Travando Rio Wallet Review – The Most Affordable Classy Folding Wallet

In this detailed review of the Travando Rio wallet, we will go through its features, benefits, and drawbacks, and see how it became one of the most sought-after minimalist wallets on the market.

Should you buy the Travando Rio wallet?

In the market overflown with folding wallets, it’s a pleasure to see an affordable yet practical wallet that doesn’t feel like a bulky brick and looks great.

The Travando Rio is a universal folding wallet suitable for all types of people. It has space for both cards and cash bills and is compact enough to be kept in any pocket. The wallet weighs next to nothing and you will barely notice carrying it.

If your wallet is not only an everyday item but an accessory that compliments your outfits as well, then Travando Rio is one of the rare models we can safely say is the ideal one for you.


The only place where you can find and purchase the Travando Rio wallet right now is on Amazon.

Price and value for money

The wallet typically costs around $27 but is often on sale and discounted at a much lower price, making it one of the most affordable folding wallets available out there.

It’s a very popular option in this price range and is in fact among the 20 highest-rated minimalist wallets on Amazon as of March 2022. The main reason why it has attracted so many buyers is the highly functional design of the Travando Rio, which can hold both enough cards and bills, keeping them all neatly organized and at close reach.

Shipping details

Ordering the wallet from Amazon comes with free shipping, and you can expect the wallet to be delivered in about a week.

You can also opt for one of the express Amazon shipping options to get the wallet sooner, by paying the fees which cost from $8 onwards.

Customer support

If you want to know about the wallet and its design, you can always contact the brand directly through Travando’s contact page.

Any questions regarding the price of the wallet, the shipping costs, or your order can be addressed on Amazon’s customer support page instead.

Returns and refunds

If you aren’t satisfied with what you’ve received, Amazon offers you a 30-day free return period during which you can send the wallet back and get a refund for the price you paid.


Travando Rio is a simple, yet mesmerizingly organized folding wallet. It’s equipped with 6 card slots on the inside, 1 quick access slot on the front, and a money clip for carrying cash bills placed inside.

How to use the Travando Rio wallet?

The beauty of this wallet lies in its candor, as it’s truly one of the simplest bi-fold wallets to use. There is no closing system, no button, no trigger to pull, you just open the wallet like a notebook and stuff the pockets with the cards you use.

Although its shape is quite similar to that of the traditional folding wallet, the Travando Rio offers a unique outline when it comes to its pockets arrangement.

6 inner card slots are waiting to be filled, 3 on each side of the wallet once you unfold it. Each of these slots holds only one card inside, which is great for those who like to keep everything in its place. You will find 1 additional card slot on the outside, placed at the front, which is reserved for your most frequently used card, typically the credit card that you use for shopping.

And finally, there is a wide money clip attached in the middle of the wallet, between all the pockets. As a method used for keeping bills, the clip has found its place in hundreds of wallets in the past few years. It’s a quick and practical way to have your cash bills inside your wallet (as you would normally want to) but without them taking too much space.


Travando became known for delivering the sleekest black-leather aesthetics in the budget-priced category, designing each of their wallets with a smooth even surface and a clean professional look.


When buying the Travando Rio, you are given the option to choose between 3 types of materials:

  • carbon leather
  • suede leather
  • faux leather

Although each of these comes with a different design, the differences between the three are not that big. The quality and durability of each type of leather are the same, with only their style distinguishing each of them in a more significant way.

Aside from leather, there is some steel found in the wallet, mainly in the money clip and the logo of the brand on the front.

Design and colors

The build and the frame design of the Travando Rio are kind of an homage to the classic folding wallet. However, the aesthetics of the Travando Rio remark their own.

It has a clean, uncluttered outline that comes in a single color, accented with the steel emblem of the brand embroidered on the front. The backside is fully empty and free from any features or patterns, completing the sleek design of the wallet.

Upon ordering, you will be presented with two design choices – one where the outer and the inner side of the wallet are in the same color, and one where they are different. If you go with the first choice, you have the following color options at your disposal:

  • carbon weaved
  • black
  • chocolate
  • cognac
  • grey
  • vintage brown

However, if you want the inner part to be in a different color you can choose one of these combinations:

  • black & blue
  • black & orange
  • black & white

Clothing style fit

The Travando Rio wallet is made to fit all types of clothes and clothing styles, no matter who wears them or what’s their intention. The color palette of the wallet has many different combinations that will go great will any formal or informal attire.


Here’s a quick rundown of all the features this wallet has to provide for its users.

RFID protection

The Travando Rio comes with a tested RFID blocking technology mounted in its frame that will protect your cards from wireless theft attempts.

It’s worth noting that this security system will only block the waveband that most credit cards use, as they are the ones you need to be protected. This allows for you to still use other types of cards, such as gym membership cards or hotel tags, without taking them out of your wallet.

Money clip

The money clip is pretty much a standard feature in modern-day minimalist wallets. It has slowly become the standard way of keeping cash bills in slim wallets such as this one.

It’s made out of steel, has a bit of width to be more sturdy, and is a non-removable feature found in the middle of the wallet.

Quick access card slot

The single quick access card slot is probably the first feature you’ll notice on the Travando Rio. It is mounted at the front outer side, catching the eye even before opening the wallet.

This feature is just a standard pocket designed to hold exactly one card, usually the one you use for shopping almost every day. It has a small curve at the top to help you pick the card and a thumb notch at the bottom that will help you push the card out, hence – a quick access slot.

How many cards can the Travando Rio wallet hold?

The Travando Rio can hold up to 7 cards, one in each pocket. Although it’s made from leather, the design of the wallet is not very flexible and the depth of each pocket is pretty strict and hard to overfill.

Even if you do manage to sneak in a couple more cards in, I wouldn’t recommend doing it regularly. Doing so will only make the wallet too bulky and inefficient, sometimes even damaging and rupturing the leather.

How much cash can the Travando Rio wallet hold?

The money clip in the wallet can hold around 5-10 bills in it. The number of bills depends on the way you store them on the clip since they can be stored both folded or unfolded.

If you store the bills unfolded, you will be able to hold more but they will cover the opening of almost every card pocket. Storing them folded at least once will take a bit more space but will keep the card slots open and easier to use.

Weight, size, dimensions

The dimensions of the Travando Rio are:

  • width: 4.7 in / 11.9 cm
  • height: 3 in / 7.6 cm
  • depth: 0.7 in / 1.8 cm

As you can see, although it’s a folding wallet with a big enough capacity for lots of cards and bills, it’s still very slim and much thinner than the traditional bulky wallets. You will notice a huge difference in the weight in your pocket as well when swapping your old wallet for this new one.

Review and customer satisfaction

Travando Rio is currently among the top 20 best-rated minimalist wallets sold on Amazon. It has so far gathered an average rating of 4.5/5 stars from more than 26,000 reviews, which is a huge accomplishment considering the number of wallets available on the Amazon store.

The reception of this wallet is one of the best when compared to other models in this price range. Most buyers have used the Rio wallet for years after they’ve bought it.

How does the Travando Rio wallet compare to other minimalist wallets?

Currently, there are hundreds, if not thousands of bi-fold wallets available on the market. Each of them has its upsides and downsides, making it hard to choose the one that will fit you the best.

Here is a comparison between some of the most sought-after wallets that have a similar style as the Travando Rio.

Travando Rio vs Travando Austin

One of the few wallets more popular on Amazon than the Travando Rio is its cousin – the Travando Austin.

Priced at around $30, only a few dollars more expensive than the Rio, Travando Austin is a wallet with similar features and style as the Travando Rio. It’s a folding wallet with a money clip on the inside, quick access card slots on the outside, and comes in all of the same colors as the Travando Rio does.

However, the big difference between the two is the pocket arrangement found on the inside of the wallet. The Travando Austin has fewer, but more spacious card slots inside, with one of them doubling as an ID window with a transparent window on the top. It has a bigger capacity and can hold up to 11 cards in total.

You can read my full review of the Travando Austin if you are interested in a wallet with a slightly bigger capacity.

Travando Rio vs Serman Brands Transformer

These two wallets have a lot of differences between them, but also a few things in common.

The Serman Brands Transformer is priced at around $30, similarly to the Travando Rio, and features the same money clip used to store cash bills. But unlike its competitor, this wallet has a lot more pockets placed all around it, with a much bigger capacity as well.

The Serman Brands Transformer has two quick-access pockets on the front, one more than the Travando Rio, and a total of 11 card slots both on the inside and on the outside. The pockets are arranged on top of each other in a circular design, and hold one card each.

It’s quite an innovative design that is not often seen in today’s wallets, so make sure to check out my Serman Brands Transformer review before making the final decision on your next wallet.

Who should not buy the Travando Rio wallet?

If you don’t like using money clips, especially ones placed inside a wallet, the Travando Rio isn’t a great option for you. Clips can be quite tricky to use, and most people don’t bother using items with such features at all. They can also take a lot of time to get used to, as there is always a chance that the cash bills will fall out of the wallet once you open it if they aren’t stored properly.

I also wouldn’t recommend the Travando Rio if you need a wallet with more space for cards. 7 card slots aren’t enough for many people, especially for those who use lots of cards besides their credit ones, such as metro, gym, or entrance cards, which can take up a lot of space. See my guide on the best wallets for many cards if you need that feature.

The lack of an ID window can also turn some people off, as it’s a feature found in most minimalist wallets but not in this one.

And finally, I wouldn’t recommend going for the Travando Rio if you are after a wallet of higher quality, in which case I suggest checking out my guides on the best wallets under $100 and the best wallets under $200.

Who should buy the Travando Rio wallet?

The Travando Rio is one of the best wallets for people who like to keep their stuff organized. The wallet will require you to put all of the cards in a separate pocket. This means you’ll always know where each one is and never go through the trouble of searching for your credit card while in front of a long queue in the market.

It’s also a great option for those who want a slim and narrow wallet they can keep in the front or the back pocket. The Travando Rio is so light and convenient that you can keep it wherever you want, and in whichever pocket you want, without even feeling like it’s there.

Overall, I believe this is one of the best budget-priced folding wallets out there. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to switch to a practical bi-fold wallet without paying a huge price to get it.

Where to buy the Travando Rio from?

The Travando Rio will almost always be available on Amazon (in fact, it is one of the most popular wallets there, and that says a lot).

Travando Rio Specifications

Max n. of cards7
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedleather, steel
Height3 in / 7.6 cm
Width4.7 in / 11.9 cm
Depth0.7 in / 1.8 cm
FeaturesRFID protection, money clip, quick access card slot
Water resistancenone
Return period30 days

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