Trayvax Contour Wallet Review – (Probably) The Best Open Minimalist Wallet

In this detailed review of the Trayvax Contour wallet, we will see why this is one of the best minimalist wallets on the market today.

Read the review below to see the positive and the negative aspects of this wallet, and see if it would be the right item for you and your needs.

Should you buy Trayvax Contour Wallet?

I would recommend this wallet to the majority of people looking for their second (or last) minimalist wallet, since the Trayvax Contour is one of a kind, premium, cool-looking minimalist wallet, that can meet all of your needs for carrying cards and cash, but it does cost a bit more than most minimalist wallets. If you are looking for a wallet that you can use for a very long period of time, then you should definitely consider the Trayvax Contour.

Buying and discounts

You can buy the Trayvax Contour Wallet either from the official Trayvax store or Amazon.

I recommend buying through the Trayvax store, since you can get 5% off there if you use my coupon code tray5vax, or even get 15% off if your order exceeds $600 with the coupon code pizzaslice15.

If you want to buy it from Amazon, you may find the process a bit challenging because different styles of the wallet are on different links, but you should still be able to find the one you like without too much trouble. On the official store, the wallets are a bit better organized and displayed in a clearer way.

You have the option of engraving the wallet for an additional 8$, but that will delay the shipping process for up to 5 days.

Price and value for money

The price will depend on where you buy the wallet from, but you will usually find it in the price range of around 150$. This is not a budget wallet, but Trayvax offers good quality and cool features for that price, so it’s still kind of a fair price.


Standard shipping for the Trayvax Contour wallet will usually take 5-10 business days.

Shipping can be delayed fire a few days due to increased demand during the holidays, but it should take no longer than 3 weeks. If you want the wallet at your doorstep sooner, there is the option of Priority Shipping, which will take no longer than 5 business days.

You will get free shipping no matter where you order it from.

For more shipping information visit Trayvax’s shipping policy webpage.

Customer support

You can reach the Trayvax customer support team through several channels, but for the fastest response, it’s best to email them at [email protected].

Contact information is also displayed on the Trayvax contact page.


Trayvax provides you with a 65-year warranty, which is practically the same as a lifetime warranty.

This shows us that Trayvax is very confident in the quality of its products.

You can find more information on what the warranty covers at Trayvax’s warranty webpage.

Returns and refunds

If you are not satisfied with the Trayvax Contour, you can return the wallet within 30 days of delivery, as long as it is not damaged.

Keep in mind that if you want your money to be refunded, you must send the product back unused and unaltered.

After you return the product, you will usually get your money back in up to 5 business days. Return policy is different if you purchase it from Amazon, so be sure to check both before buying the product. All you have to do is fill out the Trayvax return form.

You can learn more if you visit the Trayvax returns policy page.

The Trayvax brand

Trayvax was founded by Mark King in 2013. Since then the company is continuously growing.

Mark started by making the products all by himself, and now the company has 25+ employees, making several hundred wallets a day, all handmade in the USA.

As stated on their official website: “Mark set out to create a product that would cut down on plastic bag waste. What began as a reusable plastic bag carrier became, through many prototypes and revisions, something completely new to the world: the Trayvax wallet.”

Where are Trayvax wallets made?

All Trayvax wallets are designed and made in the USA.


The Trayvax Contour wallet is an elegant, minimalist wallet, suitable for everyone, especially for people who like hiking and mountain climbing, because you can buy a package from Amazon with some cool additional items, like hiking rope and a keychain.

How to use the Trayvax Contour

After getting the product, you can adjust the Trayvax Contour to your preferences and start using it right away. It is fairly simple to use and you can adapt to it quite well.

There may be a problem with accessing the cards from the bottom so I recommend putting your most used cards on top.


The Trayvax Contour wallet comes in a nice black box. You have to slide it from the bottom to open it and you will find your wallet inside.

The wallet is nicely sealed and protected from damages during shipping.

The box contains some additional information about the wallet and the company. On the box, you can read some interesting little facts, such as the fact that Trayvax donates to non-profits with every purchase, that the product is recyclable, etc.

User experience

The smoothness and the quality of the leather may be the biggest selling point of this wallet. It feels nice to hold in your hand because it has CNC machined plate that is not hard on your pockets (which is not the case with most other metal wallets). The wallet will definitely not tear your pockets apart or damage your clothing or other items in your pockets.

Owners usually like the closure mechanism because of its innovative approach. The Trayvax made the closure mechanism to feel unique and secure.

User manual

The Trayvax Contour comes with a small user manual, as it is fairly simple to use and there’s no need for a ton of instructions.

Aesthetics and design

The design of the Trayvax Contour wallet is actually quite simple, yet it still looks like an exceptional wallet full of simple details and fine touches.

The wallet is open so you can see a fair bit of your cards from the front, but from the back, it has an elegant leather covering and a pocket for your cash.


The Trayvax Contour wallet comes in 4 leather colors and 2 different metal plate colors.

The leather comes in:

  • Tobacco brown
  • Steel grey
  • Mississippi mud
  • Stealth black

The metal plate comes in:

  • Black
  • Raw

You also have an option of a titanium or brass metal plate for an additional price.

The price differences between different versions of the wallet are due to the metal plate color that you choose.

Clothing style fit

Hikers love the Trayvax contour wallet because it gives them some cool features and it matches their style very well. The wallet is very stylish and pretty much anyone can wear it, it’s just that active people typically find it to be a perfect fit for them.

People who love to wear leather will love it as well because it will match their outfits quite well.


The wallet comes with some useful features, Even though people like the Trayvax because of its design and looks, the wallet still comes with a lot of useful and interesting features, many of which are rarely found in other minimalist wallets.

Weight, size, dimensions

When it comes to dimensions for minimalist wallets, the Trayvax Contour is right in the middle. It is a bit thicker than some minimalist wallets because of the leather, but it is not bulky and it is very comfortable to carry in your pocket.

Its dimensions are:

  • Length: 3.8 in / 9.6 cm
  • Width: 2.4 in / 6.0 cm
  • Thickness: 0.5 in / 1.2 cm

The wallet weighs 4 oz / 113 g, which is heavier than the average minimalist wallet that weighs around 2.5-3 ounces.

RFID blocking

The Trayvax Contour wallet is RFID protected, its slim stainless steel plate and high-quality leather give it a 70.5% RFID resistant classification.

Is the Trayvax Contour TSA-approved?

Trayvax claims that all of their wallets abide by the TSA rules and regulations. Some TSA agents may want to take a closer look, but Trayvax wallets are generally travel-friendly and you should pass the security with ease.

Top-grain leather

The difference between top-grain and genuine leather is huge. The Trayvax Contour is made out of top-grain leather that has superior quality.

When leather is made, it is separated into different layers. The first layer is called full-grain leather, which is the best part that can come out of the leather. After the leather is processed, the result is top-grain leather, which is smooth and uniform, the best type of leather that you can come across. This is the type of leather that Trayvax wallets are made of.

These two types of leather are used to make the highest quality products.

Genuine leather, on the other hand, is among the lowest grades of leather, and it is commonly overlayed with glue or paint to provide a uniform appeal, which drastically reduces its general quality levels and durability.

Be careful of the type of leather when you purchase a wallet, and always go for top-grain leather when you can.

Bottle opener

At the front of the wallet, next to the “Made in USA” sign, you have a bottle opener that can come in handy when you want to quickly open a bottle of beer or soda.

Attachment point

If you want to carry your wallet outside of your pocket, especially hikers who want to carry some things attached to their backpacks for additional room inside, you have a nice attachment point through which you can put a carabiner or a rope and attach it however you like.

CNC-machined plate

The metal plate of the Trayvax Contour wallet is CNC-machined which means that it is built with high precision and its edges are nicely cut out, so you have a smooth plate that won’t hurt your hand or damage your pocket.

Adjustable screws

You can adjust the wallet with a Torx wrench. There are 6 screws that you can loosen or tighten to make enough room for your cards, and that makes the capacity of the wallet dynamic and adjustable as well.

How many cards can the Trayvax Contour wallet hold?

The manufacturer claims that the Trayvax Contour wallet can hold from 1 to 13 cards. This means that it doesn’t have a minimum requirement for cards as some other minimalist wallets do, and with 13 cards being more than enough for the average person, this wallet’s capacity will be well fitted for pretty much anyone.

How much cash can the Trayvax Contour wallet hold?

The Trayvax Contour can hold between 1 and 10 folded bills. The capacity is great compared to other minimalist wallets because most of them can hold around 5 cash bills.

Is the Trayvax Contour wallet waterproof?

The leather of the Trayvax Contour is water-resistant, but the wallet itself is not waterproof because it is an open wallet, and water can easily slide in and damage your cash and cards.

Build quality

The build quality of the Trayvax Contour is great, as it is truly a premium wallet and that comes with premium quality. Most people are pretty satisfied with it. The wallet won’t rust, it won’t break, and it is basically a lifetime wallet in the true sense of the word.

Durability and lifespan

The Trayvax Contour is designed to last for a lifetime. The lifetime warranty only confirms the fact that the brand stands behind this product fully, and you can probably expect this wallet to remain intact and keep serving you for decades.


The following materials are used in the Trayvax Contour wallet:

  • top-grain Horween leather
  • stainless steel

Known issues and problems

There are not that many issues and known problems with the Trayvax Contour.

The strap that holds the cash inside and the wallet closed may be an issue for some people. Some customers have reported that it had broken within a few weeks of using the wallet. This can be a problem because Trayvax does not offer parts for replacement, so you should be careful while using it. Also, note that it is not typical for the strap to break, and there have been only two people complaining about it.

If you experience some kind of an issue, contact the support center and report your problem, and you will probably receive some useful help or feedback.

Trayvax Contour vs Trayvax Element

At the first glance, the Trayvax Contour and the Trayvax Element wallets can be quite similar since both wallets are using a metal frame and the same quality leather, and they also come in the same colors.

Still, there are quite a few significant differences that justify the price difference between these two wallets.

The designers of the Trayvax Contour have made an effort to make the wallet a bit more compact and easy to carry. The biggest difference is that the Trayvax Contour has less leather and is not as bulky as the Trayvax Element. People find the design of the Trayvax Contour to be more elegant and usually like the wallet a bit more.

There are different ways of adjusting the wallet, and the Trayvax Contour can be adjusted in as many ways as you want, but the Trayvax Element wallet can be adjusted in only one way. After buying the wallet, you should soak the leather in water to adjust it to the number of cards that you want to carry.

The Trayvax Element is a great wallet with premium quality, same as the Trayvax Contour, but it doesn’t have as many options and features, which is likely the biggest reason for the difference in price.

There is a big price difference between these two wallets. The Trayvax Element comes at half the price of the Trayvax Contour.

After all, it comes down to your personal preferences and how much money you want to spend on a wallet. If the Trayvax Element sounds like a better deal for you overall, see my complete Trayvax Element review.

What owners are saying about the Trayvax Contour

Nearly 100% of the owners will recommend this wallet to a friend. They are usually very satisfied and don’t regret the money spent on this wallet.

Who shouldn’t buy the Trayvax Contour wallet?

The Trayvax Contour is a great wallet overall, but it doesn’t come at a cheap price. If you are looking for a cheap minimalist wallet that will serve you well, I suggest checking out my guides on the best wallets under $50 or the best wallets under $30.

If you want a closed wallet that covers the information of your cards then this is not a wallet for you, because it is an open wallet that can show some pieces of information. For most people that is not a problem but it is still worth mentioning it so that you can decide what’s best for you.

Who should buy the Trayvax Contour wallet?

This wallet is one of the best-looking minimalist wallets you can find. It has great features, and its customizable nature gives you the freedom to adjust the wallet based on your preferences. Quality is the most important aspect of this wallet and there are many satisfied customers who can confirm it.

It all adds up to a great premium minimalist wallet.

If you are a minimalist person, that is in the market for the best minimalist wallet, then this wallet is one of the best choices for you. If you decide to buy this wallet, chances are, you will not be disappointed, as that’s what the majority of the owners of this wallet report.

Where to buy the Trayvax Contour from?

The Trayvax Contour is available at both the official Trayvax store and Amazon, but I recommend the Trayvax store as a better option, as you can get a 5% discount there if you use my coupon code tray5vax.

Trayvax Contour Wallet Specifications

Max n. of cards13
RFID blockingyes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedstainless steel, top-grain leather
Lenght3.8 in / 9.6 cm
Width2.4 in / 6.0 cm
Thickness0.5 in / 1.2 cm
Weight4 oz / 113 g
Featuresbottle opener, RFID blocking, attachment hole, CNC-machined plate, Adjustable wallet
Return period30 days

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