Travando Trifold Review – A Classy Trifold Leather Minimalist Wallet

In this detailed review, you will read everything you need to know about the Travando wallet, one of the classiest, trifold, leather minimalist wallets out there.

Should you buy the Travando Trifold wallet?

Travando Trifold wallet design

If a trifold leather minimalist wallet with a lot of storage space sounds like the perfect wallet for you, then you should get the Travando Trifold wallet.

It’s an excellent budget minimalist wallet option that has a lot of interesting features like RFID blocking, a money clip, and decent water resistance.

I would strongly recommend this wallet to someone who likes to dress formally. The greyish-black colored dots that give this wallet its unique aesthetic are exceptionally classy and would make a great accessory when you suit up.


Currently, it would be best to buy this wallet from Amazon. In fact, it will often be the only place that has the wallet in stock.

Price and value for money

The Travando Trifold wallet costs $19.95, which falls within the budget category. This price is a lot lower compared to what most minimalist wallets cost right now.

For this price, it’s amazing how many functionalities this wallet has to offer. The sleek leather exterior, a large storage capacity, RFID protection, and the money clip are just some of the features that make this wallet good value for money.

Shipping details

Your shipping will be free if you spend at least $25 on Amazon. It usually takes 5-8 days for your product to arrive at your doorstep.

Customer support

There are a couple of ways to get in touch with Travando.

It would be best to contact the Travando support team through their contact page on their website. All you have to do is fill out their contact form with your contact information and message.

The Travando support team is also available on social media:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

You should follow their social media accounts if you want to get the latest news about Travando products.

Returns and refunds

If the wallet you receive is defective or wrong, you can return it to Amazon without any shipping costs. The wallet can be returned within 30 days after you have received it.

Make sure to send the Travando wallet in the same condition you received it in and in its original packaging. You should keep emails, original receipts, and messages, so you can send them as proof of purchase when making your return.


Even a simple wallet like this one has a couple of interesting points you should know about before you start using it.

How to use the Travando Trifold wallet?

Using the Travando Trifold wallet is very similar to using a traditional wallet.

First and foremost, you should place all your cards in the available card slots. There are seven different card slots where you can place up to two cards. It would be best to place your most used card in the front pocket of the wallet.

After that, if you intend to carry some cash bills, you should fold them neatly and secure them on the cash clip.

The last step is to close up your wallet and start using it.


Travando Trifold wallet unpacking

What first arrives is an elegant black box with the Travando logo on top of it. This beautiful box would make this wallet a perfect give for a special occasion.

When you open the box, you will see the wallet itself, neatly packed in paper foil.

After removing the paper foil, you will notice a card that explains everything about the Travando brand.


This minimalist wallet has a very unique style. The black and grey dots that form the carbon color, give a snake-like aesthetic to the leather.


Travando is a trifold minimalist wallet with a slim profile.

The front of the wallet has a single pocket with a thumb push, and the Travando logo on it.

There are two card slots on each side of the wallet and a money clip in the middle.

If you turn your wallet to its backside, you will notice three more card slots – the previously mentioned one from the face of the wallet, and two additional card slots on the right side.


The only available color for the Travando Trifold wallet is carbon. This color is a mix of grey and black, which form a very neutral and elegant aesthetic. It is easily paired with any type of clothing since both grey and black can blend in with other colors effortlessly.


The Travando Trifold is a leather wallet. Faux leather is the main material used to make the wallet. The leather is attractive and very easy to clean. It’s not as durable as other leathers, such as grain leather. This type of leather cracks more easily than others of higher quality, especially after an extended period of use.

Clothing style fit

When it comes to fitting your wardrobe, this is one of the most universal wallets you will find. You can basically wear it with any type of clothing.

As the wallet has a grayish-black kind of color, color coordination should be an easy feat.

I would personally wear this wallet with formal clothes. The leather aesthetic makes it an elegant accessory that would go great with a suit.


Travando Trifold wallet money clip and interior

The Travando has a smart design that is packed with useful features.

RFID blocking

A lot of minimalist wallets have RDIF-blocking incorporated in their design. This function helps protect all the important information which your cards possess. The Travando Trifold is no exception to this and also has RFID protection.

Most of the cards are inside the wallet, so the information on them is out of reach and well protected. The only place that might cause trouble with regards to RFID-blocking is the card slot on the face of the wallet. A small part of the card in this slot sticks out, so some information might be accessible if your card were to get scanned. We can still say that overall, this is definitely one of the wallets with good RFID protection.

Weight, size, dimensions

The dimensions of the Travando Trifold wallet are:

  • height: 3.9 in / 9.9 cm
  • width: 3.1 in / 7.87 cm
  • depth: 0.9 in / 2.28 cm

This minimalist wallet weighs 2.4 oz / 68 g, so it’s easy and comfortable to carry around.

How many cards can the Travando Trifold wallet hold?

This wallet has 7 double card slots, so it can hold up to 14 cards. You could try fitting in a couple of more, but this will strain the leather and it might tear. The card capacity is pretty big and a lot more than what most minimalist wallets currently offer.

How much cash can the Travando Trifold wallet hold?

You can carry a couple of cash bills, without your wallet getting bulky. All the cash bills go on the money clip in the middle of the wallet, so you might get tempted to put a lot of cash bills here. Keep in mind that the more of them you place, the thicker your wallet will get, since all of them are in the middle.

Water resistance

Water protection isn’t the strongest suit of the Travando Trifold wallet.

The main material used in this design is faux leather which isn’t the best water repellent.

The card that’s placed in the front slot of the wallet is always at risk of getting wet. The other cards are in the interior card slots, so they are well protected from small splashes of water. But if the wallet was to be submerged in water, then everything inside it will get wet, because water would go in the open spaces that are on the top and bottom of the wallet.

Money clip

Money clips are a practical mechanism for holding cash, that a lot of minimalist wallets today use in their designs. The Travando Trifold wallet is among this group and has a money clip in the heart of its design.

Placed in the middle of the wallet, the money clip can hold a couple of cash bills without making the wallet bulky. Keep in mind that when you fold both sides of this trifold wallet, they are folded on top of the cash bills inside your wallet. So if you overstuff it with money, you might lose the slim profile this wallet offers and you might also strain or break the money clip.

Customer satisfaction

Travando Trifold wallet held in hend nect to box

A lot of owners have had nothing but positive feedback about the Travando Trifold wallet. However, there are some that had come across some issues, most of them connected to personal preferences. Here is what the owners had to say about this wallet.

Positive reviews

The Travando wallet is compact and has a smart design.

A specific thing that owners appreciate in this wallet is the money clip. There are a number of minimalist wallets on the market that don’t offer a way for you to carry cash. Still, some use cash bands or money clips, just like the Travando wallet. But what sets this wallet apart is that the cash clip is located inside the wallet, while most wallets place the cash clip on the outside. This way, all your cash bills are secure inside the wallet, so there is a lower possibility of them falling out.

Owners also like how much available card storage this wallet has to offer. With 7 available card slots, that can fit two cards each, there is no way you won’t have enough space for every single card you want to carry. One of the slots is even placed on the face of the wallet and has a thumb push. This should be the place where you carry your two most used cards since you can access them in a fast and easy way.

A lot of customers have enjoyed the transitioning process from a traditional wallet to the Travando Trifold wallet, since they have a lot of similarities in their design. The Travando wallet is sort of a minimalist upgrade to a traditional wallet. It packs all the functionalities you will get with a minimalist wallet while maintaining the aesthetic of a traditional one. I would strongly recommend the Travando wallet if this is your first time getting a minimalist wallet.

Known issues and problems

When you first start using the Travando minimalist wallet, you might have trouble placing two cards in one slot. What you should do is place one card for some time and then add the additional card in the slot. This will give the leather an opportunity to stretch so it can easily handle two cards at once.

Since the money clip can handle a couple of cash bills, a lot of owners carry as many of them as they can. If you carry more than 2-3 cash bills in the wallet, it will get bulky and won’t be as slim as advertised. This is due to the money clip placement which is located in the center of the wallet. Any cash bills you place in it, will pile on top of each other and make the wallet thicker.

The main material used to make this wallet is faux leather which isn’t very durable. It isn’t as long-lasting as some leathers of higher quality, like for example top grain leather. Faux leather tends to show more scratches than most leathers after some time of using your wallet. As a budget option, this leather wallet is great, but if the leather quality is of high importance when making your purchasing decision, you should check out some other wallets that use better leather.

How does the Travando Trifold wallet compare to other minimalist wallets?

Travando Trifold wallet getting placed in suit pocket

When diving deep into the minimalist wallet market, you will notice about a dozen different designs and features that minimalist wallets have to offer. Due to this, it can get hard to choose the minimalist wallet that would best suit your taste and needs. Here are some comparisons to the Travando Trifold wallet to make this whole process a little easier.

The Travando Trifold wallet vs Secrid Miniwallet

Secrid Miniwallet yellow and held in hand

The Travando Trifold wallet and the Secrid Miniwallet have a couple of similarities.

Both of these wallets use leather in their design. The Travando wallet has a design that is very similar to a traditional wallet, while the Secrid Miniwallet has a more modern look, and has a card box made of aluminum as part of its design.

When it comes to dimensions, the Travando Trifold wallet is bigger but weighs less than the Secrid Miniwallet.

Price-wise, the Travando Trifold wallet is a lot cheaper and an excellent budget minimalist wallet option.

RFID protection, some water resistance, and a cash clip are all features that both of these two wallets have.

What really sets apart the Secrid Miniwallet from most minimalist wallets are all the available designs it has. So if you would like to have a lot of colors and aesthetics available when choosing your minimalist wallet, you should check out my full review of the Secrid Miniwallet.

The Travando Trifold wallet vs Coach Zip Card Case wallet

Coach Zip Card Case wallet aesthetic

These two wallets are quite different. Compared to the basic design of the Travando Trifold, the Coach Zip Card Case has an inverted design. Both of these wallets are similar in dimensions, however.

Leather is the main material used to make both of these wallets. The Travando wallet uses faux leather while the Coach Zip Card Case uses polished pebble leather.

The Travando Trifold wallet is cheaper and can hold more cards than the Coach Zip Card Case wallet.

The Coach Zip Card Case has a separate pocket for money, much like a traditional wallet does. Contrary to this, the Travando Trifold wallet uses a money clip to hold cash bills.

If an inverted, designer, leather minimalist wallet piques your interest more, you should read my full review about the Coach Zip Card Case wallet.

Who should not buy the Travando Trifold wallet?

This wallet isn’t the best choice for someone that likes to carry all their cards in the same space. The Travando Trifold wallet has a bunch of available card slots where you can organize your cards. If you don’t particularly know exactly where you’ve placed a card, it will be time-consuming trying to find it. Unlike this wallet, there are a lot of wallets that keep all the cards in one space. If you would prefer a wallet like this, one of the best choices for you might be the Ridge Forged Carbon.

If leather quality is very important to you, then you should rethink getting the Travando Trifold wallet. It uses faux leather that isn’t as good as other leathers. If you want a premium leather minimalist wallet, you should choose the Secrid Miniwallet.

This wallet would best fit a person that carries a lot of cards and just a couple of cash bills. In case you carry a lot of cash, see the

I wouldn’t recommend this wallet to people who don’t necessarily like to use a cash clip. While it’s an interesting mechanism, it takes some time to get used to using it. I for one would prefer a basic pocket for storing cash or even a cash band, like the Coach Zip Card Case wallet has.

Who should buy the Travando Trifold wallet?

If you are an organized person, you are going to love this minimalist wallet. There are so many available spaces for you to place your cards as you wish. The wallet even has a very practical card slot on the front where you can place your two most used cards.

I would recommend this wallet to people who like to wear formal clothes. The beautiful color formed by grey and black dots will go amazing with this type of clothing. It’s the perfect wallet to take to a dinner date or a special occasion.

Leather lovers will especially be attracted to the beautiful leather design of the Travando wallet. It has a color that is a mix of grey and black dots, that form a snake-like pattern. The leather feels nice in the hand and is extremely easy to clean.

Where to buy the Travando Trifold from?

Pretty much all of the time, the Travando Trifold Amazon listing will be your only option to get this wallet.

Travando Trifold Specifications

Max n. of cards14
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedleather
Height3.9 in / 9.9 cm
Width3.1 in / 7.87 cm
Depth0.9 in / 0.6 cm
Weight2.4 oz / 68 g
FeaturesRFID, cash clip
Water resistancesome
Return period30 days

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