Dango A10 Adapt Bifold Wallet Review – One-Of-A-Kind Minimalist Wallet

This article is a detailed review of the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet. Here we have a minimalist wallet with an unusual and adjustable design, excellent quality, and lots of unique features.

Should you buy the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet?

I would recommend the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold to anyone looking for a truly unique minimalist wallet.

If you are searching for a slim wallet that can effortlessly transform into a high-capacity bifold, then this wallet will likely be your primary choice. The Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet will be a perfect pick for people who appreciate well-crafted, functional, and aesthetically pleasing products.

Dango A10 adapt bi-fold wallet notebook and pen


To buy the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet, visit the official Dango online store.

Price and value

The Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet costs $109. Price-wise, this wallet is somewhere in the middle price range, at least when compared to other popular minimalist wallets, as it’s not too overpriced, but it’s also not the cheapest wallet out there.

As with all other Dango products, you can pay the whole amount at once, or through four interest-free installments of $27.25.

Discounts, coupons, and deals

The Dango Products brand will text you a coupon code after signing up. This way, you’ll get 10% off your order.

Customer support

Dango Products has responsive customer support, which you can reach out to every business day, from 8 AM to 5 PM PST. To do so, you can use the Dango contact form or send them an email at: [email protected]. Either way, they will probably respond within one workday or less.

Further, you can contact the company using their mailing address: PO BOX 5053, Santa Clara, CA 95056. Customer services will probably respond to messages sent on Dango social media too.


The Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet has a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty applies to all Dango products and covers all manufacturing defects. For example, the lifetime warranty will apply to faults including missing parts, torn leather, broken metal, and ripped paracords. However, accidents, normal wear and tear, and incorrect use are not warranted.

Return and refund policy

Dango Products has a return policy that lasts 30 days. This process consists of a few straightforward, easy-to-follow steps.

First, you’ll need return instructions that you can obtain by contacting the Dango customer support. After that, you can send the wallet back, and you’ll receive a refund within seven business days of receipt of the item. Don’t forget, to be eligible for a refund you’ll need to show proof of purchase upon return. I advise you to keep the original package and receipts. The returned wallets must be sent back unused and with all accessories.

The Dango brand

Dango Products has been around since 2015. Since its beginnings, the company has constantly developed new products while nurturing and cultivating innovative ideas.

Today, the Dango brand offers numerous products – minimalist wallets, watches, accessories, etc. Each Dango product is designed to suit an active lifestyle. The brand is known all around the world. If you are interested to learn more, you can read about it on Dango’s about page.

Where are Dango products made?

Dango Products designs and makes its gadgets, wallets, and watches in the USA. Many of their products are handcrafted to provide the best product experience possible.

Dango A10 adapt bi-fold wallet open


The Dango A10 Adapt Bifold is a tactical, unique, and functional minimalist wallet. You can use this wallet in multiple ways, and due to its clever design, it will effortlessly adapt to your needs and wants.


The A10 adapt Bifold will arrive in a tin box. The packaging is consistent since it provides safety during transport and is reusable. Alongside the wallet, the package includes an instruction manual with basic instructions and pieces of information regarding the A10 adapt Bifold wallet.

How to use

The manual will answer any questions you may have on how to use the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet. However, the wallet is so easy and intuitive to use, that the manual is practically unnecessary. Also, the wallet requires no tools to be transformed when needed.

The Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet is made with two parts, the chassis, and the pocket adapter. Both can be used together or separately.

The A10 Adapt wallet chassis is from aluminum, and thus very light and cool looking. On one side of the chassis, you’ll notice a card opening with a removable plate where you can store up to 4 cards. The removable plate is RFID protected and ensures that your information and cards stay safe. On the other side, there is a slide system with a vertically oriented cavity that can hold one card. This card sloth is open and can act as an easy access ID window. This side of the wallet chassis is perfect for carrying any cards that need fast, daily scanning like identification cards, badges, building keycards, and public transportation cards.

The A10 Bifold pocket is made of non-leather DTEX material and can hold up to 9 extra cards. This pocket has three openings, two on the outside and one on the inside. One of the external card slots has a quick thumb push on the bottom added for smoothly pulling cards out. The interior card opening is vertical and can hold a few cards or a small notebook. On the inside, the A10 Bifold pocket has a polycarbonate sliding plate used to connect the pocket with the aluminum chassis. Further, in the middle of the Bifold pocket, you’ll see yet another opening made to fit a small pen inside.

Overall, the Dango A10 adapt Bifold wallet can hold many cards, a small notebook, and a pen. If you need extra storage, you can easily install an additional A10 Chassis Clip to hold items like cash and notes.

Dango-A10-adapt-bi-fold-wallet folded


Each Dango minimalist wallet is crafted from only the best, lasting materials, and the same goes for the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold. The product will likely last you a very long time, possibly even a lifetime, as the warranty suggests.


The Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet is crafted from two strong, durable, but lightweight materials – machined 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum and DTEX.

The wallet chassis is coated with a protective oxide layer perfected by an electrolytic process. The aluminum is lightweight and tested for durability and longevity.

The bifold pocket is made of premium non-leather DTEX material. DTEX is a long-lasting material that doesn’t smell like leather, and it’s animal-free. The textured surface is easy to clean, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

Known issues and problems

There are only a few known problems you might encounter with the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet. We’ll go over all of them, so you can make a fully informed decision before making a purchase.

Most of the complaints about this wallet are related to the slim profile. Indeed, the wallet itself is quite thin and light. However, the Dango Adapt Bifold will become bulkier if you fill all the pockets with cards and add the A10 chassis clip.

Furthermore, buyers have pointed to another problem with the money clip. As you can see from the pictures, the money clip sits inside the wallet. This can make the wallet quite large and cumbersome.

A few customers have raised a security concern. Specifically, only one side of the aluminum chassis has RFID protection, but the rest of the wallet pockets are not protected from unwanted RFID scans. If this is a big deal for you, I advise you to buy a wallet that offers full RFID blocking.

And the last possible issue is related to the price of the wallet. The Dango Adapt A10 Bifold is not the most expensive minimalist wallet on the market. However, additional accessories such as the pen, notebook, and money clip are bought separately, and if you decide to buy them, they will increase the overall price of the wallet.

Dango A10 adapt bi-fold wallet thumb push

Design and aesthetics

A-Series Dango minimalist wallets have a dual-axis rail system and adapter compatibility. This A-Series adapt wallet merges specific features and design innovations from its iconic predecessors.

The Dango A10 Bifold wallet is a truly adaptable minimalist wallet. You can choose to carry only the aluminum RFID-protected part for a slim profile and efficient carrying. Additionally, you can transform it into a high-capacity minimalist wallet. To do this, simply attach the pocket adapter to the rail system that doubles as an open ID window.


The Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet comes in only one color combo – gray and black. The chassis is in gray, anodized color. The DTEX material is black, and it has a unique texture that adds to the feel and authentic look of this wallet.

Fit to clothing style

Probably the best thing about the Dango A10 adapt Bifold wallet is its adjustability. The design of this wallet accommodates the needs of the buyers, and it will easily fit your existing wardrobe. The wallet is suitable for everyday use whether you want to carry numerous cards or just a few.

Regardless of your style, habits, and needs, the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold will be the perfect modern yet practical accessory that will add an edge to your look. The wallet can hold a pen and a small notebook, which further increases its adaptability and possible ways of use.

Features and functionality

As I mentioned earlier, the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet is made from two parts that can be used together when connected through the rail system. However, both can be separated, and you can use them independently. So, let’s list some of their best features.

The A10 wallet chassis features are:

  • All aluminum made
  • Quick-release rail mechanism
  • RFID plate
  • ID window

The A10 Bifold pocket features include:

  • DTEX textured surfacing
  • Water-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Flexible
  • Pen pocket
  • Polycarbonate sliding plate

Portability, size, weight

The dimensions of the wallet chassis and the bifold pocket are also different.

The size of the wallet chassis is:

  • width: 4.1 in / 10.4 cm
  • length: 2.7 in / 6.8 cm
  • depth: 0.5 in / 1.27 cm
  • weight: 2.3 oz / 65.2 g

The dimensions of the pocket are following:

  • width: 4.16 in / 10.5 cm
  • length: 3 in / 7.8 cm
  • depth: 0.3 in / 0.8 cm by itself, or 0.75 in / 1.9 cm when installed onto A10 chassis
  • weight: 1.2 oz / 34 g

Altogether, we can say that the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet is super lightweight. Both parts together weigh only 3.5 oz or 99.2 g.

Dango A10 adapt bi-fold wallet dimensions

A10 Adapt Wallet Chassis

The A10 wallet chassis is highly practical, and it can be used on its own or combined with the bifold pocket.

The chassis features two rail systems, one vertical and one horizontal.

The vertical rail is perfect for holding one card that you need to scan/use daily. This side has an ID window that is designed to hold a single identification card.

The horizontal rail system is closed with an RFID-protected aluminum plate that can hold up to four cards. You can further modify the chassis and remove the plate if you need to.

The A10 wallet chassis has four attachment points, two on the top and two on the bottom. On these attachment points, you can put a lanyard and a tether. Also, you can attach the Dango neck lanyard on two points. This way, you can carry the wallet around your neck and display your ID card or badge.

In between the two top attachment points, you will notice a small screw hole. There you can install the Dango A10 money clip that is sold separately. Buy this accessory only if you plan on holding extra items like cash and notes in your minimalist wallet.

A10 Bifold Pocket Adapter

The bifold pocket adapter has three independent card slots that let you carry up to 9 additional cards. Each card slot can comfortably fit three cards. There are two openings for cards on each exterior side of the bifold pocket and one opening on the inside. Additionally, it has an adapter with a polycarbonate sliding plate added for smooth installment onto the A10 Chassis.

The A10 bifold pocket is very versatile and can be used in many ways. I recommend you keep your most-used card inside the exterior opening with a thumb notch. From there, you can easily access and push out your credit or ID cards. The other exterior slot doesn’t have a thumb slit, so I suggest you store folded bills there. This way, you can carry cash on the outside of your bifold.

Finally, the bifold pocket adapter can hold one Dango Pen and one 48-page Dango notebook. Both of these Dango accessories can nest perfectly inside the pocket without significantly compromising the slim profile of the wallet and its weight.

Dango A10 adapt bi-fold wallet polycarbonate sliding plate

Water resistance

The DTEX textured surface is water-proof, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. So, we can say that the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet is somewhat water-resistant. However, to be extra safe, try to keep your wallet as dry as possible. Moisture won’t damage the wallet, but your cards and money may be ruined since the wallet is not fully enclosed. So, if you accidentally spill liquids on it, it’s best to empty the wallet and let it dry before using it again.

How many cards can the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet hold?

The Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet has a sizable capacity for holding cards. The great number of pockets can hold up to thirteen cards when fully utilized. It’s one of the best features of this wallet since most minimalist wallets have a way smaller storage capacity. The pockets in the bifold pocket adapter and the wallet chassis are measured to fit all USA identification cards and standard credit cards.

How much cash can the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet hold?

When it comes to storing cash inside the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet, you’ll have multiple options.

First, you can use the secret compartment underneath the vertical rail system. To access this compartment simply slide your card, and underneath you’ll see a space where you can keep around five folded cash bills. This secret compartment can be used for safekeeping keys or even a few coins.

You can also use the A10 chassis clip. All you have to do is screw the clip in the designated place, and you’ll have a pretty neat cash-carrying solution. The Dango money clip can hold up to 8 folded bills. Additionally, this accessory can double as a pocket clip.

Finally, you can always use one or all pockets of the A10 bifold pocket adapter for safe keeping cash. Note, the pockets are primarily designed for cards, but you can still store a few bills inside if you need the extra space.

Dango A10 adapt bi-fold wallet secret compartment

Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet vs T02 Tactical Titanium Pen wallet

Here we have two exclusive Dango minimalist wallets that share some similarities but also have some distinctive differences.

The T02 Titanium Tactical Pen wallet and the A10 Adapt Bifold wallet are similar in that they are both bifold and can seamlessly integrate a small pen and a thin notebook. Both wallets can hold a large number of cards and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

In terms of differences, the T02 Titanium Tactical Pen wallet belongs to the T-Series. So, the wallet is tactical and comes with an MT02 multi-tool. Furthermore, the T02 Titanium Tactical Pen is an extra luxury wallet made of raw titanium and top-grain leather. The price of this wallet, with the included accessories (the multi-tool and the titanium pen), is $329.

The A10 Adapt Bifold wallet, on the other hand, is part of the A-Series and is crafted from 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum and non-leather DTEX material. It can hold fewer cards, thirteen to be precise, while the T02 Titanium Tactical Pen wallet can hold sixteen cards. However, the A10 Adapt Bifold wallet is lighter and can be adjusted to be slimmer. This wallet weighs only 3.5 oz / 99.2 g, while the T02 Titanium Tactical Pen weighs 8 oz / 226.79 g. In terms of price, the A10 Adapt Bifold wallet is more affordable and costs $109, almost a third of the price of the T02 Titanium.

Reviews and customer satisfaction

Countless positive reviews from satisfied customers on the official Dango website praise the A10 Adapt Bifold wallet. Endless numbers of five-star ratings confirm that the wallet is well designed, flawlessly manufactured, and long-lasting.

Who should not buy the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet?

This wallet isn’t for you if you need an ultra-slim minimalist wallet. Keep in mind that you can achieve a slim profile if you only use the all-aluminum chassis. However, additional accessories like the money clip will make the wallet thicker and bulkier.

Another reason why you shouldn’t buy this wallet is you are very serious about the security and the RFID blocking feature. The Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet is equipped with just one RFID-protected aluminum plate, and the other card pockets don’t have RFID blocking. So, if security against identity theft is a big concern of yours, you should look for a minimalist wallet with better RFID protection.

Finally, you shouldn’t buy Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet if you don’t believe that spending more than $100 on a wallet is a wise choice. In that case, take a look at my guides on the best wallets under $50 and the best wallets under $30.

Who should buy the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet?

There are many reasons to buy the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold wallet.

First, this minimalist wallet is made of high-quality materials that guarantee longevity. So, if you are looking for a quality wallet that you will use for many years to come, I recommend the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold.

Another reason why you should buy this wallet is its ability to easily and quickly adapt to your needs. The smooth transformation mechanism will give you the freedom to use the different parts of the wallet, the bifold pocket and the chassis, separately or together.

Another big pro is the modern and incredibly cool look of the wallet. The Dango A10 Adapt Bifold is elegant and edgy at the same time. This wallet will keep your things neatly organized, and it will be your best accessory, suitable for any occasion.

The wallet has no shortage of tactical features, and many consider it to be one of the best tactical wallets today.

Lastly, if you want a premium high-end minimalist wallet that comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and is made in the USA, this is the wallet for you. The Dango A10 Adapt Bifold is a solid choice for a minimalist wallet that you won’t regret.

Where to buy the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold from?

As with most Dango wallets, the best place to buy the Dango A10 Adapt Bifold from will be the official Dango store.

Dango A10 Adapt Bifold Specifications

Max n. of cards13
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials used6061 aerospace-grade aluminum, DTEX
Height4.1 in / 10.4 cm (wallet chassis) | 4.16 in / 10.5 cm (bifold pocket adapter)
Width2.7 in / 6.8 cm (wallet chassis) | 3 in / 7.8 cm (bifold pocket adapter)
Depth0.75 in / 1.9 cm
Weight3.5 oz / 99.2 g
FeaturesA10 wallet chassis, A10 bifold pocket, quick-release rail mechanism, RFID plate, ID window, pen pocket, polycarbonate sliding plate
Water resistancesome
Warrantylimited lifetime warranty
Return period30 days

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