minimalist wallets. So if you don’t necessarily want to pamper your wallet a lot I would suggest getting a minimalist wallet that doesn’t have leather in its design.

How does the Donword wallet compare to other minimalist wallets?

Donword wallet open placed on rock

If you would like an even better overview of the Donword wallet, then here are some comparisons to show you how it compares to other minimalist wallets.

The Donword wallet vs Bellroy Zip wallet

These two wallets are very similar. Both of them have the same aesthetic and both of them have a zipper that covers two-thirds of the wallet.

The Bellroy Zip wallet is more expensive but can hold fewer cards, and it is also quite bigger than the Donword wallet.

Both of these wallets have good RFID protection and water protection, as well as separate pockets for change and cash bills.

If you are interested in a bigger alternative to the Donword wallet, you should read my detailed review of the Bellroy Zip wallet.

The Donword wallet vs Crazy Horse Card Holder wallet

Crazy Horse Card Holder wallet aesthetic

These two wallets are pretty different even though they have some similarities. Both of them are made out of high-quality leather.

The Crazy Horse Card Holder wallet is a bit more expensive than the Donword wallet but can hold more cards as well. It is also bigger and doesn’t have a separate pocket for coins like the Donword wallet does.

The Donword wallet has better RFID and water protection.

You can personalize the Crazy Horse Card Holder wallet with your name, which might be an interesting advantage to some people.

If you would like a premium wallet with an option for personalization you should read my full Crazy Horse Card Holder wallet review.

Who should not buy the Donword wallet?

You shouldn’t pick this wallet if you like to keep all your cards in the same space. As I previously said, the Donword wallet has a separate slot for each individual item, so it wouldn’t be the best choice in this case.

I wouldn’t recommend this wallet to people who don’t necessarily want to use a zipper on their wallets every day. If you are used to accessing your cards the old fashion way, then the zipper as an access mechanism might not be to your liking.

This minimalist wallet isn’t the best choice if you really want to cut down on the things that you carry in your wallet. Since it offers a lot of pockets and slots, as well as a space for coins and SIM cards, you wouldn’t really limit the things you carry down to just the essentials.

Who should buy the Donword wallet?

If you use a lot of embossed cards, then this wallet would be a very good choice for you. Embossed cards are hard to carry in wallets where you have to stack all your cards on top of each other. This is where the Donword wallet comes in with all its available slots. Since every card has its own spot, it will take up less space on its own.

This wallet is definitely a top pick for travelers. It has enough space for all the cards you need, as well as cash bills and coins. But the best part is that it has a special compartment for the extra SIM card that is essential when you travel abroad.

I would also recommend this wallet to leather lovers. The Donword wallet is made out of cow leather that looks absolutely amazing and feels even better in the hand.

Where to buy the Donword leather wallet from?

The only place where you can find the Donword leather wallet is Amazon.

Donword wallet specifications

Max n. of cards13
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedleather, metal
Height3.53 in / 8.97 cm
Width4.52 in / 11.48 cm
Depth0.98 in / 2.49 cm
FeaturesRFID protection, zipper, coin pocket, SIM pockets
Water resistancesome
Return period30 days