Coach Card Case Wallet Review – Luxury Wallet With Paper-thin Design

The Coach Card Case wallet is one of the best-looking premium wallets currently on the market. In this complete review of it, we will examine its good sides, its bad sides, and whether it might be the right choice for you.

Should you buy the Coach Card Case wallet?

If you are looking for a slim, luxurious, leather wallet that comes from a trusted and established brand, then the Coach Card Case might be the best choice for your next wallet.

It’s one of the simplest, most convenient wallets ever made. It’s very easy to use and so slim it can fit into any pocket without much trouble.

The Coach Card Case is one of the best cardholders in the game, with great aesthetics, truly premium design, and high-quality materials that will last for years.


The best place you can buy this wallet at the time is Amazon.

Other ordering sites usually have most of the other Coach products in their stock. However, none of them offer the Card Case model at this time, except the brand’s store itself.


This Card Case wallet will usually cost you around $100 / £75. It’s a premium-priced product, and one of the most deluxe wallets ever made.

The price, although high, is pretty justified mostly because of the strong, high-quality materials the wallet is made of. It also comes with a lifetime cleaning and repair service available at all Coach stores. By taking advantage of these services, this item will serve you for ages.

Shipping details

Coach offers free shipping on all their products. Products ordered with this standard option will be delivered in 3 to 5 business days.

If you want the wallet sooner, you have the option for express delivery in 2 days for an additional $13, or even a next-day delivery for around $20.

Customer support

Coach is renowned for the customer support and product care service they offer.

If you have any questions or concerns about your wallet, you can always contact them through one of these channels:

  • the chatbox found in the bottom right corner of their website
  • the contact form on the website
  • via a WhatsApp chat
  • give them a call at +44203 205 2020

Their customer support team is available every Monday – Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Warranty and return policies

Coach offers a one-year warranty on all their wallets, including the Card Case model. This warranty covers any damages or manufacturer’s defects done to the item.

You should keep in mind that you can always repair your wallet of some minor defects even after the one-year warranty has passed, although this will be at your own cost.

Aside from the warranty, Coach has a 30-day free return policy in case you weren’t satisfied with your wallet and want to return it back. You can find all the details about these policies on Coach’s customer care webpage.

Coach brand

Coach is a fashion brand founded in New York in the distant 1941. Having been around for more than half a century, the company has excelled in manufacturing designer bags, shoes, wallets, and various accessories.

Luxury and authenticity are the signature moves of the Coach company. They offer only the best, premium, high-end products designed with the utmost care and thought in the process. Their minimalist wallets, such as the Card Case model here, are one of the most impeccable products in the wallet industry.


The Coach Card Case is a leather wallet made with two pieces of fabric stitched together with a fine thread. It is designed as a slim cardholder, with six small card pockets on the sides of the wallet.

How to use the Coach Card Case wallet?

The main feature of this wallet is the side pockets mounted on the sides of the fabric. These are open, small pockets that hold just one card in each of them.

You can also use one of the pockets for cash instead, fitting up to 3 bills in one of them in place of 1 card.

When it comes to carrying this wallet around, you should have no concerns at all. The item is so slim, you can just put it in whichever pocket you like and it won’t show or stretch your pants at all.

Build quality

We mentioned how high the quality of Coach’s wallets is. They always use the best materials, polished in the finest ways to deliver an outstanding fashionable product.


The Card Case is made completely out of polished pebble leather, with fine thread used to stitch the edges together.

The pebbled surface not only gives the wallet a nice visual appearance but makes it more durable and scratch-resistant as well. This manufacturing process assures that the wallet will keep its figure intact, keeping the leather safe from abrasions and other damages.

Wallet maintenance

Quality maintenance and cleaning are essential if you want any leather product to last for years to come. For this particular issue, Coach has one of the best services out of all wallet brands.

The company offers a free lifetime wallet care service at their retail stores. You can always just call them and make an appointment. Their team will take care of your wallet, clean it thoroughly, and condition the item in a professional manner.

Additionally, you can do the same at home by yourself. You’ll just need to buy the Coach Suede Protector, a cleaning spray product for a price of around $20. The Suede spray, when applied to a leather surface, protects it from water, oil, dirt, and similar outside components that can damage the wallet.

Check out my guide on how to clean a leather wallet for some more details.


Coach has always strived to design simple, yet authentic and fashionable items. With the Card Case wallet, they’ve managed to deliver the perfect combination of the three.


The Card Case wallet is made from pebbled leather. This is a type of leather that goes through a press in order to create small rounded bumps, resembling tiny pebbles on its surface. The result is a wallet with a rugged exterior, which adds nice complementary aesthetics to its design.

You will also find the words ‘Coach leatherwear’ engraved at the bottom of the front side, right below the side pockets.

The Card Case comes in six different colors:

  • green
  • red
  • purple
  • blue
  • white
  • yellow

Fit to clothing style

The best clothing style this wallet goes with is a formal, professional, yet stylish outfit. Suits, elegant shirts, and fashionable dresses are best complemented with the Coach Card Case.

However, with so many color options and simple designs, you can pull this wallet off with various other styles. Less formal pants, shorts, t-shirts that come in colors paired with the ones of the wallet can go well too.

Jeans are a perfect match with this wallet as well, mainly the yellow and blue versions. These brighter colors can be combined with most of the modern fashion trends, especially among the youth population.


The Card Case is designed with minimalism and simplicity in mind, but still has some useful features that will come in handy.

Weight, size, dimensions

This is one of the slimmest and most simple wallets ever made, with a size slightly bigger than a credit card. Its precise dimensions are:

  • width: 4 in / 10 cm
  • height: 3 in / 7.6 cm
  • depth: around 0.2 in / 0.5 cm [empty]

Additionally, the Card Case weighs just around 1 oz / 28 gr when it’s empty, making it one of the lightest wallets as well. With such size, it is able to fit any pocket, back or front, effortlessly.

Side card slots

The Card Case has six card slots mounted on the side of the wallet, three on each side of the piece of fabric. Each one of them holds just one card and is non-expandable in size.

All of the six pockets are uncovered, giving you quick access to the most frequently used cards usually stored here. The bottom pocket in the front side of the wallet also has a sloped end which further eases access to the card inside.

How many cards can the Coach Card Case wallet hold?

With six one-card pockets, the Card Case is designed to hold up to six cards.

If you carry on some business cards or similar paper-thin cards, then you might be able to fit two or three in one pocket. However, when it comes to credit cards, you won’t fit more than one.

How much cash can the Coach Card Case wallet hold?

The wallet doesn’t have any additional pocket or clip that holds cash bills.

You could use one of the side pockets for this purpose, but that will reduce the space for cards, of course.

Is the Coach Card Case water-resistant?

Unfortunately, the Card Case is not a water-resistant wallet since all its pockets are open and made from leather, a material that will not be able to hold any of the contents safe from water intake. Using the Suede spray for maintaining this wallet, however, will make sure that the wallet itself doesn’t get damaged from water contact.

How does the Coach Card Case compare to other minimalist wallets?

When it comes to minimalist wallets, in the past few years there is a growing trend of metal and plastic wallets that have overwhelmed the market. Nevertheless, leather ones are still very present, still going as strong as ever.

Let’s see how does the Coach Card Case compares to similar leather wallets, and what advantages does it have over them.

Coach Card Case vs Harber London Leather Bifold

Harber London Leather Bi-fold Wallet Coin Compartment

The Harber London Leather Bifold is a minimalist, leather wallet, very similar to the Coach Card Case.

Both wallets are premium, high-end products, with similar durability and price. The Harber London costs around $110.

However, there are a few differences between the two worth mentioning. The Harber London has a much bigger capacity for up to 18 cards, cash bills, and even has a pocket for coins in it. Also, as the name suggests, it is a folding wallet, much more similar to the traditional vintage models.

The choice here falls on whether you want the extra storage of the Harber London wallet, at the cost of the bulkiness the extra contents will add to it. See my detailed Harber London Bifold review if you’re curious about it.

Coach Card Case vs Runbox Minimalist Slim

Runbox Minimalist Slim brown color

The Runbox Minimalist Slim wallet is a budget-priced alternative to the Coach model. It is a slim, leather wallet that will cost you just around $27, a perfect choice for those on a tight budget.

However, this price comes with some significant quality sacrifices. Although both wallets use leather as their main material, the one in the Runbox is of fairly poorer quality than the one Coach uses.

Aside from its quality, the Runbox Minimalist Slim has some other differences as well. It has a slightly bigger capacity of around 12 cards and 8 cash bills and has more features such as RFID blocking, water protection, and a cash clip mounted on it.

It is a great budget alternative, especially if you would prefer the extra storage and features at the cost of the poorer quality material.

Who should not buy the Coach Card Case wallet?

Most notably, this is not the wallet for people who need more than 6 cards at all times. The storage of the Coach Card Case is pretty strict, and it only holds this somewhat small number of cards in its pockets. Take a look at my guide on the best wallets for many cards if you need more card capacity.

Adventurers are also people who wouldn’t see the use of this wallet much. Those types of people would much prefer a more durable metal wallet rather than a leather one like this one. The Coach Card Case is a substantially more elegant, deluxe wallet, not exactly designed for mountainous adventures. If you want a wallet suited for a more dynamic lifestyle, check out my guide on the best outdoors wallets.

On a similar note, it doesn’t really suit sporty people as well, mainly because it doesn’t go well with sporty outfits and busy lifestyles that would put much more pressure on the leather’s life expectancy.

The price of the wallet may be prohibitively high for some people, and if you want a cheaper wallet, see my guides on the best wallets under $50 and the best wallets under $30.

And finally, if you carry a lot of cash with you daily, you definitely shouldn’t buy the Coach Card Case. It doesn’t have a designated pocket for cash bills, and carrying them in one of the card pockets will only reduce the already low space for cards in the wallet. You can check out my guide on the best wallets for cash if you need more space for cash.

Who should buy the Coach Card Case wallet?

The Coach Card Case is the perfect wallet for stylish people, who are always thoughtful with their outfits. People who spend most of the day in business clothes, or fashionable attire, and care a lot about their appearance should be the first to consider this wallet.

The wallet would also suit people who don’t need much storage and only carry up to 6 cards with them. For most people, cash bills are a thing of the past and credit cards are the only form of payment they need today. If you are one of these, then replacing your bulky wallet with this slim cardholder is the best choice you can make.

Travelers are another type who would love the Coach Card Case. It’s a slim, compact wallet that can fit anywhere you want, in any small bag, backpack compartment, or pocket. This is a great thing for people who often travel and need to be as efficient as they can with their baggage.

Finally, if you are simply looking for a premium wallet, with assured quality, that comes from a longstanding and established brand, then the Coach Card Case is one of the best wallets you can buy.

Where to buy the Coach Card Case from?

The Coach Card Case is available on Amazon, and, as usual, that will be the best place to buy it from.

Coach Card Case Specifications

Max n. of cards6
RFID blocking?no
TSA compliant?no
Materials usedleather
Height4 in / 10 cm
Width3 in / 7.6 cm
Depth0.2 in / 0.5 cm
Weight1 oz / 28 g
Featuresside card slots
Water resistancenone
Warranty1 year
Return period30 days

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