Airo Collective Stealth Razor Review – True Minimalist Redefinition of the Traditional Wallet

This is a detailed review of the Airo Collective Stealth Razor wallet. We will go through its features, design, all the good and the bad sides, hopefully helping you decide if it’s the right wallet for you.

Should you buy the Airo Stealth Razor wallet?

If you are looking for an extra thin, minimalist wallet, that looks and feels almost the same as your old traditional one, then this is the thing you were after.

The Airo Collective Stealth Razor perfectly combines elegance, functionality, and style in its featherlight design to bring you one of the best alternatives on the market for tactical wallets. Unlike their competitors, Airo strayed away from the futuristic designs and applied the old-school flipping concept to this product. This makes it perfect for those who are yet to adjust to modern-looking minimalist wallets, but still want a wallet that occupies very little space in general.


The Airo Stealth Razor is available at the official Airo Collective web store. Other stores, such as Amazon, might also have it available at times, so make sure to check them out as well in order to get the best offer.

But, since Airo Collective offers many options for easier payment, such as 4 interest-free installments, I would recommend them as the better and safer ordering option overall.

Price and value for money

The Airo Stealth Razor typically costs around $58. This price is pretty average when it comes to minimalist wallets, not much more expensive than the cheapest alternatives out there.

However, the quality and slickness this wallet offers are incomparable to its competitors. It has the thinnest design out of all of them, and has no metals in its build, making it very light and convenient.

With all these features and specifications, we can easily place it on top of our value-for-money scale in this price range.

Shipping details

Airo Collective offers free shipping in the USA on all orders, with an average shipment period of 4-8 business days.

You also have the option of expedited shipping in the US which can take up to 4 business days tops for an additional cost of $10.

Customer support

You can contact the Airo brand customer support team on the email address [email protected] or through one of their social media channels on Facebook or Instagram.

Warranty policy

Airo Collective offers a 2-year manufacturer’s workmanship guarantee which typically covers all rectifying defective work on their products.

Return and refund

After the purchase, you have a 30-day period to return the wallet if you aren’t satisfied with it.

The wallet must be returned in the same condition and the original packaging that you received it in. You are also required to provide a receipt as proof of purchase, and to pay for all the shipping costs to return the product as well.

Once the wallet is returned and inspected, you will get an email about the refund process and all subsequent details.

Airo Collective brand

Airo Collective is a wallet brand started in 2016 by founders Steve Schmidt and Jake Van Vorhis. Frustrated by the fact that our most used accessories haven’t kept up with the times, they set out a goal to bring a solution to this problem.

Focused on redesigning everyday items and accessories using cutting-edge, high-quality materials, they came up with the Stealth Wallet as their breakthrough product. Stealth Razor is just one of the 4 types of wallets available in their inventory, so make sure to check out the others on their online store.

Where are the Airo wallets made?

All their wallets are manufactured domestically in the US.

Airo Stealth Razor Basics

The Stealth Razor wallet is a true definition of a minimalist wallet.

Made from high-quality materials, advertised as being 15 times stronger than steel, the wallet makes the most out of its razor-thin design.

How to use the Airo Stealth Razor?

As with most minimalist wallets that have no mechanical features, using the Steal Razor is almost the same as using a traditional leather wallet.

It is built from one long piece of fabric, which folds like a notebook, making the wallet look and feel the same as the conventional ones (but, of course, 10 times slimmer).

You stuff your cards in the pocket-like slots provided inside the fabric, and your bills on the elastic strap designed to hold them tight. One of the card slots has an ID window provided, so you can show it when needed without taking it out of the wallet.


The Stealth Razor comes in an elegant, thin, envelope package. Unlike other wallets, this product does not come in a plastic or cardboard box. But Airo Collective has made sure it won’t be damaged during the delivery process as its materials are almost non-tearable.

Inside the package, there are just a couple of items: the wallet itself, a small user manual printed on a piece of paper, and a few cards with the features imprinted on them. Even here they have made sure you get the absolute thinnest form of wrapping possible.

User experience

This wallet is so slim and light, sometimes you will even forget you’re carrying it with you! It is arguably one of the slimmest wallets available today.

It’s perfect for both front and back pockets. It adds no unnecessary bulkiness to your trousers and no back pain while sitting on top of it.

It’s even designed to have the same look and flipping design as traditional wallets, which we can easily describe as the minimalist redefinition of the old-school, leather wallets.


The Airo Stealth Razor can easily have you taken aback at first glance because it’s just a razor-thin piece of fabric. Even when full, this wallet is barely half an inch in depth. But make no mistake, the wallet can still hold all your important belongings inside just fine, while looking very modern and stylish at the same time.

Design and fit to style

The wallet comes in just one, dark-denim color design.

At first, this can seem a bit limiting to only a certain type of clothing style. However, the Stealth Razor perfectly fits multiple different wardrobes, complementing not only business-casual dress codes but also more casual sporty people, adventure types, and even more classical types tied to a leather clothing style.


In order to fulfill their goal of keeping the design razor-thin, Airo Collective has put only a few features in the Stealth Razor build.

The wallet has two pocket-holes for your cards inside, and an elastic strap in the middle placed to hold your cash bills. By excluding some elements often noticed in other minimalist wallets, the Stealth Razor offers just the features which are essential for this type of item.

Weight and size

The wallet weighs just around 0.2 oz / 5 gr, which is incredibly small and definitely makes it the lightest wallet on the market currently.

The dimensions of this ultra-light wallet are:

  • width: 7.7 in / 19.5 cm
  • height: 3 in / 7.6 cm
  • depth: 0.15 in / 0.4 cm

RFID Blocking

It’s always quite questionable whether such thin wallets can actually block RFID scanning and theft attempts, but Airo Collective has assured us that this particular wallet has extremely good RFID protection and will be safe enough for all your important cards.

How many cards can the Airo Stealth Razor hold?

The Stealth Razor can officially hold up to 6 cards in its two departments. However, as usual, filling it up to the maximum will make the wallet hard to use, so the typical user recommendation is 3-4 cards for the best day-to-day experience.

How many cash bills can the Airo Stealth Razor hold?

The Stealth Razor wallet can hold up to 6 bills inside of it.

However, the elastic strap designed to hold the cash bills is extremely flexible, so it’s fair to assume you might fit even a dozen bills in it. In any case, very few people are fans of carrying wads of cash with them anymore, so the wallet will likely satisfy your needs in this area anyway.

Is the Airo Stealth Razor waterproof?

Airo Collective guarantees that the wallet is made from water-resistant ballistic material and will be completely safe if it comes in contact with water. You can also clean it easily with wet wipes and simply let it dry to use it soon after.

Naturally, since it’s not air-sealed, your cash and cards can get damaged if the wallet gets fully submerged underwater.

Is the Airo Stealth Razor TSA-compliant?

The Airo Stealth Razor is a completely TSA-compliant wallet and will cause you no inconveniences at the airport.

However, although it has no metal parts on it, it’s still up to the airport security whether it should be additionally checked at the gate.

Build quality

Aside from its ultra-thin design, the build quality is probably the biggest selling point of the Airo Collective Stealth Razor wallet.

The brand even went the extra step and challenged lots of people to tear down or damage the wallet as part of their ad campaign. None of them managed to do that.


The wallet is made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), which is one of the strongest and lightest carbon fibers. It has high wear resistance and durability, making it the perfect material for a wallet with great compatibility, security, and a long lifespan.

The whole wallet is made from the same material, except for the elastic cash strap in the middle, which is made from rubber.

This gives Airo Stealth Razor its sturdy, basically untearable build. Airo Collective put the effort into advertising it as “15 times stronger than steel”, assuring us that you wouldn’t be able to damage it even if you tried.

Known issues and problems

Considering that the wallet does everything as advertised, it doesn’t have any particular dealbreaker issues. It’s hard to conclude whether such issues actually don’t exist or are just underreported since there aren’t many user reviews or comments available for this product online.

The most common issue I found is with the rubber strap inside of the wallet, which many users have reported can easily wear off and tear. This is probably the reason for the low warranty period of just 2 years, compared to other minimalist wallets that usually have a lifetime warranty. Holding too many cash bills might also provoke this problem, expanding the strap too much and taking it to a tearing point.

A couple of users have also mentioned how easily wearable the wallet is, making it look like an old worn-out wallet after just a few months (although this seems to be largely affected by what type of person you are, how often do you travel, where do you hold the wallet, etc). Still, paying such a price for a product that might not even look new after half a year doesn’t really look like a great deal, unless you’re into that sort of look and style.

How does the Airo Collective Stealth Razor compare to other wallets?

Let’s see how the Airo Collective Stealth Razor fares against other popular minimalist wallets.

Airo Stealth Razor vs Flipside 4

diagonal view of the Flipside 4

The Flipside 4 is the prime example of a completely opposite wallet design from the Airo Stealth Razor.

Firstly, the Flipside 4 is fully enclosed, and its contents are air-sealed inside. It offers much better damage protection, as well as waterproofing, and has almost triple the capacity for cards. It is also notably cheaper, usually costing about $20 less than the Airo Stealth wallet.

However, it has a much bulkier design and honestly looks far less elegant and slick than its competitors. In the end, it is really a choice of style vs functionality, so I suggest you take a deep look at both of them and decide what’s more important for you personally based on your current needs.

Airo Stealth Razor vs Ridge Premium

The Ridge Premium is a prime example of a high-class, premium quality wallet.

It’s a much more expensive choice for those who prefer to have a classy-looking item that complements their style, without sacrificing features and capacity. It is probably the highest quality minimalist wallet ever made.

The Ridge has more features, higher cards capacity, and is made from stronger, more durable items. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, further vouching for its quality and durability.

Naturally, all that comes at a bigger price of up to $125. So if your budget allows, then opting for one of the many designs from the Ridge brand might satisfy your needs better than the Airo Collective’s wallets.

If you are curious about this sort of wallet, see my detailed review of the Ridge Premium.

Reviews and ratings

The user reviews for this wallet are, honestly, a bit underselling, mostly because there aren’t many of them (at least when compared against the most popular minimalist wallets).

Airo Collective has offered no user rating information on their official website, while on Amazon (where it’s often out of stock), the wallet has just around 300 reviews, with an average grade of 4.3/5 stars.

If we compare this to the most popular minimalist wallets out there, this does seem to throw a little shadow on the wallet, giving us a reason to be skeptical about its actual quality and usefulness. However, Airo is a fairly fresh brand, appearing on the market just over two years ago, so the true assessment of their products is yet to come. Plus, while the ratings may not be exactly stellar, they are also far from bad, so overall, we can say that the user satisfaction with this product is pretty solid overall.

Who should not buy the Airo Stealth Razor?

If you are the type of person who carries a dozen of cards on them daily, then this wallet will not be of any use to you. The capacity of just about 4 cards (including your ID) is perfect for people who use just a couple of them, but if you got a couple of credit or debit cards, membership cards, keycards, or any other type of cards, then I suggest you look at some of the other alternatives out there, like the Flipside 4 or the Dango D01 Dapper wallet. I recommend going through my guide on the best wallets for many cards in that case.

Aside from its capacity, the wallet has just one color design in dark denim. This won’t really suit you if you often appear in professional, suit-and-tie attire, although with the wallet’s slim and elegant exterior you might even pull it off.

Finally, its price, although pretty average, might be a little out of many people’s budgets. So, if you are looking for something a bit cheaper, see my guide on the best wallets under $30.

Who should buy the Airo Stealth Razor?

If none of the above-mentioned issues sound like dealbreakers, then this light, thin, minimalist designed wallet will be a perfect choice for you.

If you are a more casual, sporty type of person, and you don’t need more than a couple of cards and some cash on you, don’t hesitate to replace your old bulky (or even the heavy metallic minimalist) wallet with this one. It will feel like you suddenly started carrying a feather in your pocket.

People who spend most of the day in their car, especially working, also come to mind as the perfect owners of this wallet. It can easily sit in your back pocket the whole day and you won’t even notice it. You will instantly get rid of the back pain your wallet was causing, while still being able to keep it wherever you want.

Finally, if you find yourself taking out your wallet and picking out the cards inside more than a few dozen times a day, then you will find the Stealth Razor to be much more useful than almost all of the other minimalist wallets. The card slots are very easy to handle and picking out the cards is much easier compared to the other minimalist wallets out there, where sometimes you have to take out all of the cards just to find the one you need.

Where to buy the Airo Collective Stealth Razor from?


Airo Stealth Razor Specifications

Max n. of cards6
RFID blocking?yes
TSA compliant?yes
Materials usedUHMWPE, rubber
Width 7.7 in / 19.5 cm
Height 3 in / 7.6 cm
Depth 0.15 in / 0.4 cm
Weight0.2 oz / 5 g
FeaturesRFID, elastic strap
Water resistancesome
Warranty2 years
Return period 30 days

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