Skyborne Trigger Wallet Review – The Smart, Pop Up Minimalist Wallet For Men & Women

This is a detailed review of the Skyborne Trigger wallet. In this article, we will list all of the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the Skyborne Trigger. This review will help you make a knowledgeable decision before buying your new minimalist wallet.

Should you buy the Skyborne Trigger wallet?

I would recommend the Skyborne Trigger wallet to anyone who appreciates smart design and high-quality leather. This wallet is functional, durable, and looks and feels timeless. The Skyborne Trigger is ideal for people who like to own an easy-to-use and super compact minimalist wallet.

Further, this wallet has a surprisingly large storage space that will allow you to carry multiple cards and a few cash bills daily.

The Skyborne Trigger wallet also makes a perfect gift for both men and women. So, whether you are looking to buy a minimalist wallet for yourself or gift it to someone else, you can’t go wrong with the Skyborne Trigger.

Skyborne Trigger Wallet smart trigger pop-up


The best option for buying the Skyborne Trigger wallet is Amazon or the official Skyborne website.

Price and value for money

The Skyborne Trigger wallet costs $74.90.

The price of minimalist wallets depends most on the material used for making the product. For a leather wallet, we can say that this price is affordable.


Skyborne offers free express international shipping that usually takes two to three business days. Take this information regarding the delivery time with a grain of salt, since shipping may vary depending on the location. Also, make sure to enter the correct delivery address at checkout to avoid delays.

On Amazon, the shipping is not free. However, Amazon sells this wallet for $67.15, and the shipping costs $12.25, for a total price that’s just a bit more expensive than if you order through Skyborne. So, no matter where you order it, the wallet will cost pretty much the same amount of money.

The Skyborne Trigger dispatches all items within two days of receiving an order unless you specify a later date intentionally. Otherwise, you can expect to have your new minimalist wallet in no time. If there is a delay or cancellation of your order, you’ll receive a notification.

Discounts, coupons, and deals

Skyborne offers an Instant E-Gift Card that you can get by signing up. All you’ll have to do is to submit your email. By doing so, you consent to receive promotions, giveaways, and early access to new launches. This way, you’ll get 20% off on your first order. Note that you’ll be able to unsubscribe at any time.

Customer support

The Skyborne customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your order.

There are a few ways that you can contact Skyborne customer services. One option is to send a message using Skyborne’s contact page. Also, you can contact Skyborne customer services via email at [email protected], by phone number 226-400-4844, and at the official mailing address 201 Whitehall Drive, Markham, Ontario, Canada, L3R 9Y3.


The Skyborne Trigger wallet comes with a three-year warranty against manufacturing faults only. Defects caused by normal wear and teas, neglect, and improper use are not covered.

Return and refund policy

Skyborne offers a free return policy within 30 days of purchase. To exchange a faulty product contact Skyborne and you’ll get a free exchange.

For a full refund, you’ll need to follow a few steps and meet the required conditions. First, make sure that no more than 30 days have passed since your order. Second, you have to return the item in its original condition. This includes original packaging and the unused, intact product. Don’t forget to contact Skyborne customer service and request a return. Skyborne will issue your refund once they receive your returned order. The whole process will probably take 3-5 business days to complete.

The Skyborne brand

Skyborne is a collective of designers, engineers, and creators, dedicated to making products with a positive impact on the environment. The company is based in Canada, but Skyborne’s premium leather goods are carried worldwide.

The brand takes inspiration from pioneers and visionaries like Nikola Tesla and Steve Jobs for creating products that have high quality and combine innovation with style.

Skyborne makes all kinds of accessories, from smart wallets to backpacks and notepads, tailored for dynamic people who like to travel and be free. The brand vision revolves around the idea of creating functional, practical, and futuristic products designed to suit the needs of modern people and their changing lives.


The Skyborne Trigger is a thin, small and compact minimalist wallet. This wallet is designed with an automatic smart pop-up, so it’s easy to use and functional. The Skyborne Trigger is made from durable and lasting materials, suited for all conditions and occasions.


Skyborne Trigger Wallet box

The Skyborne Trigger wallet will arrive neatly packaged in a signature Skyborne box. Also, it will be wrapped in a few begs for extra protection during transport. Inside the box, beside the wallet, you’ll find a small card containing some basic information regarding the product.

How to use

The Skyborne Trigger wallet is a perfect blend of simplicity and innovation.

There is a vertical opening or pocket on the front of the wallet. Ideally, you can store one to three cards or a few cash bills there. The backside is completely enclosed and without card slots.

The top part of the Skyborne Trigger wallet contains an opening where the majority of cards can be inserted. To place cards into the main chamber, you’ll have to gently push them inside, one by one. To remove the cards, you’ll need to press and pull the button on the bottom of the wallet. A patented trigger allows cards to glide out at the touch of the button for fast organized access at the pull of a trigger. This way, instant payment at checkout will be easier than ever.

Build quality

The Skyborne Trigger wallet is built to last a long time. The brand uses gold-rated leather, ideal for everyday carry. The leather material is superior in comparison to other non-leather options. So, the Skyborne Trigger wallet is resilient, durable, strong, and has a unique look that gets better with time.


Skyborne imports leather used by some of the most prestigious, luxury leather makers. The Skyborne Trigger wallet is made with certified premium calf leather, sourced from the Italian tannery Conceria Alaska.

The leather itself is cut very thin, between 0.8 to 1.0 mm, and feels soft and smooth on the touch. Further, it comes with pre-wax treatment and it can develop multi-hued color tones.

Look-wise, the materials make the Skyborne Trigger wallet look timeless and elegant.

The second material used for the pop-up mechanism is RFID-protected aluminum steel. The steel base guarantees protection against the most powerful RFID chip readers.

Known issues and problems

Now, let’s take a look into some of the cons or possible problems you may encounter with the Skyborne Trigger wallet.

The first possible and most obvious issue is the mini size of the wallet. The number of cards that the Skyborne Trigger wallet can hold is limited. So you will be forced to carry only the necessities. This can be considered an advantage for people who want to eliminate the clutter in their wallets. However, buyers often like to have multiple options and bigger storage space.

Another thing that may cause problems is the pop-up trigger. A few customers have reported having trouble pressing and releasing the trigger button. This is usually due to a manufacturing defect, so if you encounter a similar issue, contact customer service. Skyborne offers free returns, as well as a 3-year warranty.

The price also may be a problem for people looking to buy a budget minimalist wallet. Keep in mind that usually, leather wallets tend to cost more than wallets made with cheaper materials. However, there are many affordable options on the market if you don’t want to pay $75 for the Skyborne Trigger wallet.

Finally, a small number of reviews on Amazon point to a problem with the overall quality of the wallet. Keep in mind that defects like torn leather and broken parts happen if you overstuff your wallet. This is why I advise carrying only the recommended number of cards and cash.


Skyborne Trigger Wallet colors

The Skyborne Trigger wallet features a unique and impactful design that won’t go out of style any time soon. The overall look of the wallet is clean and minimal. The elegant, premium leather and the beautiful color finish make this wallet a truly timeless piece. The mini size and the slim profile make the Skyborne Trigger an excellent minimalist wallet for modern and active people.


The Skyborne Trigger wallet comes in two colors. Buyers can choose between golden brown and militant green.

Fit to clothing style

This wallet can easily fit into your fashion style whether you are dressing casually or more elegantly. The leather material with an oil finish ages beautifully, changing the look of the wallet as you use it. Because of this, the Skyborne Trigger wallet is a perfect gift idea for both men and women.

Features and functionality

The Skyborne Trigger wallet has several essential features that make it one of the most practical and compact minimalist wallets on the current market. Some of the features of this wallet include:

  • anti-theft RFID
  • mini size
  • slim profile
  • smart trigger pop-up
  • push-button

Portability, size, weight

This wallet is measured to fit into any pocket. Its dimensions are:

  • length: 5.35 in / 13.58 cm
  • width: 4.13 in / 10.49 cm
  • depth: 0.4 in / 1.016 cm

The Skyborne Trigger wallet weighs 4.65 oz / 131.99 g. Overall, the wallet is very portable and will easily slide into your pants pockets, begs, or coat slots.

Skyborne Trigger Wallet slim, mini size

Water resistance and cleaning

The items you place in the wallet may be damaged by water. Also, the wallet itself is not water-resistant. So, if you spill a drink on your leather wallet, make sure to empty it right away. Afterward, you should gently wipe the moisture using a dry cloth and let the wallet dry on its own.

To clean the Skyborne Trigger wallet, use only special leather cleaners. If the wallet’s leather gets dry, apply a thin layer of cream or conditioner to bring softness and depth back into it. Keep in mind to always use correct products suitable for aniline leather. Options made from natural ingredients are the best to use. See my guide on how to clean a leather wallet for the exact specifics.

Does the Skyborne Trigger wallet have RFID blocking?

The Skyborne Trigger wallet has the RFID (radio-frequency identification) blocking feature. This compact minimal wallet has an RFID-protected aluminum steel base that guarantees extra safety. The minimalist wallet will keep your cards and sensitive information secure from unwanted scans.

How many cards can Skyborne Trigger wallet hold?

The Skyborne Trigger wallet can hold all kinds of cards, from ID to rewards, business, and credit cards. Ideally, you should fit 4 to 6 cards inside. However, the brand says that the wallet can hold up to 6 cards in the main chamber, plus 1 to 3 additional cards in the front slot.

How much cash can the Skyborne Trigger wallet hold?

The Skyborne Trigger wallet is not ideal for carrying cash around. The only available place for holding money is the front pocket. You can place 2 folded bills in there.

Skyborne Trigger wallet vs other wallets

Let’s see how the Skyborne Trigger wallet compares to other minimalist wallets.

Skyborne Trigger vs Airo Collective Stealth Diamond wallet

The Stealth Diamond and Skyborne Trigger wallets have two things in common. Both wallets are made of leather and can hold the same number of cards.

The leather on the Stealth Diamond wallet is nano-plated top-grain with a diamond etch pattern. This makes the wallet ultra-thin and light. So, we can say that when it comes to craftsmanship, the Stealth Diamond is superior.

However, design-wise, the Skyborne Trigger wallet is more innovative and interesting. The Diamond wallet features a more traditional, bi-fold design, whereas the Trigger wallet has an automatic smart pop-up for instant payment. Also, the Skyborne Trigger wallet has a better price of $74.90, or $100 less than the Diamond wallet, which costs $185.

Both are RFID-blocking wallets and have a 30-days return period. The Stealth Diamond is made in the USA, and the Skyborne brand is based in Canada.

Skyborne Trigger vs Harber London Leather wallet

These two wallets have significantly different storage capacities.

The Harber London Leather bifold wallet can hold more than 18 cards and approximately five slips of cash. Additionally, this wallet has a hidden coin compartment where you can hold loose change or keys. It’s made only from premium full-grain leather with magnetic closure, and it offers RFID protection.

The Skyborne Trigger wallet can hold only 8 cards and 2 cash bills, but it’s notably slimmer than the London Leather bifold wallet. The Trigger wallet has a depth of 0.4 in / 1 cm, whereas the London bifold is 3 in / 7.62 cm when filled.

Similarly, both wallets have a pull tab, but this feature is differently incorporated in the design of the wallets. The Skyborne Trigger has an automatic, smart pull-up mechanism that will allow you to use one card for fast payment after pressing the button at the bottom of the wallet. The London bifold has a leather pull tab used for easy access to cards in a single back pocket.

Skyborne Trigger Wallet push-button

Reviews and customer satisfaction

Most reviews and ratings of the Skyborne Trigger wallet are positive. Comments from customers can be found on the official Skyborne page and on Amazon. The majority of buyers agree that this wallet is a five-star product. They state enjoying the Skyborne Trigger wallet daily without experiencing any problems.

Who should not buy the Skyborne Trigger wallet?

This product isn’t for you if you need a spacious minimalist wallet. The Skyborne Trigger won’t be able to fit all of your cards and cash at the same time. With this wallet, you’ll be forced to prioritize what you carry daily with you. Your possessions will always be organized and immediately within reach. However, the storage size can be limiting for some people, in which case I recommend taking a look at my guide on the best wallets for many cards.

Another reason why you shouldn’t buy this wallet is the smart pop-up trigger mechanism. This is a unique feature beloved by many buyers, but some people prefer a more traditional bi-fold design. So, if you think that this innovative feature is too much for you, I recommend looking into other options.

Finally, you shouldn’t buy the Skyborne Trigger wallet if you don’t like the look and feel of aged leather. Like any other leather product, the Trigger wallet will develop multi-hued color tones after some time. So, if you don’t like the inevitable change in color, choose a non-leather minimalist wallet. Additionally, the leather requires up-keeping from time to time. This generates an extra cost for leather cleaners and conditioners. You can check out my guides on wallets made from other materials, such as the best aluminum wallets, the best titanium wallets, and the best carbon fiber wallets.

Contact customer service if you have any other concerns about the Skyborne Trigger wallet. They will answer all of the additional questions you may have.

Who should buy the Skyborne Trigger wallet?

Skyborne Trigger Wallet instant payment

There are many reasons to buy the Skyborne Trigger wallet.

First, this minimalist wallet is made from leather material that guarantees a long lifespan. So, if you are looking for a quality wallet that you will use for many years to come, I recommend the Skyborne Trigger wallet.

Another reason why you should buy this wallet is its compact, minimal size, and super slim profile. You can fit the Skyborne Trigger wallet inside any pocket and bag. This is great for people who like to pack lightly and reduce the clutter in their everyday lives.

Another big pro is the patented trigger mechanism that allows smooth and easy payment. Thanks to the trigger button you’ll be able to pay with a single “tap” without needing to pull out everything. Also, the aluminum steel base is anti-theft RFID protected.

Lastly, the Skyborne Trigger is a modern and cool-looking wallet suitable for any occasion. The wallet makes for a great gift idea, and it comes in beautiful packaging as well. Also, the Skyborne Trigger wallet has a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects, and the brand offers free returns.

Where to buy the Skyborne Trigger from?

The Skyborne Trigger listing on Amazon will usually be the best (and sometimes only) option for buying this wallet.

Skyborne Trigger Specifications

Max n. of cards8
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedpremium calf leather, aluminum steel
Height5.35 in / 13.58 cm
Width4.13 in / 10.49 cm
Depth0.4 in / 1.016 cm
Weight4.65 oz / 131.99 g
FeaturesRFID blocking, mini size, slim profile, smart trigger pop-up, push-button
Water resistancesome
Warranty3-year warranty
Return period30 days

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