What is an EDC wallet? [All Yout Questions Anwsered]

EDC wallets are modern and popular nowadays. Chances are, you have already owned, or at least heard of this type of wallet already. If by any chance you haven’t, this article will answer all the questions you might have about EDC wallets.

EDC wallet basics

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These are some of the basics that will help you better understand EDC wallets.

What does EDC mean?

EDC basically means “Everyday Carry”.

As the name suggests, the everyday carry collections consist of items you use daily. These are such items that are useful to you and you should probably always keep them at hand. Receipts, gum wrappers, or other such things in your wallet don’t count as an everyday carry. Every part of your EDC setup should have its own specific function. EDC wallet essentials are usually keys, a multitool, a bottle opener, and maybe a pen.

Usually, EDC wallets are minimalist wallets as well.

Are there different EDC wallets?

Currently, you can find about a dozen different types of EDC wallets. Differences between them can be spotted in either the wallet’s design or its features.


Depending on the type of material which is used in the manufacturing process, EDC wallets can be quite different. Even though most wallets of this type are made out of metal, there are some that are made out of leather as well.

Other things that could differentiate one EDC wallet design from another are its form, dimensions, and aesthetic.


bottle opener of the trayvax original 2.0

Features are where EDC wallets truly shine. When choosing an EDC wallet you need to carefully consider the type of features it offers. It wouldn’t be logical to get an EDC wallet with a pen and notebook if this isn’t something that will be useful to you on a daily basis. Different wallets offer different features, so one EDC setup will look quite different from another.

Some of the most common EDC features are:

  • Cards
  • Cash
  • Keys
  • Watch
  • Pen
  • Knife
  • Multitool
  • Watch
  • Lighter
  • Portable charger

What type of EDC wallet is the best?

The answer to this question is very subjective since not everyone will need the same EDC setup. For one person, the best EDC wallet could be a leather one that can carry their cards and cash bills, and that also has an attachment point as an EDC feature. A metal wallet with a multitool might be better for someone else.

The best EDC wallet is probably one that packs the exact features you need every day which are specifically useful for your particular lifestyle.

Are EDC wallets expensive?

Considering that EDC wallets are designed with functionality in mind, a lot more features are added to them. Some even have specific patented innovations as part of their design. All this means that more resources and attention went into manufacturing them, so most great EDC wallets are more expensive than your basic traditional wallet.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good EDC wallet within a budget price, but if you want a durable one with a bunch of features, chances are you will have to pay a bit more.

How to know if an EDC wallet is of good quality?

Take a look at a couple of things in the wallet’s description.

For one, if the wallet is made out of leather, make sure that the type of leather that is used for it is either top-grain or full-grain leather. If the wallet is made out of metal, material-wise, it will be durable, strong, and robust. In my experience, aluminum wallets or titanium wallets are one of the best EDC wallets you can currently find.

Apart from the material, you should look for an EDC wallet that has a long warranty period. For example, all Dango wallets have a lifetime guarantee. Chances are that the wallet will be of better quality if it is manufactured by an established, well-known brand.

Are EDC wallets practical?

Ekster Parliament Wallet Tracker card

EDC wallets are basically made to be practical. All the different features they offer have the sole purpose of making your life easier. An EDC wallet will prepare you for both the worst and best of situations.

Reasons to get an EDC wallet

In case you still haven’t made up your mind about getting an EDC wallet, here are some good reasons to give you the little nudge you need.

Saves time

A lot of times you will find yourself in a situation where you need to do a specific task, without having the right tool available. If you get a good EDC wallet that is packed with useful features, it will be easier to get to the tool you need. You will save a lot of time that you would otherwise spend searching through your tools, or just asking for someone to lend you what you need.

Saves money

Even if EDC wallets are a bit more expensive, they can still help you save a ton of money. For this, you will need to invest in a good quality wallet that also has sustainable and well-made EDC tools. Since you will basically own a quality mini tool pack, you will save on buying individual tools and replacing them in the future.

You will be better prepared for any task

Imagine you are out camping, you have just set up your campsite and would like to get refreshed with a cold drink, just to notice that you forgot your bottle opener. Having a bottle opener as part of your wallet will be a pretty good thing in that case.

This is just one of the many situations in which EDC wallets help you be better prepared. Add a multitool to the same wallet and the same camper can save time on setting up their camp as well.

Freedom of expression

What’s great about EDC wallets is that they come in many forms, colors, and designs. You can always choose one that perfectly represents your style.

This isn’t the only way to express yourself with an EDC wallet tough. You can show some of your interests and personality by choosing features that are perfect for you. This way you can own a perfectly set up EDC wallet, tailored to your taste.

EDC essentials

Dango T01 multitool used as a grip handle

These are some of the tools you should try to include in your wallet, in order to make the best possible EDC setup.


Wallets are specifically made to hold your card and cash bills, so of course, you should include your cards as part of your EDC setup. The only thing I would suggest here is to not go overboard with the number of cards you will choose to carry. Not only do a lot of cards make your wallet bulky, but they also take up space that can otherwise be used as an extra tool.

If you need to carry a lot of cards, an EDC wallet may not exactly be the best option, and I recommend checking out my guide on the best wallets for many cards.


The same thing I said about cards goes for cash bills as well. Try to keep a decent amount of cash on you, that is compatible with the wallet’s capacity. Check out my guide on how much cash you should have in your wallet if you’re not sure about the exact amount, as well as the guide on the best wallets for cash for some excellent picks.


Car keys, house keys, and many other types of keys are one of the items we use daily. A good EDC wallet will have space for at least one key. Some wallets even offer a separate key holder that can handle a huge amount of keys at once.


A watch is another thing you can consider making a part of your EDC wallet. Yes, you can just check your cellphone for the time but this might seem rude if you are with the company. With a watch in your wallet, you won’t have to worry about this, or about the phone battery that might run out.


Sure, your phone has a notebook, but again, if you depend only on your cellphone, sometimes you might find yourself in a pickle, like when your battery is empty, for example. Adding a pen and small notebook to your wallet can be a lifesaver. If not a notebook, then at least a pen should be one of the main things in your wallet. It comes in handy when you have to write something down, fill out a form, or just sign a document.


It shouldn’t surprise you that a lot of every day carries include a pocket knife. If the wallet is designed properly and has a decent size it can be used as an everyday tool. Having a small knife for cutting and slicing can help you save time the next time you want to break down a box or just open a bag of chips.


Multitools are one of the most practical things you can have in your wallet. Some of the most famous multitools for wallets are the ones that Dango manufactures. They come with a dozen different functions and can be used for different purposes.


This might be something you already carry in your wallet. Lighters can always come in handy.

Portable charger

A portable charger is always a good thing to have on you, especially if you are someone who is usually on the go. Making this item a part of your EDC setup will make sure that your phone is always full and ready to use.

Choosing a good EDC wallet

The Dango A-Series nickel plated backplate wallet accessories

The whole process of choosing an EDC wallet can be a bit cumbersome, considering that you have to go through a whole bunch of wallets with different features and designs.

We’ve narrowed down the process to the most essential steps. These are the few important things you should consider before you pick an EDC wallet for yourself.

Is an EDC wallet a good choice for you?

Personally, I think that everyone should give EDC wallets a go. Once you get used to using this type of wallet, there is no coming back. It just makes your life that much easier.

My only suggestion would be to take your time and browse different EDC wallets so that you can get a feel about what type of wallet you’ll like the most.

Choosing a good leather EDC wallet

Most leather EDC wallets come with an extra feature or two, instead of offering a whole bunch of them. Usually, leather wallets can’t carry sharp multitools, since this might damage the leather. So if you are looking for something like this, you should consider a metal EDC wallet instead.

When choosing a good leather EDC wallet, apart from the features, the one thing you should really be careful with is the leather. There is a lot of difference between cowhide leather and leather made from crocodile skin, for example. The leather quality not only depends on the animal which the leather came from, but it also depends on the type of manufacturing process the leather goes through. With that being said, always try to choose top-grain or full-grain leather items.

Chossing a good metal EDC wallet

Most metal wallets are durable and long-lasting. Some of the best are made from titanium and aluminum. The one main thing you should pay attention to when choosing a metal EDC wallet is the features it offers. In order to choose a metal EDC wallet that is right for you, you should pick one that has features that will be best for your type of lifestyle.

Steps to choosing a good EDC wallet

There are a couple of steps you can take that will make choosing a good EDC wallet for yourself a lot easier:

  • Write down the type of features and tools you would like your new EDC wallet to have
  • Take a close look at the type of lifestyle you have and make sure the features you choose will be compatible with it
  • Consider the type of material you would like your wallet to be made of
  • Search for and compare a couple of designs that have everything you have written down so far
  • Choose the wallet you like best

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of doing all this, you can check out my guide on the best EDC wallets which covers the best wallets within this category.

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