Dango A-Series Nickel Plated Backplate Wallet Review – Minimalist Wallet With A True Metallic Shine

This is a detailed review of the Dango A-Series nickel-plated backplate wallet. In this article, we’ll evaluate all of the good features of this wallet and some of the possible issues you may encounter.

Should you buy the Dango A-Series Nickel Plated Backplate?

You should purchase the Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate as a way to upgrade the classic A10 Dango wallet. This nickel-plated aluminum backplate is ideal for people who appreciate highly customizable and modular products.

The plate alone is polished to shine and reflect light, making the wallet appear and feel like liquid metal. The unique design offers an authentic metallic, luxurious, and retro look.

In addition to being incredibly cool-looking, this backplate is RFID secured, lightweight, and easy to use.

The Dango A-Series nickel plated backplate wallet card slot


You can purchase the Dango A-Series nickel-plated backplate wallet at the official Dango online store. For all Dango products, you can use the Afterpay option.

Price and value

If you already have a Dango A-Series wallet, then you can buy the Nickel Plated Backplate for $40 to upgrade your minimalist wallet.

However, you can purchase the A10 Adapt wallet with the Backplate for $119. Price-wise, this deal is an affordable yet deluxe upgrade to the standard A10 wallet that costs $79.


Dango offers free USA shipping to all orders over $49.

Besides domestic, the brand ships international orders as well. However, you may have to pay a customs fee, border taxes, etc.

Customer support

Dango has very dedicated customer service that responds within one business day or less to all emails sent at [email protected].

Another way to reach the brand is on the Dango contact page, or by sending them a letter at the mailing address PO BOX 5053, Santa Clara, CA 95056.

You can find Dango on social media as well:


The Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This type of insurance applies to all Dango products, including wallets and accessories.

A limited lifetime warranty means that the product is insureds against manufacturing defects. So, if you receive a backplate that misses parts or has broken metal, you can easily exchange it or require a free-of-charge repair.

Keep in mind that all returned items will undergo a review to justify warranty coverage. Also, the customer will be responsible for inbound and outbound shipping costs.

Return and refund policy

Dango’s return policy states that the company will accept returns within 30 days of purchase.

To be eligible for a refund, you’ll have to present proof of purchase. You’ll also have to send the product in the original packaging. Dango will refund you the purchase price within seven business days of receipt of the item.

For further and more detailed instructions, it’s best to contact customer services before returning the goods.

The Dango brand

The Dango A-Series nickel plated backplate wallet

Dango Products began its story in 2015. Since then, the brand has become one of the best, most recognizable USA manufacturers for minimalist wallets.

The company produces unique products, beloved for their rugged and aggressive yet sleek and minimal design. Quality-wise, Dango always uses the finest materials and puts them together with precise craftsmanship.


The Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate is created to be highly customizable and secure. This is achieved through the usage of quality materials and smart design.


Dango products arrive in a signature tin box that serves two purposes. First, the box offers excellent protection during transport. Second, this consistent packaging is great for branding and establishes the brand’s status as a trustworthy company.

Alongside the wallet, you’ll receive a manual describing the product and instructions on how to use it.

The backplate comes with a complimentary hex wrench included in the package as well.

How to use

Attaching the Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate to the A10 wallet is very easy. Simply unscrew the standard removable aluminum backplate off the wallet, and then use the same four screws to secure the nickel-plated backplate. This way, in a few seconds and with the help of the hex wrench, you’ll transform and upgrade your minimalist A-series wallet.

You can customize any of the A-Series wallets with this luxurious backplate. However, the backplate is most commonly purchased with the standard A10 wallet.

The A10 wallet is also easy to use. This minimalist wallet is equipped with Dango’s popular quick-release rail mechanism on both sides of the wallet that allows smooth access to cards while keeping them securely in place. The A10 wallet with the backplate can store up to five cards. Further, you can increase the storage space by adding a single or bi-fold Dango pocket.


Dango Products strives to create durable and functional products suited for daily use on any occasion. The brand is detail-oriented and puts a lot of time and thought into the crafting process of each product.

The Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate is mindfully designed from quality materials. The same goes for the A10 wallet. So, we can say without a douth that here we have one of Dango’s most versatile, functional, and long-lasting wallets.


The backplate is made from polished, nickel-plated aluminum. Nickel plating is the process of applying a nickel coating over aluminum. This technique is used for both decorative and engineering purposes.

The A10 wallet is crafted with anodized, 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum, and is arguably one of the best aluminum wallets available right now. This material makes for a smooth, sturdy, and corrosion-resistant surface. Plus, aluminum is a lightweight material and protects against unwanted RFID theft.

Known issues and problems

The Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate wallet has a few weaknesses and disadvantages.

The first possible problem that comes to mind is the storage capacity wallet. This may not be a significant issue if you are looking for a truly minimalist wallet, but numerous customers enjoy having separate compartments for cash and cards. Note that you can have this if you are willing to invest in an additional Dango Pocket Adapter. However, the Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate wallet alone can hold only a few cards.

Another difficulty is related to the tiny screws. The screws are deliberately made extra small due to the minimalist design and compactness of the wallet. However, without the special hex wrench, you won’t be able to change the plates or modify your wallet. Fortunately, Dango has included this essential tool with the backplate, but will have to be very careful not to lose it.

One significant problem that you should be aware of is caused by the metal rails. The metal card slots can damage your cards if you are not careful when inserting and removing them. Also, sliding cards in and out may take a little practice, especially if you have never used a metal minimalist wallet.

And finally, the last issue is the price. The Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate wallet is not a budget minimalist wallet since the backplate alone costs $40. Sure, this is not the most expensive wallet on the market, but keep in mind that a significant number of the best minimalist wallets for men can be purchased for less than $50.

The Dango A-Series nickel plated backplate wallet style


The design of the Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate is elegant and timeless. The effortlessly chic look makes for a functional, easy-to-use, and luxurious minimalist wallet that you will be proud to show off. Regardless of your style, the A10 wallet with the backplate is an ideal accessory for daily use.


The Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate is available in only one color option – silver with a mirror finish. The shiny mirror surface reflects light and absorbs color from nearby objects. So, depending on the surrounding, the backplate may change color, which adds to the unique look of the wallet.

The A10 wallet comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from:

  • satin silver
  • crimson red
  • slate gray
  • champagne gold
  • jet black

The backplate is neutral and versatile, which means you can combine it with any color.

If you decide to purchase the A10 pocket, you can further customize your wallet. The pocket is available in:

  • whiskey brown
  • DTEX
  • jet black
  • rawhide

Fit to clothing style

The wallet easily fits anyone’s style and preference. All of the possible color and design combinations offer a great amount of freedom. This way, each buyer can customize their perfect minimalist wallet.

Features and functionality

Each separate part of the wallet has special features.

The features of the Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate are:

  • hand polished
  • nickel plated
  • RFID secured
  • hex wrench

Some of the most interesting and practical features of the A10 wallet are:

  • ID window
  • all aluminum
  • lightweight
  • slim profile

The features of the A10 pocket adapter include:

  • pull tab
  • adapter with polycarbonate sliding plate
  • compatible with A-Series wallets

Portability, size, weight

The nickel-plated backplate alone weighs only 1.2 oz / 34 g, and the A10 wallet weighs 2.3 oz / 65 g.

The wallet dimensions are:

  • height: 2.7 in / 6.85 cm
  • width: 4.1 in / 10 cm
  • depth: 0.6 in / 1.27 cm

Water resistance

The aluminum material from which this wallet is made has excellent water and corrosion resistance. Still, I advise you to avoid submerging the wallet underwater. The card slots on the Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate wallet are open so moisture will damage your cards and cash.

Does the Dango A-Series Backplate wallet have RFID blocking?

The Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated backplate is an RFID-secure wallet. The backplate will keep your sensitive information safe and protect you against identity theft. However, the A10 wallet chassis has a vertical-oriented card slot that acts as an ID window. This side of the wallet chassis is open and thus not RFID protected.

How many cards can the Dango A-Series Backplate wallet hold?

The Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate wallet can hold up to 5 cards. The removable, RFID-protected, aluminum plate can hold up to 4 cards. On the other side of the wallet chassis, you can place a single card. The front side features a rail system that holds pocket adapters and it doubles as an open ID window. There you can display identification, badges, or cards that need daily scanning.

The A10 pull pocket adapter will allow you to hold an extra 4 cards and a few cash slips inside the wallet.

How much cash can the Dango A-Series Backplate wallet hold?

The Dango A-Series nickel plated backplate wallet can hold only 2 folded cash bills. You can increase the cash storage capacity by adding the A10 pocket or installing the A10 chassis clip. The A10 clip is an excellent option for holding extra items, like cash and notes. You can easily attach the clip to the wallet with a single screw and the hex wrench.

The Dango A-Series nickel plated backplate wallet hex wrench

Dango A-Series Nickel Plated Backplate vs A-Series Walnut Backplate

If we compare two of the A-series Dago backplates, the nickel-plated backplate and the walnut backplate, we’ll notice many similarities and a few significant differences.

Both backplates are compatible with A-Series wallets only. They are sold separately and cost $40. Further, both backplates have RFID protection and come with a hex wrench.

The main difference is in the materials from which these backplates are made. The nickel-plated backplate is aluminum, slightly lighter, and resistant to corrosion and moisture.

The walnut backplate is crafted from solid wood, reinforced with stainless steel substrate that provides extra strength. This plate weighs 1.3 oz / 36.85 g, whereas the aluminum one weighs 1.2 oz / 34.02. Additionally, the walnut wood requires more care than the nickel-plated backplate. To upkeep wood, you will have to use mineral oil or a wood conditioner.

The most noticeable difference between these plates is their design and appearance. The wooden backplate is unique in that it uses organic material that gives an earthy feel to the minimalist wallet. The nickel-plated plate looks and feels futuristic and luxurious thanks to the shiny mirror finish.

I advise you to choose a plate that suits your style better. Note that, either way, you will get a great and durable product with an innovative and unique look.

Reviews and customer satisfaction

The nickel-plated backplate wallet is still a new product and a much-needed addition to the Dango A-Series family.

There are countless positive reviews about the A10 wallet on the official Dango website and Amazon. Many satisfied customers have chosen this wallet for its compact size and quality build. Buyers also appreciate the super sleek, minimalist design and the easy-to-use rail system.

Most users who have rated this wallet with five stars say that this is a perfect wallet for everyday and long-term use. They also applaud the modularity and customizability of this wallet. So it’s not a big surprise that the nickel-plated backplate is a desired and refreshing upgrade to the original look.

Who should not buy the Dango A-Series Nickel Plated Backplate?

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t buy the Dango A-Series nickel-plated backplate wallet.

The first, most obvious reason is the size of the wallet. The Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate is a true minimalist wallet, and it can hold only five cards. So, if you need a minimalist wallet that offers more card and cash slots, this is not the product for you, and I suggest checking out my guide on the best wallets for many cards.

Another reason why you shouldn’t buy this wallet is the material. Aluminum is a very durable and sturdy material, yet it lacks the certain flexibility that most leather minimalist wallets offer.

Also, you should avoid this wallet if you are concerned that the rail system will damage your cards. Keep in mind that this may happen only if you are not careful, but for a lot of people being extra attentive to something that should be a care-free process such as taking out your cards is too much of a burden.

Finally, this wallet’s price will be outside the price ranges for some people, in which case I recommend taking a look at my guides on the best wallets under $50 and the best wallets under $30.

Who should buy Dango A-Series Nickel Plated Backplate?

The Dango A-Series nickel plated backplate wallet accessories

You should purchase the Dango A-Series nickel-plated backplate wallet if you want a quality product crafted to perfection. The product comes with a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees protection against manufacturing defects, and that should further increase the trust and confidence in this product.

Another reason why you should buy this wallet is its minimal, slim, and lightweight design. If you are looking for a minimalist wallet to carry only the necessities, this product is a great option. Further, the Dango A-Series nickel-plated backplate wallet has an ID window opening that makes for easy scanning. This single card slot is ideal for identification cards and badges.

Finally, this minimalist wallet looks and feels extra luxurious. Its mirror finish and metallic shine are beautiful and impressive. The Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate wallet will fit the style of many people perfectly. Also, this elegant and timeless finish not only shines but also offers RFID protection.

Overall, the Dango A-Series Nickel-Plated Backplate wallet is a well-rounded and practical, USA-crafted minimalist wallet made to last.

Where to buy the Dango A-Series Nickel Plated Backplate from?

You can find the Dango A-Series Nickel Plated Backplate at the official Dango online store.

Dango A-Series Nickel Plated Backplate Specifications

Max n. of cards5
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usednickel-plated aluminum
Height2.75 in / 6.98 cm
Width4.1 in / 10 cm
Depth0.6 in / 1.27 cm
Weight1.2 oz /34 g (backplate) | 2.3 oz / 65 g (A10 wallet)
Featureshand-polished, nickel-plated, RFID secured, hex wrench, ID window, lightweight, slim profile
Water resistancesome
Warrantylimited lifetime warranty
Return period30 days

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