Ridge Forged Ember Wallet Review – The Super Slim And Compact Minimalist Wallet

This is a detailed review presenting the Ridge Forged Ember wallet. You will find an all-inclusive description of the product, its features, and whether it would make sense for you to consider it as your next minimalist wallet.

Should you buy the Ridge Forged Ember wallet?

You should buy the Ridge Forged Ember wallet if you are looking for a compact and modern alternative to the traditional wallet.

This minimalist wallet is so slim and light that you’ll probably forget that you are carrying it. So, if you don’t like to overflow your pockets with unnecessary bulky wallets, you should seriously consider the Ridge Forged Ember.

Another reason why you should consider this wallet is its beautiful and functional design, ideal for any occasion and suitable with many clothing styles.

Ridge Forged Ember Wallet front


To buy the Ridge Forged Ember wallet, visit the official Ridge website or Amazon. Buying the wallet from any of those is very straightforward.

Price and value

No matter where you buy it from, the wallet has a price of $150.

This price is relatively high, and even a lot of the best minimalist wallets cost way less. However, the excellent quality and unique design make the Ridge Forged Ember wallet one of the best minimalist options on the market, and totally worth the higher price.

Discounts, coupons, and deals

You can use a code or gift card at checkout to receive a 10% off per order. You get this discount by subscribing to the Ridge newsletter.

If you are a hospital employee, medical provider, military nurse, first responder, or student, you will receive 15% off on your purchase. All you’ll have to do is verify your identity with ID.me. This way, you can get thousands of special offers and discounts by confirming your community status.


Once you place an order, your wallet will be scheduled for shipment in 1-2 business days. Afterward, you’ll receive a shipping email that will contain your tracking information.

You can expect to get the product at your doorstep within 1 to 7 business days. The delivery time depends on weather conditions, holidays, location, and carrier.

For domestic orders, the brand uses multiple delivery methods, including UPS Mail Innovations, USPS First Class, FedEx One Rate, USPS First Class, and USPS Priority. For orders above $34, shipping is free. For orders under $34, shipping will cost somewhere between $4 and $11.

International orders over $30 are available to most countries and will arrive within 7-14 business days. If you have any additional shipping questions, I advise you to visit the Ridge website, where you can find all the necessary information.

Customer support

You can contact Ridge customer support via email at [email protected], if you have questions or want to return the product. Also, you can send them a message directly on Ridge’s contact page.


The Ridge Forged Ember wallet comes with a lifetime warranty. This guarantee applies to all manufacturing defects and includes replacement parts in the event of failure or loss of elastic, screws, inner plates, and money clips.

Defects caused by improper care, neglect, improper use or storage of the product, etc., are not covered.

Gifts and purchases from a Third Party seller such as Amazon are also warranted. In both cases, you’ll need to follow the same process and attach a photo with the Warranty Claim to confirm the authenticity of your Ridge product.

Return and refund policy

You can return your Ridge wallet within 45 days of purchase. The brand offers free returns and exchanges for domestic orders.

Before returning the product, you’ll have to submit a request using your order number. Then you’ll receive a prepaid USPS label to send back the wallet. Returned items must be in their original condition and unused. If you follow these steps, you’ll receive your refund without any problems.

Note that customized wallets can’t be returned and are non-refundable.

The Ridge brand

The Ridge Wallet launched on Kickstarter in 2013. Ridge is a family brand started by the father-son team Daniel and Paul Kane.

Their vision is to create minimal and quality products designed for a daily carry of the essentials.

Today, half-million men and women worldwide use Ridge wallets, united by the brand’s motto: Carry Less. Live More.

Where are Ridge wallets made?

The Ridge Wallet company was founded in California, USA. So, the Ridge Forged Ember wallet is made in the USA. However, buyers from around the world can enjoy Ridge products since the brand offers international shipping.


Ridge Forged Ember Wallet box

From packaging to design and manufacturing, the Ridge brand offers quality and functionality to its customers. The Forged Ember wallet is no exception. This minimalist wallet comes equipped with numerous useful features, and it has a truly unique design. On top of that, the Forged Ember wallet has a lifetime guarantee against production defects.


The Ridge packaging is superior and secure. Your Ridge Forged Ember wallet will arrive in a slick black box branded with the Ridge logo on the front. The backside will have all of the Ridge Forged Ember wallet features listed.

Once you open the package, you’ll first see the greeting card. Underneath, alongside the Ridge Forged Ember wallet, you’ll see one screwdriver and a pack of extra screws. It’s great that the brand includes these tools since you may need to replace some of the original screws over time. Additionally, the wallet comes with a cash strap and money clip which provide more space for holding cash or cards.

I recommend you keep the box if you need to return the product. Also, the packaging box is ideal for storing your wallet when you are not using it.

How to use

You won’t need an instruction manual to utilize the Ridge Forged Ember wallet. This minimalist wallet is user-friendly and suited for daily carry.

The Ridge Forged Ember wallet is composed of two carbon fiber plates, joined together with 7 screws. The opening between the two plates acts as a card slot. This single card pocket can hold a surprisingly large number of cards. However, the slim profile of the wallet will stay intact.

Both plates are RFID protected and have a small cut-out at the bottom. This cut-out design will help you push out cards using only your thumb. The carve at the bottom of the plates is a simple yet highly practical feature that allows easy access to all cards placed inside the Ridge Forged Ember wallet.

Further, the wallet comes with a cash strap and money clip that you can attach to the backplate. Attaching the cash strap or the clip takes just a few seconds. The Ridge cash strap and money clip are ideal for carrying folded cash bills, RFID-enabled cards, or business cards.


In terms of quality, all Ridge minimalist wallets are made from durable materials, tested to withstand various conditions.

Durability and materials

The Forged Ember Ridge wallet is part of the carbon fiber line, and is one of the best carbon fiber wallets currently. This material is lightweight, sleek, and super durable. The Forged Ember Ridge wallet is made by weaving together carbon fibers and resin. This way, the custom-crafted carbon fiber material can withstand 610,000 PSI (pounds per square inch) without breaking.

Known issues and problems

Countless satisfied customers have had only positive words about the Forged Ember Ridge wallet. However, you may encounter a few possible problems with this minimalist wallet.

One common issue, reported by buyers, is the single card slot. This pocket can hold multiple cards simultaneously, but you may have to pull them all out to find the one card you need.

Another problem connected to the fast access to cards is the lack of an ID window. So, if you need to display and use an identification card daily, I recommend checking out minimalist wallets with the ID window feature.

Some customers have expressed a desire for the money clip to attach better. They’ve complained that the clip falls off easily when you push too hard. Keep in mind that the Forged Ember Ridge wallet comes with a money clip and a cash strap. Both accessories are designed to carry extra cash and cards. So, you can choose to use one or the other. In the end, it comes down to your needs or preferences.


The Ridge Forged Ember wallet has a very unique look that combines rugged design and a clean, minimal appearance.

We can say that the Forged Ember is a truly 21st century, minimalist wallet. It’s designed to fit inside any pocket and to remain super slim. The wallet’s patented, dual-track design expands to hold many cards while remaining lightweight.

Colors and fit to clothing style

The Ridge Forged Ember wallet is available in one color combination – dark gray and red.

The wallets’ base is primarily gray and black, with red pieces spread on the surface like rose petals. As you can see from the pictures, the colors compliment each other nicely, giving the wallet an elegant and memorable look.

Most people will enjoy the Ridge Forged Ember’s aesthetic since it’s simple and bold at the same time. This wallet fits any clothing style and will make an excellent gift as well.

Features and functionality

Whether you’re looking for functionality, design, or quality, the Ridge Forged Ember wallet won’t disappoint. Some of the key features of this wallet are:

  • capacity of 1-12 cards without stretching out
  • RFID-blocking
  • forged carbon fiber with matte finish
  • replaceable elastic

Portability, size, weight

The Ridge Forged Ember is a minimalist, front pocket wallet. It’s made to stay super slim and to eliminate clutter, and is definitely one of the best slim wallets available right now. This wallet will show you how you can carry less without feeling limited.

The dimensions of the wallet are:

  • height: 3.38 in / 8.6 cm
  • width: 2 in / 5.4 cm
  • depth: 0.24 in / 0.6 cm

The Ridge Forged Ember wallet weighs 1.6 oz or 45.36 g.

Water resistance

The material itself is water-resistant. Also, carbon fiber is chemically stable and corrosion-resistant. That’s why it works well in harsh environments and is perfect for everyday use.

The Ridge Forged Ember wallet is not enclosed, so your cards and cash can be damaged by moisture. If the wallet gets wet, empty it as soon as possible.

Does the Ridge Forged Ember wallet have RFID blocking?

The Ridge Forged Ember is an RFID-protected wallet. The RFID (Radio-frequency identification) shield technology is thin and merged with the carbon fiber material. This means that the wallet will keep you safe from theft and all unwanted wireless scans.

Ridge Forged Ember Wallet money clip and cash strap

Cash Strap & Money Clip

The Forged Ember wallet comes with a cash strap and a money clip. Both are ideal for carrying cash or cards, and you can install them by yourself.

The cash strap is perfect for keeping the profile of the wallet slim. Visually, the black band wrapping the Ridge adds to the overall look and feel of the minimalist wallet. Also, the strap is easy to use and replace in case of a defect.

The money clip attaches to the wallet by screws and is more durable than the band. However, the clip takes up more space and makes the wallet slightly bulkier and more prone to get tangled up with other items.

What’s great about the Forged Ember wallet is that you can try the clip and the strap and choose the one you prefer.

How many cards can the Ridge Forged Ember wallet hold?

The Forged Ember wallet can hold 1 to 12 cards inside the cardholder. This pocket is RFID protected and best for keeping ID, credit, and business cards. This way, all of your sensitive information will be safe.

How much cash can the Ridge Forged Ember wallet hold?

The wallet alone can’t hold cash bills, but the included accessories can. You can hold roughly 5 to 10 folded bills with the cash strap or the money clip. Note that the more money you carry, the thicker your wallet will get.

Ridge Forged Ember wallet vs Dango M1 Maverick Rail wallet

The Dango M1 Maverick Rail is an aluminum, open-frame minimalist wallet. This wallet has many interesting and practical features, for example, a rail mechanism, silicon band, ID window, and multiple attachment points. Design-wise, the M1 wallet is simple, shiny, and modern.

The Forged Ember wallet, on the other hand, is made from carbon fiber with a matte finish and replaceable elastic. This wallet is dark gray and ember red, thus the name. Further, the Ridge wallet has a single card pocket.

Both wallets can hold the same amount of cards (12) and are equipped with RFID blocking technology.

In terms of differences, the wallets are made of different materials and manufactured by different American brands. The Dango wallet costs $109, plus shipping, whereas the Forged Ember wallet is $150 with free shipping.

There is a big difference in terms of weight. The Ridge wallet is significantly lighter and weighs only 1.6 oz / 45.36 g. The Dango weighs almost three times that, or 5 oz / 141 g.

These two wallets come with a lifetime warranty, and both offer protection against manufacturing defects.

Who should not buy the Ridge Forged Ember wallet?

There are only a few reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Ridge Forged Ember wallet.

First, you shouldn’t purchase this product if you need a minimalist wallet with sizeable storage space for cash and coins. The Ridge Forged Ember wallet is excellent for holding multiple cards, but sometimes that’s not enough. Also, you may find it difficult to shuffle through the cards.

Another reason is the lack of an ID window. This feature is crucial for owners who have to scan identification and transport cards daily. So, if you need an additional, open pocket for easy scanning, I advise you to look into some other minimalist wallet. Many similar minimalist wallets have attachment points as well. They will allow you to carry your wallet with an ID window around your neck for easy identification and scanning.

You shouldn’t buy the Ridge Forged Ember wallet if you don’t like the red and gray color combo. In my opinion, the wallet looks cool and unique because of the forged ember pattern. However, some people may find this look a bit too edgy. Note that the Ridge brand offers a lot of other designs for minimalist wallets with the same features as the Forged Ember. So, maybe consider them if you are not sure about this look.

Lastly, the price is another reason you may choose not to buy this wallet. If you are looking for a budget minimalist wallet, I advise you to look into more affordable options, and see my guides on the best wallets under $100 and the best wallets under $50.

Who should buy the Ridge Forged Ember wallet?

Ridge Forged Ember Wallet slim profile

I would recommend the Ridge Forged Ember wallet to almost anyone who doesn’t find the problems above to be dealbreakers.

You should buy this wallet if you want a compact and super slim minimalist option to replace your traditional wallet. The Forged Ember is ultra-thin and light, perfect for side pockets and compact packing. 

You should purchase the Ridge Forged Ember if you need a safe wallet with RFID blocking that will protect you against theft. Also, the main card pocket is equipped with expandable elastic for smooth and secure storage of your cards.

This wallet is versatile due to the card strap and the money clip. With these added accessories, you can change the appearance of the wallet and adjust it to fit your need and wants. The strap and the money clip also allow you to carry cash and extra cards.

Production-wise, the Ridge Forged Ember wallet is crafted with super-durable and corrosion-resistant carbon fiber. Further, the wallet comes with a screwdriver and a pack of extra screws in case you need to replace them after some time. Plus, the Ridge offers free returns within 45 days of purchase in case of a defect, and a lifetime warranty. So, quality is guaranteed with the Ridge Forged Ember wallet.

Overall we can say that this wallet is a perfect option for almost everybody, regardless of age and gender.

Ridge Forged Ember Specifications

Max n. of cards12
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedforged carbon fiber with a matte finish
Height3.38 in / 8.6 cm
Width2 in / 5.4 cm
Depth0.24 in / 0.6 cm
Weight1.6 oz / 45.36 g
FeaturesRFID blocking, replaceable elastic, free returns, cash strap & money clip
Water resistancesome
Warrantylife time guarantee
Return period45 days

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