Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate Review – A High-Quality Wallet With A Wood Backplate

This is a detailed review of the Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet, a high-quality minimalist wallet with a unique design.

Should you buy the Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet?

Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet open and placed on rug

Every single thing about this product, from the wood aesthetic to the functional design, is both original and durable.

Dango never disappoints when it comes to adding details to their minimalist wallets, and the Dango A-series Walnut Backplate’s sleek motif engraving is no exception.

If you are looking for a unique minimalist wallet that offers top-grade quality, then you should check out the Dango A-series Backplate wallet.


You can purchase this wallet from the Dango store. Dango offers payment options through 4 interest-free installments with Afterpay.

Price and value for money

This wallet is constructed from three parts:

  • A-series walnut backplate – costs $40
  • A10 Adapt wallet – costs $79
  • A10 pull pocket adapter – costs $35

In total, this amounts to $154, which is a bit more than most minimalist wallets, and why this is considered a premium wallet. But if we consider everything that this wallet offers and the quality that the Dango brand stands by, this minimalist wallet is still a good value for money.

Shipping details

If you are ordering from the USA you can get free shipping, as long as your purchase at the Dango store is over $45.

Dango also ships internationally, but you may have to pay additional fees, taxes, customs expenses, etc.

Customer support

It’s very easy to contact the Dango customer support team through the contact form on their website. Simply fill out the contact form with your name, e-mail address, and the question you have. They are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. If you contact them, they answer within 1 business day or less.

You can also reach the Dango support team through their social media. They are available on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.


Dango offers a lifetime warranty on this wallet because they believe in the quality that they offer to their customers.

This warranty covers:

  • missing parts
  • torn leather
  • broken metal
  • ripped paracords

If you come across such a problem, all you need to do is contact the Dango support team in order to activate your warranty.

Returns and refunds

If you want to return a Dango product, you can do so within 30 days after purchasing it. The only thing you need to do is keep the original receipts, emails, and the product, so you can present them as proof of purchase. Keep in mind that you will have to pay the cost of shipping for the return.

The Dango brand

Dango is a well-known brand that was started in 2015. They expend great attention to detail when manufacturing their products. All their unique designs and amazing customer service are why this brand continues to grow by the day.

Every Dango product is made entirely in the United States.


These are some of the basics you should know to better understand this product.

Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet build

How to use the Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet?

This minimalist wallet is very easy to use.

First, you need to place all your cards inside the available slots. The available space for cards consists of the A10 Adapt wallet and the A10 pull pocket adapter. If you like carrying cash, you can always choose to use the A10 Adapt wallet as a slot for cash bills, instead of cards.

And there you have it, your basic wallet all ready and good to go.


Dango always sends their product in the same packaging, which adds quite a nice touch of branding, and in my opinion, helps build trust with the brand.

The wallet arrives in a metal tin can. The package includes initial instructions inside, that show you how to use the product. Right below the instruction manual, you will see the wallet itself and a paracord lanyard that comes with it.

At the bottom you will find a thank you card, that has Dango’s contact information written on it.

Aesthetic and design

Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet next to pen and pull pocket

The Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet has a very unique design that would capture just about anybody’s attention.


The aesthetic of the wallet would best be described as earthy. This is exactly why this is a great outdoors wallet and it would be the favorite for active people, but also for anyone that appreciates the finer things in life, as the wooden backplate adds quite a lot of charm and elegance.

Three parts make this wallet:

  • A-Series walnut backplate
  • A10 Adapt wallet
  • A10 pull pocket adapter

Depending on the colors you choose for the wallet and the pull pocket, you could end up with a whole different amazing look.


Part of this wallet is made out of solid walnut wood, so it doesn’t have any other color options to choose from. Walnut is considered dark wood, with a shade that ranges from pale to dark brown. Walnut is long-lasting and supportive. The color palette that goes well with walnut wood is:

  • orange
  • light green
  • yellow-ochre
  • mustard

You can however choose the color of the actual wallet, and create your unique design that fits well with the walnut wood. The available colors for the wallet are:

  • crimson red
  • slate grey
  • champagne gold
  • satin silver
  • jet black

It is also possible to choose the color of the pocket adapter that comes in:

  • whiskey Brown
  • jet black
  • rawhide
  • DTEX

With all these available colors you will easily find a set of colors that suits you best.


The A10 wallet chassis is made of machined 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum. Aluminum is a very strong material and is naturally corrosion-resistant. Even if it’s quite a strong material, it still manages to stay decently light, which is one of its best qualities.

The backplate of the wallet is made out of solid walnut wood. Walnut wood is not very enduring when exposed to the weather, so I recommend taking good care of this wallet and not putting it through unnecessary exposure to the elements.

Lastly, the A10 pull pocket adapter is made out of leather and is exclusively compatible with A-series Dango wallets.

Clothing style fit

Walnut wood is very smooth, beautiful, and classy, so it would suit most casual clothes and business wear. It would most likely suit outdoorsy people as well because of its aesthetic.


This minimalist wallet is unique and has a lot of interesting features that set it apart from its competitors.

Weight, size, dimensions

The dimension of this wallet are:

  • Height: 2.7 in / 6.858 cm
  • Width: 4.1 in / 10.414 cm
  • Depth: 0.6 in / 1.27 cm

While not too big, the wallet is not one of the slimmest wallets, either.

The Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet weighs 3 oz / 85.05 g. This is heavier than most minimalist wallets that weigh around 2.5 oz / 70 g.

RFID blocking

The Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet is an RFID-blocking wallet. This minimalist wallet is enclosed, and most of its contents are on the inside, so the RFID-blocking functions properly.

RFID-blocking wallet may be necessary to protect your data. You should consider this function if you carry around cards that have valuable information on them.

How many cards can the Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet hold?

The A10 Adapt wallet part can hold up to 5 cards, 4 on the back, and 1 card on the front. And the A10 pull pocket can hold 4 more cards. This means that the Dango A-series Walnut Backplate minimalist wallet can hold a total of 9 cards. You could try to fit 1 or 2 more cards in the pull pocket, but be careful not to tear it.

How much cash can the Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet hold?

The maximum capacity of cash bills is unknown for this wallet. However, you should have no trouble fitting 2-3 cash bills in the A10 Adapt wallet part. If you use this space for cash bills you still have the A10 pull pocket which can hold 4 cards. Keep in mind that this way, you minimize the space you have for cards.

Water resistance

This is one of the minimalist wallets that has better water protection when it comes to the wallet’s contents. Most of the stuff you carry will be placed on the inside of the wallet, which means that it’s hard for water to get inside. However, the walnut backplate may cause some concerns when it comes to water resistance, since wood isn’t the best water repellant.

Customer satisfaction

There are a couple of good things, as well as some issues, that you should know about the Dango A-series Walnut Backplate wallet.

Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet being placed in front pocket

Positive reviews

What first captures our attention is the wallet’s beautiful engraving. The solid walnut wood has sleek motif engraving that sets it apart from other minimalist wallet backplates.

Another good point is that it’s easy to pair this wallet with almost any type of clothing. It’s simply a straightforward design that goes well with just about anything.

Even if the wood backplate is not customizable, Dango offers different color options for the chassis and the pull pocket. Thanks to this, there are a lot of options to choose from when creating your unique wallet design.

One of the materials that stand out is the leather, since this is what is used to make the pull pocket on the top. If you are looking for a leather aesthetic, be sure to purchase this pull pocket along with the Dango wallet, since they come separately.

Finally, the wallet has a strong build and it doesn’t damage easily. The only part that could be more sensitive is the wood backplate.

Known issues and problems

As I mentioned before, wood as a material isn’t very durable, especially when used in an item like a wallet. Wood can also get damaged more easily than other materials when exposed to the weather. This is something to think about, since your wallet is something you carry with you everywhere and it can easily get exposed to the weather.

The leather could also tear, especially if you overstuff it. So if you need a stronger wallet, you should check out some of the other best minimalist wallets for men out there.

The Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet also has a smaller card capacity than some other minimalist wallets. In my opinion, the option to fit 9 cards is more than enough, especially if you consider that the whole point of a minimalist wallet is to limit the things you carry with you.

There is also limited space for cash bills. The only way to fit some cash bills in this wallet is to limit the space you use for cards.

How does the Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet compare to other minimalist wallets?

There are so many different minimalist wallet options on the market, that choosing the one that’s right for you can be a daunting task sometimes. Here are some comparisons to better explain how the Dango A-series Walnut Backplate compares to the competition.

Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet wood backplate compared to other Dango backplate

The Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet vs Dango A10 Adapt Titanium Single Pocket wallet

The Dango A10 Adapt Titanium single pocket is more expensive and can hold fewer cards.

Both of these wallets have RFID-blocking and some water resistance. They have the same dimensions and weight.

What’s different about these two wallets are the materials and some of the features.

Dango offers a lifetime warranty for both of these products. If you would like to know more about the titanium wallet, read my full review of the Dango A10 Adapt Titanium Single Pocket wallet.

The Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet vs Dango D01 Dapper Bifold wallet

The Dango D01 Dapper is cheaper and can hold a lot more cards. It’s also bigger in dimension and weighs less than the Dango A-series Walnut Backplate wallet.

Both of them have RFID-blocking and some water resistance, and both of them come with Dango’s lifetime warranty.

They have different features and are built differently. Check out my complete review of the Dango D01 Dapper Bifold wallet if it sounds like the better option to you.

The Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet vs the Buffway Slim wallet

The Buffway Slim wallet is a lot cheaper and can hold more cards than the Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet.

Both of these wallets have some water resistance and RFID-blocking.

The Buffway Slim wallet has a 1-year warranty, while the Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet comes with a lifetime warranty.

Between the two, the Buffway Slim wallet is bigger in dimension but weighs a lot less.

When it comes to materials, the Buffway Slim is made entirely out of leather, while the Dango A-series Walnut Backplate uses multiple materials.

See my Buffway Slim review if you are curious about this wallet.

Who should not buy the Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet?

I wouldn’t recommend this wallet to someone who doesn’t like wood as a material. Wood is harder to maintain than, for example, aluminum or titanium. So if you aren’t necessarily interested in a wallet that incorporates wood in its design, you shouldn’t go for the Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate.

If you want more color options, this minimalist wallet might limit your creativity. This is mostly so because you cannot customize the backplate, which let’s be honest is the most noticeable part of the wallet.

If you are just getting used to using minimalist wallets, your first upgrade to a new minimalist wallet probably shouldn’t be the Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet. As I mentioned before, it has a build that’s very different from most minimalist wallets.

You also might not like this minimalist wallet if you are someone that needs more card and cash space. The Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate limits storage more than some other minimalist wallets on the market. If you need to carry more cards, take a look at my guide on the best wallets for many cards.

This isn’t the best wallet if you are on a budget either. There are a lot more minimalist wallets that can give you everything you need for a much lower price, and if that’s what you’re after, I recommend checking out my guides on the best wallets under $100 and the best wallets under $50.

Lastly, if you like to carry your wallet in your back pocket, you mind find it difficult to do so with the Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet. This wallet’s sharp edges could be very uncomfortable when you try to sit on top of your wallet. This could be avoided by adding the A10 adapt pull pocket to the wallet but could increase the overall bulkiness as well.

Who should buy the Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate wallet?

If you are someone that likes an outdoorsy aesthetic, this might just be your favorite minimalist wallet yet. It’s one of the rare minimalist wallets to incorporate wood into their design, while still maintaining functionality.

You should consider this wallet if you want a long-lasting high-quality wallet. Dango uses the finest materials when manufacturing their products, so you can’t really go wrong with choosing one of their amazing minimalist wallets.

If you don’t necessarily need to carry too much stuff, this minimalist wallet is the perfect fit for you. It can accommodate the basic cards you might need and some cash without any problem.

The last good reason to choose this wallet is that it comes from the Dango brand. If what you are looking for is a premium experience, then Dango is surely the best place to find it. The brand has a wide variety of minimalist wallets you can choose from, excellent customer service, and most importantly, puts a great deal of quality control and attention to detail into every single product they make.

Where to buy the Dango A10 Adapt A-Series Walnut Backplate from?

As with most Dango models, the Dango A10 Adapt A-Series Walnut Backplate is best ordered through the official Dango store.

Dango A-Series Walnut Backplate Specifications

Max n. of cards9
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedwood, leather, aluminum
Height2.7 in / 6.858 cm
Width4.1 in / 10.414 cm
Depth0.6 in / 1.27 cm
Weight3 oz / 85.05 g
Water resistancesome
Return period30 days

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