Secrid Cardprotector Wallet Review – Slim Quick-Access Aluminum Wallet

One of the most troublesome experiences with owning a slim metal cardholder is getting your cards stuck, with absolutely no way of getting them out.

In trying to address this specific issue, the Secrid brand has actually delivered one of the best minimalist wallets with easy access to the cards you store in it. Welcome, the Secrid Cardprotector.

Should you buy the Secrid Cardprotector wallet?

If you are looking for a secure and aesthetically pleasing wallet that has a few customization options mixed in, then you may have found your match from heaven. The Secrid Cardprotector is the perfect choice when it comes to slim, RFID-protective wallets that provide quick access to your cards.

I would recommend the Secrid Cardprotector to anyone looking for a finely designed metal cardholder that puts equal emphasis on both functionality and style.


The Secrid Cardprotector wallet is one of the most popular hard-shell minimalist wallets and can be bought from several web stores, but the best will almost always be Amazon.


The Secrid Cardprotector costs from around $45 to up to $60, depending on the design that you choose for the wallet.

All of the standard colors, such as black, grey, or red are priced the lowest, while the more exclusive options, such as the powder-coated and laser engraved designs, cost a bit more.

Shipping details

Shipping for this wallet will typically be free, however, most of the time you will have to wait for up to a week or two for the delivery.

Customer support

The Secrid brand has a very responsive customer care team, ready to answer any of your questions about the product or its policies.

Their team can be reached by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected] addresses, or by simply giving them a call to the numbers displayed on Secrid’s contact webpage.

Your questions will be addressed every business day, between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Warranty and return policies

The Secrid Cardprotector comes with a standard 2-year warranty which covers any factory defects found on the wallet’s parts.

This warranty can be further expanded up to 3-years after you purchase and register the wallet on Secrid’s product registration page. All you need to do here is find the code engraved on the inside of your wallet and type it in the blank form on the webpage.

After all of this is done, you will get a confirmation e-mail that your warranty is extended for an extra year, and a badge with proof of authenticity for your wallet.

Additionally, if you are not satisfied with the product at all, you can return it in the first 60 days after the purchase and get a full refund. In order to complete the return you will first need to contact Secrid’s customer support team, and they will give you the information about the return process. After that, you can send the wallet back in its original box.


The Secrid Cardtprotector is a slim, hard-shell wallet with a single pocket designed to safely hold your cards inside. Its design is one of the simplest you’ll ever see, as the wallet has a linear form with one open end where the cards slide in or out.

How to use the Secrid Cardprotectorwallet?

Designed as a simple cardholder with no special features, the Cardprotector is used in a pretty straightforward manner.

On the top of the wallet, you will find the open end out of which the cards can be stored and picked up. In order to store the cards, you just slide them in with a push of a thumb. The cards will keep their place inside no matter what, even if you turn the wallet upside down or shake it hard.

The only way to get the cards out is the slide button mounted at the bottom of the wallet. This button can be used with a single motion of a finger and it will push the cards out thanks to the patented Secrid quick-access mechanism.

Build quality

The Secrid Cardprotector features a sturdy, hard-shell, metal design that prevents the wallet from bending, breaking, or any kind of damage done to it if it falls out of your hands and hits a hard surface.


The main part of the wallet, the single card pocket, is made from high-grade aluminum. The quick-access mechanism and the button at the bottom are instead made from plastic to prevent the cards from scratching when they are slid out of the pocket.


With its finely polished aluminum surface, clean and uncluttered design, and many colors to choose from, the Secrid Cardprotector is easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing minimalist wallets out there.

Design and colors

The wallet is designed with smooth bent edges that will keep your pockets safe from any tearing. The paint job is also some of the finest in the industry and gives the wallet a real premium-looking style.

However, the greatest thing about the Secrid Cardprotector is definitely the abundance of color options that you have when buying this wallet. Its basic color palette features:

  • black
  • silver
  • green
  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • brown
  • pink

You also have some more expensive versions of this model that feature a powder coating on the surface of the metal, including:

  • powder-coated pink
  • powder-coated ochre
  • powder-coated blue
  • powder-coated pistachio

And finally, you can also choose one of the laser engraved designs, such as:

  • floral design
  • minimalist linear design
  • SECRID logo engraved on the front

Fit to clothing style

With so many colors and designs to choose from, this wallet can easily fit pretty much any clothing style.

The Secrid Cardprotector will look equally good on formal outfits, jeans, trousers, and even on some less formal wear, such as tracksuits and other sporty clothes.


In manufacturing the base of this wallet, Secrid has insisted on keeping its minimalist design and equipping the wallet with only a few essential features.

RFID protection

This is one of the few wallets with RFID-blocking where the feature actually works as advertised. Aside from the smooth and elegant aesthetics, the polished aluminum provides exceptional RFID protection as well.

The strong metal walls block any unwanted wireless communication with the cards stored inside the wallet, protecting them from RFID theft. Thieves that use this method have been found everywhere, and it’s an extremely useful feature to have RFID protection for your credit cards wherever you are.

Quick Access Mechanism

One of the most amazing features of this wallet is its quick access mechanism.

Inside the pocket, there are two springs that are slid upwards whenever you press the button found at the bottom of the wallet. The springs then eject the cards halfway out of the pocket, arranged in a stairwell form so you can easily pick up the one you need.

If you’ve been shopping for a new wallet yourself, you must have noticed how every brand has tried to recreate its own version of this mechanism. Yet none of them have so far gotten it down as well as Secrid has, and every other model similar to this minimalist wallet feels like a cheap knock-off.

Adaptability and customization

The Secrid Cardprotector is the stable of the whole Secrid wallets assortment and the base part of every other Secrid model.

The brand currently offers a total of 6 different wallets, all of which have the Cardprotector at their base. This allows their users to easily customize or upgrade their wallets after they’ve already purchased them.

Whether you want extra space for cash bills, cards, more features, or you’ve simply grown tired of the design, you can always buy Secrid’s money band, slider, or twofold exterior and create a completely new wallet for you to use.

How many cards can the Secrid Cardprotector wallet hold?

The Secrid Caprotector can fit from 4 to around 6 cards inside its pocket.

This capacity will often vary based on whether your cards are embossed or fully flat, as two cards with engravings popping on their surface take the space of three flat ones.

How much cash can the Secrid Cardprotector wallet hold?

Unfortunately, with only one wallet specifically designed to hold cards inside, the Secrid Cardprotector has no space for any cash bills.

If you still shop with banknotes and cannot opt for a wallet without a pocket for at least a few of them, then you always have the option to purchase some of the upgraded Secrid wallets. The Secrid money band is probably the cheapest option for an upgrade, as it can be bought as a single elastic band that you can strap around the Cardprotector and use it to keep some cash on you.

Is the Secrid Cardprotector waterproof?

Seeing how one end of the card’s pocket is fully open, the contents of the Secrid Cardprotector will not be protected if it gets submerged in water.

Smaller splashes may not damage the wallet at all, however, since the aluminum used in its build is a strong and non-corroding material. This, fortunately, means that you can also clean the wallet with water too, as long as you let it dry and wipe it thoroughly before you use it again (although usually, you will be able to clean it with just a cloth).

Weight, size, dimensions

The Secrid Cardprotector is a very slim and light wallet. Although it’s almost fully made out of metal, it still weighs just around 1.75 oz / 50 gr, which feels extremely light in your hand and in your pocket.

The dimensions of the wallet are:

  • width: 2.5 in / 6.3 cm
  • height: 4 in / 10.2 cm
  • depth: 0.3 in / 0.8 cm

Customer satisfaction

Secrid has already sold a few thousand pieces of the Cardprotector wallet, with next to no negative feedback from its buyers.

Positive reviews

The wallet has an overall great acceptance rate, gathering a 4.6/5 stars rating from more than 500 buyers on Amazon.

Most of the reviews on there have stated how great the easy access to the cards has been, and how smoothly the button has worked. Unlike most of Secrid’s competitors on the market, their mechanism excelled in releasing the cards in an effective manner where you can easily choose the one you need.

The RFID protection is a great plus as well, especially since it works flawlessly and fully protects each of your cards.

Known issues and problems

The Secrid Cardprotector is the most affordable option from the brand, and as such, it comes with a few downsides that I believe you should know of before you decide to buy it.

The most notable issue with this wallet is its small capacity. The pocket barely fits 6 cards, and that’s only if all of them are flat and not embossed. Since most ID cards throughout the world have some kind of embossed letters on them, realistically you would probably fit 4 or 5 cards inside of this wallet.

On another note, the surface of the Secrid Cardprotector, although aesthetically great and durable, is too susceptible to scratches. While the wallet won’t break and will perfectly protect your cards, it would be too risky to keep it in the same pocket as your keys, or another metal item, since they can easily scratch and damage the wallet’s design.

Aside from these couple of issues, the wallet is a great example of fine craftsmanship overall. It has a great sign, is made from durable materials, and can easily last for a decade. If you don’t mind the capacity and are looking for a slim, simple, yet very functional and user-friendly cardholder, I doubt you will find anything better in this price range.

How does the Secrid Cardprotector compare to other minimalist wallets?

If you liked the features of this wallet but you’re not completely sold on it, you have a couple of other choices. Let’s go through some of the most popular wallets with a similar concept, but a slightly different approach in their design.

Secrid Cardprotector vs Ekster Aluminum

The Ekster Aluminum is a slim, hard-shell wallet designed in almost the way as the Secrid Cardprotector.

Both wallets feature a single slim pocket designed only for cards and a quick access button at the bottom that slides the cards out.

The main point where these two models differ is the expandable backplate that the Ekster Aluminum has on its backside. The plate is mounted with the help of an elastic band and provides a capacity for 9 more cards, or cash bills, that you can store on it.

This extra feature also comes at a slightly higher price of around $79 that you are going to have to pay if you want the Ekster Aluminum wallet. If you are interested in such an alternative, go and can check out my complete review of the Ekster Aluminum wallet.

Secrid Cardprotector vs Bellroy Card Sleeve

For many people out there, wallets have always been and should be made from leather. If you too can’t get behind the trend of metal wallets, I don’t blame you. In fact, I have a solution for you.

The Bellroy Card Sleeve is a leather wallet that, as you can judge by its name, features a single sleeve pocket where you can keep around 8 cards. It features a pull-tab for quick access and even has two smaller side pockets where you can store a few cash bills as well.

Additionally, this wallet will cost you roughly the same as the Secrid Cardprotector. It’s priced at around $55 and is one of the lightest and thinnest wallets ever made.

Check out my full review of the Bellroy Card Sleeve wallet if you prefer your minimalist wallet in leather.

Who should not buy the Secrid Cardprotector wallet?

This wallet definitely won’t be good enough for people who carry lots of cards and especially for those who still use cash daily. The Secrid Cardprotector can only hold up to 6 cards, and if you need space for more, you should probably take a look at my guide on the best wallets for many cards.

It’s also not a great option for those who aren’t fond of metal wallets and like to stay with their leather wallets instead. The aluminum build of the Secrid Cardslide is very durable and safe, but it simply won’t match the aesthetics that leather lovers are after.

Similarly, if you’ve gotten used to carrying the wallet in your back pocket, I think you might have a bit of trouble with this one. Since the Secrid Cardprotector is made out of aluminum, it is pretty hard to carry this wallet in your back pocket as it will be painful when you try and sit on it. This wallet is made to be kept in the front pocket, or in your coat, which might be a dealbreaker for some people.

If you like expandable wallets with a lenient size, then I don’t think you would like this wallet that much as well. The Secrid Cardprotector has a very strict capacity and form, unlike some of the elastic or leather wallets out there that can adapt to the size of their contents.

The price is also a bit of an issue, especially for those on a tight budget who are looking for something more affordable. The Secrid Cardprotector can cost up to $60, which might be a bit too much for some. Luckily, there are a lot of cheaper alternatives for you out there. While they might not have the same build quality as Secrid’s wallets, they would easily fit in a budget lower than $25.

Who should buy the Secrid Cardprotector wallet?

The Secrid Cardprotector is a perfect wallet for those who like to have quick access to their cards wherever they are. The sliding button at the bottom will pop up the cards in a second and you can quickly choose which one you need whenever you are in a hurry.

I would highly recommend this wallet for people to whom security is a primary concern. Whether you are afraid of damaging your cards, or someone outright stealing their information with the help of wireless technology, the Secrid Cardprotector has got you covered. Its aluminum shell that encases the cards is not durable enough to withstand high falls but has strong RFID protection for all the cards inside as well.

This wallet is also great for gadget geeks who like to customize their personal items. The Secrid Cardprotector not only has a lot of colors to choose from but can be easily upgraded to so many different Secrid wallets that have a bigger capacity or more features on them.

And finally, I would recommend the Secrid Cardprotector to all the people who care a lot about the aesthetics of their wallets and want everything to be in line with their outfits. With the finely polished aluminum surface, smooth edges, and darling colors, this is arguably one of the most sophisticated slim minimalist wallets.

Where to buy the Secrid Cardprotector Wallet from?

The Amazon listing for the Secrid Cardprotector will typically be the best place to buy this amazing wallet from.

Secrid Cardprotector Specifications

Max n. of cards6
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedaluminum, plastic
Height4 in / 10.2 cm
Width2.5 in / 6.3 cm
Depth0.3 in / 0.8 cm
Weight1.75 oz / 50 gr
FeaturesRFID, quick access button
Water resistancesome
Warranty2 – 3 years
Return period60 days

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