Secrid Twinwallet Review – The Most Stylish Large Capacity Wallet

This is the ultimate review of the Secrid Twinwallet, the most spacious high-end wallet from the Secrid brand.

Should you buy the Secrid Twinwallet?

If you were in the market for a new wallet that will have enough capacity for more than a dozen of cards and some cash bills, then you might have found your ideal wallet.

Secrid has designed one of the best metal-leather wallets in the world. It comes with a strong, sturdy build, smooth leather design, multiple features, and enough capacity for everything you might have ever carried in your old wallet.

The Secrid Twinwallet is one of the best choices for people looking for a premium quality wallet, with an enclosed design, and lots of storage.


Most Secrid wallets are best bought through Amazon, and that’s the case with the Secrid Twinwallet as well.


The wallet’s price ranges from $135 to $155, depending on the design and color of the product.

Since the Twinwallet is offered in more than fifteen different color designs, it’s hard to pinpoint the best one. All of them look great, but naturally, the more expensive ones have a more stylish appearance than the others.

Shipping details

If you buy the wallet from the Secrid website, you will get free shipping, with an estimated delivery time of 2 to 3 business days.

At the moment they don’t offer an expedited shipping option, since this is arguably one of the fastest free standard deliveries in the world and you don’t even need an express one.

Customer support

You can contact the Secrid team in many ways:

To find out more about their contact details and working hours, you can visit Secrid’s contact page.

Warranty and return policies

The Secrid Twinwallet comes with a 2-year warranty, that can be extended up to 3 years when you register your wallet after purchasing it.

You’ll find the registration form on Secrid’s register webpage, where you only need to enter the serial number of the product found on the inner walls of the wallet.

Additionally, the brand has a 60-days free return period during which you can return the wallet and get the full refund if you weren’t satisfied with it.

Secrid brand

Secrid is a brand for minimalist wallets founded in 1997 in the Netherlands. It quickly became one of the most recognized brands in the world, with dozens of thousands of products sold annually.

They are renowned for their innovation and patented designs that redefined the minimalist wallet market.

With their constant strive for improving the products, they put an equal focus on style and functionality, looking for ways to give their customers the best possible products.


The Twinwallet is the most spacious wallet made from the Secrid brand. It’s built from two card protectors, a signature Secrid cardholder, wrapped up in a leather exterior.

The exterior encloses the wallet, keeping the contents much safer, and creates three additional pockets which you can use for storing more cards and cash bills.

How to use the Secrid Twinwallet?

There are a few compartments that you can use with this wallet. The main ones are the card protectors and metal cases where you can keep 4-6 cards. When you want to take one out, you push the quick access spring button at the bottom of the card protector and pop the cards out.

On the inside of the wallet, there are three more pockets. Two of them are designed in a similar fashion to the ones found on vintage leather wallets and can hold up to 4 cards. The third pocket is made from a slim, metal plate, specifically designed to hold cash bills in it, folded at least once.

But aside from the high capacity, one of the best features of this wallet is the snap button which fully encloses the leather exterior and keeps all contents closed inside the wallet. This means that you’ll have to open the item before using any of the inner pockets. This doesn’t apply to the card protectors, as the cards inside them can be pulled in and out without opening the Twinwallet.

Build quality

The Secrid has managed to create an impressive mix of metal and leather to deliver one of the sturdiest builds with the Twinwallet model.


The card protectors are made from aluminum, a material most often used in the latest minimalist wallets releases, as it has proven quality and durability, while keeping the weight low. Only the spring button at the bottom is made from plastic, and even that part is still very durable.

The exterior surrounding the wallet is made from leather. Since the Twinwallet comes in a lot of design options, each of them uses a different type of leather.

Secrid has put a serious effort to create a large array of options for everyone’s taste. Rugged, perforated, cowhide, full-grain, and corrected-grain are only a few types of leather used in these designs.

And finally, there is also a little bit of steel in the snap button used to close the exterior.


With such a large array of color and design options, the Twinwallet is one of the most aesthetically adaptable wallets ever made.

Its looks range from a smooth black surface, stylish light champagne colors, up to rugged brown or navy blue designs. There even is a checkered dark blue design, truly covering every style possible.

Design and colors

Here is a complete list of all 19 color options the Secrid Twinwallet comes in:

  • brown
  • classic black
  • matte black
  • navy-silver
  • perforated black
  • nile black (croc leather)
  • mettalic rose
  • indigo 5
  • olive
  • ochre
  • cognac-silver
  • green
  • rose
  • red
  • cognac
  • saffiano brown
  • titanium blue (checkered design)

Fit to clothing style

This wallet is the true fit-for-all item. With so many designs, there is a color suited for every possible clothing style, ranging from formal, casual, business outfits, all the way to sports clothes, casual summer shorts, and everything else in between.


The Twinwallet is not only the most spacious Secrid wallet but the most feature-complete one as well.

RFID protection

The biggest perk of an aluminum build is the strong RFID protection it provides for the cards inside.

The Secrid Twinwallet offers an RFID blocking feature to all the cards inside of it, keeping them safe from unwanted wireless communication or theft.

Bifold exterior

The card protector is a signature Secrid wallet component found in many of their models, including the Twinwallet. However, only this model has an additional bi-fold leather exterior which further provides three more pockets and an enclosure for the whole wallet.

The leather piece folds like a notebook and gives off a feeling similar to one of the traditional leather wallets. It has two sides, one holds the card protectors, and the other holds the additional three pockets for cards and cash bills.

Closing button

Unlike most other wallets that use a flipping mechanism and don’t fully enclose their pockets, the Secrid Twinwallet has a snap button that closes the leather exterior completely.

It’s similar to the buttons found on purses or jackets. It’s made from steel and it is very durable.

Quick access thumb button

At the bottom of the card protector, you’ll find a thumb button that gives you quick access to the cards stored inside.

The button is made out of plastic and acts as a small lever with a spring mechanism that pushes the cards up when you press it.

It is one of the most recognizable features of most Secrid models, as they’ve patented it and used it in many of their wallets.

How many cards can the Secrid Twinwallet wallet hold?

In total, the Twinwallet can hold up to 16 cards inside its pockets.

The card protectors can hold 4-6 cards each, depending on whether the cards are embossed on non-embossed. The two pockets inside the bifold leather part can hold 2 more cards each.

Simply put, up to 12 cards go in the metal card protectors, and up to 4 cards go in the leather pockets.

How much cash can the Secrid Twinwallet wallet hold?

Aside from these pockets, there is an additional compartment inside of the wallet designed to hold around 5 cash bills in it.

This pocket won’t be of much use for any credit or ID cards, since it can’t hold them safely enough, but with so many card pockets, you won’t even need it to.

You can also use this compartment for business cards, receipts, or any other pieces of paper you often carry in your wallet.

Weight, size, dimensions

Although it has pretty large storage, the wallet is not bigger than a credit card. The only exception to that, of course, is its depth, which is significantly thicker than other Secrid wallets because of the two card protectors stacked on top of each other.

The dimensions of the wallet are:

  • width: 2.75 in / 7 cm
  • height: 4 in / 10.2 cm
  • depth: 0.1 in / 2.5 cm

The Twinwallet weighs around 4.6 oz / 130 g, which is quite a bit heavier than most minimalist wallets. This is, yet again, thanks to the several metal parts forming its build.

Known issues and problems

One of the main manufacturing issues with the Secrid Twinwallet is its thumb button at the bottom. It can break too easily since it’s made out of plastic, especially if you use it frequently, multiple times a day.

Additionally, the mechanism that pushes the cards up damages them badly and it’s not designed in the best way possible.

Another notable problem this wallet has is that it doesn’t provide RFID protection to the leather pockets inside the bifold exterior. This means about a third of your cards won’t be as safe as the others, and you’ll have to watch out which cards you hold in which pockets.

And finally, there’s a problem with fitting so many items inside a slim, minimalist wallet. You’ll have some trouble closing the wallet if you fill it to the brim.

How does the Secrid Twinwallet compare to other minimalist wallets?

Spacious bifold wallets are among the most popular ones among buyers. They are the closest thing you will get to a traditional wallet, and sometimes it can be hard to choose the right one.

Let’s see how the Secrid Twinwalet compares to some of these popular models.

Secrid Twinwallet vs Secrid Miniwallet

One thing you might have noticed with the Twinwallet is that’s it slightly bulkier than other typical minimalist wallets. Storage for 16 cards is great, but if you don’t use more than 10 cards daily, why would you even need the second card protector to add to this bulkiness?

Secrid has thought of this too and has designed the exact same wallet, with the same features, materials, and design, but with just one card protector. They’ve called it the Miniwallet.

The classic Miniwallet will cost you around $90 unless you want one with special art designs and deluxe leathers, which can go up to $150.

It holds up to 10 cards, 5 banknotes, and has space for receipts or business cards too. It has the same width and height as the Twinwallet, but it is slightly slimmer, and also 2.1 oz / 60 g lighter.

Secrid Twinwallet vs Harber London Leather Bifold

Harber London Leather Bifold is one of the most stylish bifold wallets ever made. The wallet will cost you around $110 and is made out of high-quality full-grain leather.

It has a fairly basic aesthetics and is designed like any other traditional wallet, only much slimmer. The design is timeless, and will always look nice on any outfit.

The wallet has a huge capacity, fitting more than 18 cards, some cash bills, and even has a coin compartment where you can store some change which is not something you see in a lot of minimalist models.

If these features got you interested in buying an all-leather luxury wallet, make sure to check out my full Harber London Leather Bifold wallet review.

Who should not buy the Secrid Twinwallet?

There are a few kinds of people who wouldn’t see the benefit of owning the Secrid Twinwallet.

First are the people who don’t carry a lot of cards and banknotes and don’t need this much space. The Twinwallet has a capacity for 16 cards, which is far too much for someone who only carries their ID card, a couple of credit cards, and a few other items.

Next are people who’ve stopped using cash bills altogether and only pay with their cards. If you’ve already done this and have mostly gotten rid of bills in your life, then you won’t need this bulky wallet to use it only as a cardholder.

Despite what the name might suggest, this is not the thinnest wallet out there. If you want a smaller wallet, check out my guide on the best slim wallets.

And finally, the Twinwallet won’t do any good to people who are only looking for a cheap wallet and don’t plan on spending so much money on a wallet. See my guide on the best wallets under $100 and the best wallets under $50 for some more affordable options.

Who should buy the Secrid Twinwallet?

One of the perfect owners of the Twinwallet is the person who has recently decided to switch their old vintage wallets for a new minimalist one. I know how hard it can be to leave all the old receipts, membership cards, and other miscellaneous papers behind, but trust me, a wallet like this one will be the perfect jumping point.

Next are people who still need to shop with cash and carry a few banknotes with them every day. The separate cash pocket on the Twinwallet is a rare occurrence in today’s minimalist wallets and will be a great feature for such people.

If you are a leather lover, you will also be very fond of this wallet. It is made of the finest leather in the world, has a very nice feeling in your hand, and comes in so many different versions that you will simply fall in love with at least one of those designs.

Overall, this is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a premium, smooth, leather-metal wallet with lots of features, capacity, and great style.

Where to buy the Secrid Twinwallet from?

The Secrid Twinwallet Amazon listing is almost universally the best place to buy this wallet from.

Secrid Twinwallet Specifications

Max n. of cards16
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedaluminum, leather, plastic, steel
Height4 in / 10.2 cm
Width2.75 in / 7 cm
Depth0.1 in / 2.5 cm
Weight 4.6 oz / 130 g
FeaturesRFID protection, closing exterior, quick access thumb button, closing button
Water resistance some
Warranty3 years
Return period60 days

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