Fidelo Minimalist Card Wallet Review – A Versatile Hybrid Minimalist Wallet

This is a detailed review of the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet, a versatile hybrid minimalist wallet that’s lightweight and easy to use.

Should you buy the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet?

If you are looking for a simple-to-use minimalist wallet, you should definitely consider the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet. This versatile hybrid slim wallet for men may just be the perfect upgrade for your old bulky traditional wallet.

The best part about this wallet is that it’s lightweight and compact. You can fit everything you need in one place while still maintaining easy access.

Both its functionality and its overall design would make it a great choice for a lot of men.

Fidelo Minimalist Cards wallet on table


The Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet can be found on Amazon.

Price and value for money

This wallet comes at a price of $49.99, and many consider it to be one of the best wallets under $50.

Compared to other minimalist wallets, this price is neither too high nor too low, and we can safely say that the wallet fits in the middle price category and is usually considered solid value for money. Overall, it’s a good minimalist wallet that offers a lot of functionalities, and the brand has gone the extra mile to incorporate both the functionality of a minimalist wallet and the feel of a leather wallet.

Shipping details

If you order from Amazon the shipping will be free, but if you want to order from the website, you will have to pay additional shipping for the product.

When you order from Amazon, shipping will take 9-10 business days.

The company itself does all its shipping through Amazon as well, so even if you order from their website, your product will be delivered by Amazon and in the same time frame.

This is why I would recommend ordering through Amazon.

Customer support

Most of the customers are very satisfied with the customer support that the Fidelo brand offers. If you would like to reach their support team, you can do so through:

  • their social media (they mainly use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram)
  • their website – all you have to do is leave your contact information and your question


The Fidelo brand offers a lifetime guarantee. If you happen to have any issue with the purchase, you should send them an email at [email protected], and their customer support team will respond within 24 hours. This warranty also applies if you are buying the wallet as a gift.

Returns and refunds

You can return the wallet for any reason, within 30 days of purchase.

There are no shipping charges when you return the item.

You should make sure that the item is in new and unused condition.

After you go through the necessary steps, you can receive your refund or exchange the wallet for a new one.

Fidelo brand

The Fidelo brand was made to support the simple lifestyle of its customers. They pride themselves on bringing unique products to the market. As a serious brand they try to manufacture products that are high quality, yet still, stylish.

Where are Fidelo wallets made?

All manufacturing of Fidelo wallets is done in North America.


This is a box minimalist wallet, which makes it very easy to use. Yet, it’s special because is one of the rare box minimalist wallets that has a leather exterior with card slots. These are some of the basics to help you better understand this product.

Fidelo Minimalist Cards wallet parts and box

How to use the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet?

The impressive thing is that the box is not attached to the leather. Instead, the leather is like a sleeve and the box comes out of it. There is an opening at the bottom that serves as a trigger mechanism. Since the leather is not attached, you can change it for a different colored sleeve.

Most of the cards go in the interior card slot box, but you can also place one or two cards in the exterior card slots on both sides.


The product arrives in a tight black box, that has the brand’s name written on top of it.

The box has a magnetic opening on the side, but it actually opens wide, so you don’t have to slide the product out of the opening.

Inside the box, there are two money straps, a business card, the wallet, and a little piece of leather.

The wallet is neatly packed in plastic foil. Inside the wallet, there is a little card that you can use to test out the card slots.

Something that I thought was really cool was the little piece of leather. It has a written message saying that the wallet is made out of top-grain leather.


The Fidelo brand makes stylish wallets to fit anyone’s tastes. Specifically, the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet has a classy look, because of the leather and the overall design. The best part is that it maintains this look without sacrificing functionality.

Fidelo Minimalist Cards wallet


Design-wise, the wallet looks very classy and simple.

The front is a smooth surface that only has one card slot, and the company name is written on the lower right side. This card slot can hold two or more cards.

At the bottom of the wallet, there is a trigger for the interior card box. This card slot can hold 4-6 cards.

The back of the wallet has one exterior card slot, that can hold 2 or more cards, or some cash.

The Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet is very simple and would be perfect for someone that likes to keep everything in one place.


The Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet has a couple of color options you can choose from, such as:

  • Black
  • California Khaki
  • Desert Tan
  • Distressed Grey
  • Espresso
  • Redwood Brown
  • Rustic Brown
  • Vintage Black
  • Vintage Brown

All these colors are simple, so it should be easy to incorporate any of these colors into your style.

However, if you are the type of person who likes to personalize your items, or you have a strong fashion sense, then these simple colors might not be exactly to your liking.


The main material used to manufacture this wallet is vegetable-tanned leather. This is top-quality leather that is naturally colored by using plant-based dyes. It’s resistant to cracking, won’t dry out, and develops a beautiful patina that only gets better with time.

Clothing style fit

Both the design and all the available colors are very simple, which makes this wallet very versatile when it comes to fitting your clothing style. It would go great with casual clothing, or just about any straightforward outfit you can imagine.

In my opinion, this wallet may not satisfy a guy with an eccentric style, but pretty much anyone else will either love or at least strongly like the look and feel of it.

Fidelo Minimalist Cards wallet in pocket


The Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet has a couple of interesting features you should know about.

Weight, size, dimensions

The dimensions of this wallet are:

  • width: 2.6 in / 6.6 cm
  • height: 4.3 in /10.92 cm
  • depth: 0.32 in / 0.81 cm

The wallet only weighs 1.7 oz / 48.19 g. This is lighter than most minimalist wallets that typically weigh around 2.5 oz / 70 g.

RFID blocking

RFID protection helps you keep your valuables safe. Just like other minimalist wallets, the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet also has RFID-blocking. This wallet blocks 13.56 MHz frequencies.

Most of the cards are kept in the interior slot, so the RFID-blocking can do a decent job at protecting them.

The only drawback is the two exterior slots where you can keep cards. These two might be less protected from RFID scans. However, this is a problem that can be solved. You can choose to use these two slots for holding cash bills, while also lowering the number of cards you carry. Or you can just place cards that don’t have any valuable information on them in the exterior card slots.

How many cards can the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet hold?

The recommended amount of cards that the Fidelo wallet can hold is 5. However, many owners have managed to fit up to 7 cards in the wallet. Make sure not to overstuff the exterior card slots, otherwise, you risk damaging them.

How much cash can the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet hold?

The Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet can accommodate dollars, euros, yen, and most other international bills. You can put 5 cash bills in the wallet without straining it.

If you happen to need more cash capacity, see my guide on the best wallets for cash.

Water resistance

Overall, this wallet has good water resistance everywhere, except for its upper part. The top of the wallet is an open space, and all the cards that are placed there are exposed to water.

Another concern would be the exterior card slots. The cards you put there are mostly covered, but they stick about a little. If the wallet comes into contact with water, it will most likely get a little wet as well.

Even if this is the case, a small amount of water shouldn’t be a problem for this wallet (just don’t forget it in your pocket when you go for a swim).

Customer satisfaction

Most of the customers have given positive feedback on this product. However, there is a small number of people who have left bad reviews. Let’s go into more detail about what both sides have had to say.

Fidelo Minimalist Cards wallet in hand

Positive reviews

The first thing that customers mention is that the product isn’t overpriced, like a lot of other minimalist wallets on the market. After carefully considering everything that this minimalist wallet offers, they say that the price is justified and they are quite happy with it.

Most customers praise the functionality of the wallet. It doesn’t have a lot of features, but the ones it does have tend to work very well.

Next, people like how the wallet feels in their hands. The leather is pleasant to the touch and feels sturdy at the same time.

A couple of customers say that out of all the minimalist wallets they have had, this one limits the stuff they carry the most. When getting a minimalist wallet, the whole point is to carry as little as you can. If there are more spaces to fill in your wallet, you will usually find more things to put in it. However, the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet has just three compartments, which is more than enough for the essential everyday cards and some cash.

Another good quality of this wallet is the overall design. The Fidelo brand prides itself on making wallets that suit everyone’s taste. The Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet is no different. Since it has neutral colors and a simple design, it has become a very likable wallet in no time, and most owners report loving its look and feel.

Known issues and problems

There are some issues that customers have mentioned.

Firstly, they emphasize that the leather can be scratched and gathers a lot of dust. If this is problematic, you should consider checking out some other minimalist wallets that are built from different materials.

For some people, the small amount of slots is an issue. These people want a minimalist wallet that can fit their specific needs and have found the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet to be incapable of doing so. I wouldn’t consider this a dealbreaker, since the whole point of a minimalist wallet is to carry less, but you can always check out some minimalist wallets with larger card capacities if that’s what you believe you need.

One person said that the eject switch didn’t work like it was supposed to, and that the logo got in the way of cards laying flat in the front slot.

Some customers find the product hard to use. They mainly report getting their cards stuck in the middle slot and they also have trouble with the cash band.

How does the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet compare to other minimalist wallets?

This wallet is very popular and is quite different than most minimalist wallets on the market. Here are some comparisons to give you an overall idea of the differences between the Fidelo and other minimalist wallets.

The Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet vs the Flipside 4 wallet

The Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet is a bit more expensive and can hold fewer cards than the Flipside 4. Both of these are RFID-blocking wallets and are TSA-approved. The guarantee on the Flipside 4 is only two years, while the Fidelo wallet has a lifetime guarantee. These two wallets are similar in their dimensions, but the Flipside 4 weighs less. If you would like to know more about the Flipside 4, read my detailed Flipside 4 review.

The Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet vs the Buffway Slim wallet

Both of these wallets are made out of leather but are still very different.

The main difference is that the Buffway Slim wallet has an inverted design.

The Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet costs more and can hold fewer cards.

Both of these wallets have RFID-blocking, some water resistance, and are TSA-approved. They are very similar in dimension, but the Buffway Slim wallet weighs less.

The guarantee period for the Buffway Slim is only one year.

If you believe that the feature of the Buffway Slim will better fit your needs, you should read my full review of the Buffway Slim.

The Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet vs the Dango S1 Stealth wallet

Both of these wallets are made out of leather and have similar aesthetics.

The Dango S1 Stealth is a cheaper alternative to the Fidelo Minimalist card wallet, and it can hold more cards.

Both of these wallets have RFID-blocking and both are TSA-approved. Also, both wallets have some water resistance and a lifetime guarantee.

The Dango S1 Stealth wallet is bigger and weighs less.

See my complete review of the Dango S1 Stealth if you want to find out more.

Who should not buy the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet?

The wallet is somewhat affordable, but is not exactly a budget wallet. If you want to stretch your budget as much as possible, see my guide on the best wallets under $30. On the other hand, if you’re after a more premium wallet, see my guides on the best wallets under $100, or even the best wallets under $300 for something truly special.

This wouldn’t be the best choice for sporty types of guys. The Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet is made out of leather, which isn’t the best fit for sportswear. However, there are other box minimalist wallets out there, that use materials that are better suited for these types of people. For example, an aluminum wallet, such as the Flipside 4 would be a better fit, and much more practical.

Guys that have strong fashion preferences might feel limited by what this wallet has to offer. There are a restricted number of color choices, which are all pretty plain. If this isn’t to your liking, you should check out some other minimalist wallets on the market, that have better personalization options.

This is a pretty straightforward wallet. Most of the things you have are kept in the middle compartment, and just a couple of things are kept in the outside slots. This might not be enough for people that like to place every single thing in a separate space. Many minimalist wallets have more slots and spaces, which might be better for this group of people.

I wouldn’t recommend this wallet for people who don’t like leather all that much. The leather itself is harder to maintain than aluminum for example. Leather gathers more dust and might tear, but other harder materials might get scratches as well, so it’s always a delicate balance of tradeoffs when it comes to the material choice, and you should be aware of the types of circumstances you will expose your wallet to the most.

Unlike most minimalist wallets, this one has some slots on the outside. This might be a dealbreaker for some people that don’t like their wallet contents to show.

This wallet has a push mechanism on the bottom, that you have to push to access the cards in the middle compartment. Some owners of minimalist wallets find this hard to use and say that it’s very time-consuming. So this might not be the best wallet for someone who likes a more straightforward wallet experience.

Lastly, if you are someone that keeps a lot of cards, this wallet might not be the best choice. Compared to other minimalist wallets, the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet can hold fewer cards. Check out my guide on the best wallets for many cards if that’s a feature you need.

Who should buy the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet?

I would recommend this wallet to business people. Since the wallet is made out of leather it has an elegant look and would go well with business attire.

The wallet design isn’t luxurious, so it would perfectly fit someone with a simpler taste. Since the aesthetic of this wallet is straightforward, it’s very easy to incorporate it into anyone’s wardrobe.

Next, I would recommend this wallet to people that dress casually. As I previously mentioned, all the available colors are neutral and simple. The overall wallet isn’t anything flashy. So if you like wearing casual clothing, the Fidelo would make a great accessory.

This wallet is perfect for people that like to carry as little stuff as possible. The whole point of a minimalist wallet is to help you limit the stuff you carry with you, and this Fidelo wallet does just that. So if you don’t need to carry a lot of cards and cash with you, or you would like to reduce those quantities, this wallet would be perfect for you.

The Fidelo minimalist wallet is very interesting. It’s one of the rare minimalist wallets that is a box wallet on the inside but has a leather exterior case. On top of that, it has an interesting way to access the cards from the middle. So if you would like your wallet to have some fun and unusual features even when it comes to minimalist wallets, you should consider this item.

If you are someone that likes to keep everything in one place then this wallet would be a good choice. In the Fidelo Minimalist Card wallet, you keep most of your stuff in the middle compartment and just a couple of cards or some cash outside of it.

This wallet is also perfect for someone who would like to upgrade their traditional wallet to a new minimalist one, but isn’t sure how the process would go.

Lastly, I would recommend this wallet to those who are afraid that their card information might get stolen. Most customers said that out of all the minimalist wallets they have tried, the RFID function works best on this wallet, so definitely consider it if you want strong RFID protection.

Where to buy the Fidelo Minimalist Card Wallet from?

The Fidelo Minimalist Card Wallet may be available at other stores, but I haven’t seen any of them offer a better deal than Amazon.

Fidelo Minimalist Card Wallet Specifications

Max n. of cards7
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedleather
Height4.3 in / 10.92 cm
Width2.6 in / 6.6 cm
Depth0.32 in / 0.81 cm
Weight1.7 oz / 48.19 g
FeaturesRFID, cash strap
Water resistancesome
Return period30 days

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