Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet Review – The Minimalist Wallet With Lots Of Hidden Compartments

This is a detailed review of the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet. The purpose of the review is to answer any questions you may have regarding the Bellroy brand in general, and the Hide and Seek wallet specifically. So, let’s take a closer look into some of the most significant features of this wallet.

Should you buy the Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet?

I would recommend the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet to anyone looking for a leather, top-quality, and RFID-protected minimalist wallet.

This wallet is perfect for people interested in top-quality, slim minimalist wallets for men with significant storage space for cards and cash.

I would also recommend this wallet to people who appreciate timeless design and look. Additionally, if you are interested in supporting an environmentally friendly brand, you should consider purchasing the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet.

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet Bi-fold


You can purchase the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet on the official Bellroy website or Amazon.

You may find this wallet in other stores, but I highly recommend these two online options. Both companies ship internationally while the ordering process is easy, fast, and straightforward.

Price and value

The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet costs $89. This is a very reasonable, maybe even somewhat affordable price for such a high-quality minimalist wallet.


Shipping cost, as well as delivery time, will vary depending on your location. Bellroy usually sends orders within 2 working days, and shipment time can take anywhere between 3 to 28 working days, although the average shipping time will be much lower than 28 days.

Additionally, the company offers express delivery and tracking. Keep in mind that extra taxes and custom border fees may apply to orders in Asia, South America, Africa, and some European countries.

USA customers can choose one of the three available delivery options. You can use the Regular UPS SurePost as a delivery method. This way, you’ll get free shipping and receive the package within 3–7 business days. You can choose the Express UPS Air option and pay $6 to receive your order in 1–3 business days. If you are in a hurry, I recommend using the Next Day UPS Air service. With this option, you will pay $19 and receive your shipment the next day.

You can learn more on Bellroy’s shipping page.

Bellroy Gift Cards

In addition to the wallet, you can purchase Bellroy gift cards for personal or business use. These cards can be applied when buying any product on the official Bellroy online store.

Customer support

Bellroy has friendly and responsive customer service that you can contact at the Bellroy contact page or email them at [email protected].

If you want to purchase Bellroy products as corporate gifts and learn more about customization options and pricing, contact the corporate sales team at [email protected].

To be up to date with the latest Bellroy offers, news, and products, follow them on social media:


The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet has a 3-year warranty, valid from the date of purchase. This Bellroy warranty covers manufacturing defects only. Faults caused by improper care, neglect, wear, and tear are not warranted.

Only wallets bought through the official website or the Bellroy authorized re-sellers are warranted. Also, you will need to provide an original receipt or proof of purchase.

Return and refund policy

You can apply for a refund or exchange within 30 days of delivery. To begin the return and exchange process, first, you’ll have to send an email to customer service at [email protected]. Then, you can ship the item back using the Bellroy packaging. Note that all returned products must be in original condition, and it’s the customer’s responsibility to pay for the shipping.

The Bellroy brand

Bellroy is an Australian brand that crafts accessories, such as bags, wallets, pouches, phone cases, key covers, etc.

Bellroy was founded in 2009 by engineers Lina Calabria and Matthew Fallshaw and designers Andrew Fallshaw and Hadrien Monloup. The following year, the brand launched its first wallet models.

Since then, the company has been slowly growing its popularity worldwide. Today, Bellroy is a well-known brand dedicated to making lasting products that have a positive impact on the planet.


Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet packaging

The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet is a bi-fold, leather minimalist wallet with an RFID-protected section, a flat bill section, and a hidden coin pouch.


The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet comes in a typical Bellroy packaging. The box resembles a cardboard envelope that protects the products during transportation. The packaging has sewn edges and decorative lining inside, which adds to the aesthetic value of the box.

How to use

Once you unwrap the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet from its packaging, you’ll notice that the wallet doesn’t have any features on the outside. At first glance, you’ll be able to see only the premium leather material and the small Bellroy logo in the corner. However, once you open or unfold the wallet, you’ll see five separate card slots.

On the interior left-hand side, there are two card pockets. The first slot is smaller and made for holding one or two cards. The second pocket is deeper and can hold three to four cards. On the interior right side, the wallet has three card horizontal openings. Each of these slots can hold a single card inside. The pockets on the right side are ideal for quick access to cards that you use often.

The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet has a flat bill section where you can hold cash bills. This bill section is unusual since it has many hidden compartments.

The front side of the bill section holds yet another card slot that can be used for storing one or two cards. On the backside of the flat pocket, the wallet has a secret, second section for cash. This secondary pouch is concealed beneath a lip of leather. So, the Hide and Seek wallet has two separate bill pockets, but that is not all. Underneath the back bill section, there is an additional slot where you can place a single card, coins, or even keys.

Overall the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet has seven separate card slots, five visible and two hidden, and two bi-fold bill pouches. Despite the numerous compartments, the wallet is easy to use and suitable for daily carry.


The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet build is top-notch due to the strong, very well-finished seams and quality leather.


The Bellroy Hide and Seek minimalist wallet is made with premium, eco-tanned leather. This leather is durable, flexible, and has timeless appeal.

The brand prides itself on being socially responsible, so they source leather only from Gold Rated LWG tanneries. If you are interested to read more on this topic, I advise you to check the Bellroy Leather page.

Known issues and problems

The biggest issue that buyers point out is the thickness of the wallet. The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet has a slim and minimal profile. However, the wallet tends to get bulkier after inserting cards, cash, and coins inside the pockets. This is an expected outcome, and simply avoiding overstuffing your wallet takes care of this issue. It’s best to stick to the recommended number of cards and cash.

Also, some buyers complained that the leather flap on the secret bill compartment makes the wallet thicker. This is another potential problem that you should consider when buying.

Few customers say that the leather changes its appearance after usage. It’s important to note that regardless of quality, leather always ages, usually depending on how you use it. So, the only solution to this problem is to take good care of the wallet. I advise you to apply a good leather conditioner every 3 months to prevent cracks and tears.

One or two reviewers complain about the overall quality of the wallet. This problem usually occurs due to manufacturing defects. So, if you receive a faulty product, contact Bellroy customer services as soon as possible. The Hide and Seek wallet comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day return policy, and you should have no problems getting a new product or a refund.

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet Java color

Design and aesthetics

The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet has been crafted to look and feel minimal, light, and classy. The leather material adds a certain elegance to the product without overcomplicating the simplicity of the design.

The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet is the perfect accessory for keeping your possessions organized. This minimalist wallet is suitable for any occasion, from parties and business meetings to adventures in nature.


The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet comes in a variety of different colors:

  • black
  • charcoal
  • navy
  • basalt
  • marine Blue
  • ranger Green
  • java
  • caramel

Fit to clothing style

Regardless of your clothing style, the Hide and Seek wallet will complement any outfit. The large selection of colors you can choose from allows you to effortlessly combine this wallet with your watch, belts, and shoes.

Features and functionality

The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet has many unique and useful features that make it stand out from similar products available on the market today. This includes features like:

  • RFID Protection
  • bi-fold design
  • quick access card slots
  • protected section for credit and business cards
  • hidden coin pouch
  • hidden flat bill section

Portability, size, weight

The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet has the following standard dimensions:

  • width: 3.3 in / 8.6 cm
  • length: 4.53 in / 11.7 cm
  • depth: 0.78 in / 2 cm
  • weight: 3.5 oz / 99 g

However, this wallet is available in two sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every currency.

You can choose the HI size wallet, for bills taller than 74 mm. HI size fits best:

  • euros
  • pounds
  • yen
  • Singapore and Hong Kong dollars
  • all other currencies

The other option is LO size wallet, for bills shorter than 74 mm. This size is made for:

  • US dollars
  • Australian, Canadian and New Zealand dollars
  • rubles

If you are still not sure which version is right for you, contact Bellroy and they will help you select the correct size for your currency.

Water resistance

The Hide and Seek wallet is not water-resistant. So, if your wallet gets wet or you accidentally spill a drink on it, wipe the excess moisture with a clean towel or cloth. Then it’s best to empty your wallet and let the leather dry away from sunlight.

Dry leather is prone to cracking and tearing. To avoid unwanted damage, use uncolored leather cream or conditioner to bring your wallet’s leather back to life.

For stains, it’s best to use a special leather cleaner and apply a leather conditioner afterward. Don’t forget to use conditioners made for aniline or semi-aniline leather.

Does the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet have RFID blocking?

The wallet is RFID protected, and this is one of its key features. Generally, people prefer minimalist wallets with an added layer of RFID protection against identity theft. The Bellroy Hide and Seek will keep your credit and business cards safe from undesirable electronic scans.

Hidden pockets

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet hidden pocket

The popularity of minimalist wallets is growing day by day. However, a significant number of users point out that “cards only” wallets can be very limiting.

The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet addresses this problem by offering extra storage space not only for cards, but for cash and coins as well. This is possible thanks to the clever design and the many hidden compartments.

The wallet has one hidden card compartment and an additional extra safe, hidden compartment, designed for holding a few coins or even other small items like keys.

Further, the wallet offers a second, hidden notes compartment. Having two separate bill pockets is great, since it forces you to use and utilize both compartments mindfully. The easy access bill pocket is ideal for holding cash bills. The second, hidden bill pocket is perfect for the things you don’t need to access frequently, for example, foreign money, and larger notes.

How many cards can the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet hold?

The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet can comfortably hold 5 to 12 cards. You can fit more than 12 cards inside this wallet, but I advise against it. The more cards you put in the visible and hidden pockets, the thicker the wallet will become. So, to keep a slim profile and avoid damage, stick to the recommended number of cards.

How much cash can the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet hold?

It’s best to hold 7 bills inside the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet. However, you can store around 10 slips of cash inside the bill section. Plus, the secondary, hidden cash pocket can hold up to 4 bills. The hidden coin pouch keeps 4 coins or two keys.

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet cards and cash

Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet vs Harber London Leather Bi-fold wallet

These wallets are very similar, even though they are designed and manufactured by different brands.

The Harber London Leather and the Bellroy Hide and Seek are bi-fold minimalist wallets crafted from premium leather. Both wallets are RFID protected and have similar sizes and almost identical features. The two wallets are equipped with numerous slots for cards, cash bills, and hidden coin compartments. The design of both wallets is clean and minimalist, so they look аlike, especially when folded. Also, both wallets are available in a variety of colors, so you can freely choose the perfect shade and look for you.

The main differences between the Harber London Leather Bi-fold and the Hide and Seek are noticeable when the wallets are open or unfolded. The Harber London wallet has a magnetic closure that keeps the wallet closed. This feature is significant since it provides additional security. Further, this wallet has a pull tab for easy access and many horizontal, as well as, vertical card compartments. The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet only has horizontal card slots, but it offers an extra hidden cash pocket.

Another important difference to note is the price. The Harber London Leather Bi-fold wallet is a bit more expensive. Its retail price is $110, while the Bellroy Hide and Seek costs $89. Also, the Harber London wallet comes with a one-year warranty and a 60-day return period. The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet has a three-year warranty against manufacturing defects and a 30-day refund period.

If you are considering both options, I advise you to do additional research before buying. You can read my detailed review of the Harber London Leather Bi-fold to find out more about it.

Reviews and customer satisfaction

Countless customers have been satisfied with this wallet, its unique features, and its look. Thousands upon thousands of users, or 77% out of all users, have rated this wallet with five stars on Amazon. The positive reviews compliment the clever design and the quality craftsmanship of the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet.

Who should not buy the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet?

There are only a few possible reasons why you should not buy the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet.

The first reason that comes to mind is the material from which this minimalist wallet is made. Оf course, the eco-tanned leather is high quality, durable, and sourced from gold-rated tanneries. However, many people nowadays refrain from buying animal products, including leather. So, If you are looking for an alternative material, I recommend checking out my guides on the best aluminum wallets, the best titanium wallets, and the best carbon fiber wallets.

Another reason why you shouldn’t buy the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet is the size. This wallet has a slim profile, but it will get bulkier as you fill it with cards and cash. If you are looking for a minimalist wallet to carry only the necessities, I recommend seeing my guide on the slimmest wallets.

You shouldn’t purchase the Bellroy Hide and Seek if you need a minimalist wallet with attachment points. Many people don’t like to carry wallets inside their pockets. Instead, they prefer to attach their wallets to belts and backpacks. Also, the Bellroy Hide and Seek doesn’t have an ID window, so pulling cards out for scanning daily may be difficult.

Finally, while the price of the wallet may be relatively reasonable, it may still be high for some people, in which case I suggest seeing my guides on the best wallets under $50 and the best wallets under $30.

Who should buy the Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet?

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet Front

The Bellroy Hide and Seek is a long-lasting, functional and beautiful minimalist wallet. There are many reasons why you should buy this wallet.

First, you should purchase the Bellroy Hide and Seek if you are looking for a wallet that will hold all of your credit and business cards, cash bills, and coins. The great number of compartments will allow you to organize your possession without compromising.

If security is a big concern of yours, then the Bellroy Hide and Seek will be a perfect choice for you. This wallet is not only RFID protected but also has many hidden compartments. There you can store your cards without worrying about theft or unwanted RFID scans.

Further, the wallet is customizable in terms of color and size. Feel free to choose from the eight different color options and the two sizes made to fit every currency.

The Bellroy Hide and Seek wallet has a simple yet elegant and timeless design. Whether you prefer to dress casually or elegantly, you can’t go wrong with the Bellroy Hide and Seek minimalist wallet. The clean and leather aesthetic is timeless and classy. This wallet will suit the needs and styles of many people regardless of age and gender.

Where to buy the Bellroy Hide and Seek from?

You can find the Bellroy Hide and Seek at the official Bellroy store, and it will usually be the best option in terms of pricing and shipping. Still, it’s wise to check the Amazon listing for the wallet as well, as Amazon can sometimes provide a better deal overall.

Bellroy Hide and Seek Specifications

Max n. of cards12
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedenvironmentally certified leather
Height4.53 in / 11.5 cm
Width3.74 in / 8.5 cm
Depth0.78 in / 2 cm
Weight3.5 oz / 99 g
FeaturesRFID Protection, bi-fold design, quick access card slots, protected section for cards, hidden coin pouch, hidden flat bill section
Water resistancesome
Warranty3-year warranty
Return period30 days

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